Review – “Calm Assurance, Orlosian Warriors Book 1” by Dariel Raye


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5/5 Stars!

Destiny and Fate meet Strength and Passion and meld into a first-rate read!

All Malina Tarver wants is a normal life. Since long before she lost her adoptive parents, she’s always been in some kind of trouble. Not one to follow rules, Malina drifts from job to job, surviving with help from her two older brothers. Tired of being the family screw-up, Malina is determined to make her latest job work…if she can just avoid her boss’ creepy, married son and not get attacked again by those shadowy demon-things. All she wants is to be able to take care of herself…and get her Nana out of that horrid nursing home.

Orlosian warrior Asriel cannot be bothered…with anything. He’s feeling disoriented and unfocused and he needs to find out why. He has no time to be sent to Earth to babysit a HUMAN, of all things. And besides, the last time he was on Earth, there was that…thing…and it cost a lot of lives. He’s in no hurry for a replay. However, the Council has spoken and Asriel is indeed sent to Earth to watch over Malina until she makes contact with a mystery man.

As Asriel arrives to Earth, Malina is harassed by her boss’ son, attacked by demons…and finds a puppy…all in the same evening! She also senses Asriel’s presence – something she shouldn’t be able to do. Asriel is also puzzled as he is helplessly drawn to the human female – something else that has never happened before.

Calm Assurance contains several mysteries and many secrets. Who is Asriel and where is he from? Why are demons after Malina? Who pulled a teenage Malina from her burning home? Who was Malina’s father, and what is her grandmother hiding? Who is Joseph Ward and what does the Council want with him? And…who/what is Malina?

Malina and Asriel have to work together to figure out her significance to the Council, and it will not be easy. The closer Malina gets to Asriel, the more he pulls away. To be with her means he’ll become one of the Fallen, and the only way he can survive…is to drink her blood.

Tightly written, detailed story that draws you right in! Asriel is the consummate alpha male – without all the arrogance and chest beating. #TeamAsriel Malina is a jewel! Strong and determined, she has no time for tears, whining or running. She wants to know who she is…and what she is. And she wants Asriel. A must read for all paranormal lovers, especially fans of Nephilims.

Bring on book 2!

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