No Anchovies (Or Spam) Please!

Are you guilty of promo abuse? Read on!

Naughty Quills

the-j-geils-band-no-anchovies-please-emi-americaWelcome to Ravenna’s Monday Mumblings! Actually, I like anchovies. Spam, however, is another matter.

Pretty sure it all started when I was a kid and that gelatinous fake meat in a can was a staple in our house for two reasons. One, it was quick and easy. Two, it was inexpensive.

Unlike anchovies, which I didn’t taste until I was in college, I never developed a taste for the rectangular, compressed goo.

orig spam canBut I’m not here to give you recipes today. I’m here to talk about (rant about) SPAM of another kind. The type that so many experienced and newer authors like to label PROMO.

Here is Ravenna’s quick and easy way to discern whether what you’re about to post to a wall, send in a mass email, toss onto a message board – whether or not you were invited to do so – or post in a group to…

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    Thank you so much for the reblog! ❤


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