“The Pearl Necklace M/M, Cedar Falls #14” by Shea Balik #TeaserTuesday


Title: “The Pearl Necklace M/M, Cedar Falls #14”

Author: Shea Balik

Genre: MMRomance/Gay/BDSM

Release Date: August 17, 2016

Bookstrand          Goodreads


There was nothing that irritated Kaden Daniels more than someone who was late. It was disrespectful and downright rude to keep someone waiting. But, as he was learning, things often ran differently in a small, southern town. Had he known that before moving to Cedar Falls, Kaden might have moved as far north as possible.

Then again, people were late no matter where they lived. It just seemed in the south, they were a lot more laid back about punctuality. Actually, they were more laid back in everything they did. He’d moved to Cedar Falls two months ago, and in that time, he’d found himself doing nothing but waiting.

Waiting for the electrician to fix a faulty light in the garage. Waiting for the cable installer to hook up his cable. Waiting for the lawn company to give him a quote on re-sodding his yard. Waiting for City Hall to sign the permits to start his business.

Thankfully, with a little help from Ryder Monroe, who had been key in convincing Kaden to move to Cedar Falls, everything had gotten done. Although the light in the garage was still flickering, it worked most of the time.

Now, once more he was forced to wait on a man whose mother had made the appointment for him. Why any man would need his mother to do that was beyond Kaden’s comprehension, especially when said man was about to buy an engagement ring. Shouldn’t someone who was going to take the adult step of getting married be man enough to make his own appointments?

The soft tone of the bell rang out as the door to Kaden’s store, The Pearl Necklace, opened. Doing his best to hide the annoyance of being made to wait, Kaden glanced at his watch—twenty minutes late. There was no way he wasn’t going to give this guy a piece of his mind. Kaden looked up from the account books he’d been working on and froze.

It wasn’t often Kaden was left speechless by someone’s beauty. That it happened with only a look, should have been impossible. Kaden was from San Francisco. Everywhere one looked was a drop dead gorgeous gay man. Up until this moment, Kaden believed he was immune to a good-looking man, yet the one before him belied that notion.

The man’s soft, brown eyes, high cheekbones, and firm lips that just begged to be kissed had Kaden taking a step closer. But it was the tightly packed muscle of the man’s body that had Kaden drooling for a taste. He was every one of Kaden’s wet dreams rolled up in one.

Nearly as tall as Kaden, the man before him would be a sight to behold on his knees, waiting with breathless anticipation for Kaden’s commands. The strong jaw and determination in the beauty’s eyes made Kaden’s cock thicken. This man would be a challenge to control, but it would mean so much more when he finally submitted.

For he would submit. The need in the man’s gaze told him that. Excitement thrummed through Kaden’s body at the thought. For the first time since arriving in Cedar Falls, Kaden was glad he’d made the decision to move there.

“Good afternoon,” Kaden said as he walked toward the man who still hovered by the door. “I’m Kaden Daniels, owner of The Pearl Necklace.” He held out his hand, his blood racing at the rough texture of the stranger’s calloused hands.

It was obvious this man was used to hard work, which boded well for what Kaden had planned for him. Kaden wasn’t an easy Dom. In fact, he’d gone through dozens of subs who couldn’t keep up with his demands, in hopes of one day finding the one who could. If things went according to plan, this man would be that one.

“How may I help you?” Kaden let his voice drop an octave as he spoke. He felt the shiver that went through the man as those brown eyes gazed at him with shock, and if Kaden wasn’t wrong, which he wasn’t, a hint of lust.

“Brent Samuels. I believe my mother talked to you on the phone,” the man said.

Just like that, Kaden felt as if a bucket of ice had been dumped over his head. Oh, he was still interested. Kaden would have to be dead not to be, but the man was about to get engaged, which made him off limits.

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