“Slick Rider (The Quick and The Hot, #2)” by Em Petrova #Review

slick-rider“Slick Rider (The Quick and The Hot, #2)”

by Em Petrova

Western Romance

Release Date: August 2, 2016

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4/5 Stars!

Temporarily sidelined with an injury, rodeo hunk Juss Rossie is the patient-from-hell at the small rehab hospital where he’s recovering. Even though she’d like to put a muzzle on him, physical therapist, Lily Hall can’t stop the naughty thoughts she has about Juss. But she knows she doesn’t have chance with him because she’s never been that girl…the one hot guys chase after, or the one bold enough to go after what she wants.

Or is she?

Irked by Juss’ teasings one day, Lily goes all IN during a therapy session and seduces him! No complaints from Juss though, he definitely misjudged his therapist with the whiskey-colored hair. With him suddenly insisting for more “therapy”, Lily fears losing her job, while at the same time wondering if she’s just another ‘buckle bunny’ for Juss…or is she something more?

Of course, two people who are emotionally retarded always have far too many unspoken words between them. An argument and abrupt departure from the hospital by Juss looks like the end of the road for these two. But then, an invitation to a charity gala shows up for Lily and she decides to attend, because like Juss…she thinks seeing him one more time will get him out of her system.

Oh, are they ever in for a surprise! Great ‘reunion’! Juss’ inner thoughts keep him off balance. Lily should get an award for being ‘Negative Nelly’! When the cards are on the table and it’s time for some old fashioned honesty, Juss rises to the occasion and shines!

Good read – loved the ending!




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