The Keeper of the Poor Boy of Wood

This is excellent! Don’t miss the discussion post following it! 😉


The Keeper of the Poor Boy of Wood

By Joshua David

Ever steadily beats the drum,

Within your gears, within your lungs

Pulling hands attached on end,

Round your face, above your chin

The wooden boy above your head,

Prepares his hourly sermonette

To tell the tales of years gone by

Above your roar, above your cry

Sadness rising with the bell,

Another hour’s all is well

Yet in his chamber, the boy retreats

Inward where your heart beats

Sitting, toiling, churning new,

His speech prepared in hour’s due

The poor boy of wood upon your crown

Release him down, release him down

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  1. #1 by joshuadavidauthor on October 23, 2016 - 9:14 pm

    Thanks so much for the ten log! I’m glad you liked it😄

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