FREE FREE FREE!!! E-book promotion, YA Dystopian with Mythological twist.

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Didi Oviatt

That’s right, I said free.  For 5 days my YA hit is on a better than ‘sale’ kind of sale.  Why, you might ask?  Because I’m celebrating my latest project!! I decided spur of the moment that I’d promote an old book to go right along with the release of the new!!!

Wait… What?… New?  You heard me again!  I’m launching quite the project!!  Every few days I will be releasing a super short humorous story based on real life events of yours truly!!  They are short, funny, ‘prelude’ tales, available only on kindle.  They will never be priced over a dollar and each will be available as Kindle Unlimited.  Once I have enough published I’ll make then also available in paperback and together as a box set!!!! (I’m hoping by mid-March, but no promises.  And yes, I AM still going to release my actual mystery novel Search For Maylee…

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