Animal Farm By George Orwell: Analysis and Connections

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Good read – great analysis!

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Just a disclaimer, this is a partial analysis of the book, so there will be some spoilers.

Animal Farm was a book focused on political matters; personally, I am not one for such matters. I read the book, examined certain ideas and grasped certain concepts with tremendous ease, however, I found that I could enjoy the book more by finding things that I could better relate to. So, I did.

I am aware that the actual intention of his book, Animal Farm, according to Orwell himself, was to help destroy the “Soviet Myth” in order to revive the Socialist movement at the time. However, during the process of rendering the novella, I observed an additional message in the bottle.

Sure, this book evoked the thought of how deceitful and manipulative politicians and government officials can be, but it also poetically mentioned how cruel people are in general. Whether you’re a careless…

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