World(press) Amazing Race! #TeamElephant

Amazing Race Players

The World(press) Amazing Race, started by Cyranny, my blogger sis to the north in Canada, is in full swing and all the players have homes…for now!

I am Captain of #TeamElephant who is now known as ELI E. ELEPHANT (and the E stands for EVER!)

Team Elephant

Eli has been chillin’ here in Tucson. Our less than stellar weather has kept us in for most of his time here. But we passed the time…me writing and Eli whining about it.

Mister Elephant on the desk

So I made him his own playlist – Eli’s Eclectic Euphonious Mix – which includes the Eagles, Earth, Wind & Fire, Eddie Money, Eddie Rabbit, Eddie Kendricks, Elton John, Emmylou Harris, Electric Light Orchestra, Evanescence, Eurythmics, Enrique Iglesias, En Vogue, Erykah Badu, Edwin McCain, Etta James, and Josh Groban! (Okay, that last one may have been for me!)


Eli also had the chance to have an in-depth discussion on the societal stigmas of The Phantom of the Opera with Diego, the Wonder Horse, and Prissy Bear. Things became quite heated when they discussed whether or not the Phantom was a true existentialist. Diego, the Wonder Horse insisted he is, but Eli repeatedly replied, “Nope! He’s just mad…mad I tell you!” Prissy thought they both were full of themselves and wanted ice cream.

The Phantom Discussion Group

Unfortunately, Eli E. Elephant is becoming restless and needs to travel! If you’d like to host Eli for a few days in your town, state, or country, feel free to comment here and I’ll contact you so we can get this elephant back on the road!

To learn more about the World(press) Amazing Race, and to see other teams, drop by the World(press) Amazing Race Official Page!

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