Comeback, flash “Meet & Greet” style…

Cyranny’s back! Stop in, have some goodies and leave her link to an awesome post on your blog or a friend’s!

Cyranny's Cove

Hello Lovelies!

5h30 in the morning, and realizing that I’ve been back in Montréal for a week now, giving myself excuses for the last 7 days not to get to work, dust off the Cove, go back to the comment box and answer the messages I had left pending. Because, yeah, I was in Vikingland, and then, yeah, I was getting used to not being in Vikingland anymore (it is hard to get back to reality, you know?), and then, it was just planin laziness.

I wanted to put a few quarters in the jukebox, and light up the neon signs and warm up the coffee pots and put some beer in the fridge, waiting for you to drop by, but every reason seemed good to postpone to the next day.

But I am back in Blogland now, and I hope you beautiful people are still hanging around! Because the…

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