~ Wishful Wednesday ~

Wishful Wednesday

Wishful Wednesday is a meme hosted by *Didi Oviatt – Author* where we can share the books we could see ourselves living in.  Whether it be pillow-talking with your book-boyfriend (or girlfriend), casting a sleep spell on your arch nemesis, or even crossing swords with a pirate. If you could pick a book to live in, what book would it be, and why?

The options are endless, and the beautiful part is that we can change our minds every week!!  If you want to list your *Wishful Wednesday #ICouldLiveThere* book, then join in the fun!!  You’re welcome to use Didi’s WW picture, or not, whatever you prefer!  Just list your book choice of the week and link back here to *the main Wishful Wednesday Page* and she’ll link you in her weekly pick!!


It’s been over two years since I read Whipped, book 2 of the Hitched series by Alex Lux, and I still break into a grin when I think about it!

It wouldn’t be hard for me to live in the Whipped-world since it takes place in a city I’ve already spent a considerable amount of time – Las Vegas. But with my lifelong love of laughter, the icing on the cake would be hanging out with Vi Reynolds and Lachlan Pierce, and their friends and family.

She’s a former Domme who’s sunk all of her money into Whipped, a sex shop. He’s a transplanted Aussie and popular male dancer on a mission to earn enough money and leave dancing behind to fulfill his real dream. He’s also an occasional, random customer of Whipped. Always with a different female on his arm, and always… shirtless!

Back up – don’t think too hard about it. It’s not that kind of story…mostly. Okay, it is that kind of story, but don’t think dark and mysterious, think light and fun! The humor and snark are off the scales in Whipped. The story also has a corny-cornball feel at times and it melds smoothly with the humor, and with the relationships between family, friends, and lovers.

Trying to cut corners and save money, Vi advertises for a roommate, and guess who answers the ad?

I wouldn’t even need a particular part to play in Whipped-world. As long as I could be on the fringe of every scene, laughing myself into a coma, I’d be the perfect tertiary character!

Meeting and spending time with Vi’s parents… Laughing.

The male dance revue…and Tate… Tears begin to stream down cheeks.

The paintball range…OMG! Falls to floor dissolving into hysterical laughter.

There are plenty of other added pluses in Whipped – the support of family and great friends, Vi’s refusal to lie to herself and become a whiny girl, Lachlan’s relationship with his mom, and former man-whore Lachlan turns out to be a true romantic – WIN!

I’ve been to Vegas a couple of times since reading Whipped, but couldn’t find Vi, Lach or the gang. Sad puppy.

Connecting with book characters and their story is what makes a book a 5-Star read. Whipped connected with my funny-bone and hasn’t let go yet.

Yes, I could live there.

Go ahead…get Whipped!

(If the story sounds familiar, but the author’s name doesn’t, Alex Lux is Kimberly Kinrade, who with her husband, pens the popular Vampire Girl series.)




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