Writers, Stop Changing Hats

A Writer's Path

by Christopher Slater

Last weekend was a really busy one for me. I started out the day as a mover, taking heavy totes and boxes from one location to another. I quickly shifted to being a soldier during the Vietnam War era. After about 90 minutes I became an MP in WWII patrolling a hanger. Four hours later I was fighting in a nearby field. Two hours after that I was a civilian eating in an Italian restaurant. I repeated the process on Sunday. To say the least, I was worn out by the time I got home Sunday night.

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My Second Book

Happy Release Day, J.C. Robinson!

The Eternity Acts

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be released from jail and meet a perfect girl, only to have her mother hate your very existence?

Have you ever met a wonderful guy, but your upbringing makes it tough for you to relate to his situation?

If so, then my second book, 25 To Life, sounds like a book you should read.

Recently released from prison, Paul works a dead-end job with little hope for his future. But then, he meets a girl that has the potential to change his world.
Kelsey is a twenty-something Pre-K teacher that goes through the motions of dealing with unruly kids and unworthy guys. Then, she meets Paul and their two seemingly incompatible worlds collide.
The two are perfect for each other, even if their situations are anything but. 

25 to Wife is a standalone new adult romance novella…

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Why Short Stories Are Difficult to Write

A Writer's Path

by Teagan Berry

I’ve never thought I was capable of writing short stories. Novels? No problem. Give me an idea and I can run with it for eighty-thousand words without hesitation. But ask me to tell a complete story arc from start to finish in five-thousand words or less? Never. Not a chance.

That’s how I’ve always believed things to be. And I never imagined I’ve have a differing perspective on the matter until just very recently. It occurred to me the other day that though yes, there are definitely technical differences between writing short stories and full length novels, it’s also very much a mental game with yourself. If you back yourself into a corner, only ever believing you’re capable of one or the other, you’ll never truly succeed at anything else. You’ll forevermore be uncomfortable with writing out of that space you’ve become extremely familiar with.

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