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“Piper Periwinkle: Spelling Bee Queen (Kids’ Book About Friendship and School, Picture Book, age 6-10, Children’s book)” by Susanne Blumer & Annaliese Blumer

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Piper Periwnkle cover

“Piper Periwinkle: Spelling Bee Queen (Kids’ Book About Friendship and School, Picture Book, age 6-10, Children’s book)”

Authors: Susanne Blumer & Annaliese Blumer

Genre: Children’s Books/School/Friendship

Release Date: November 2, 2016

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It’s time for the annual 3rd-grade spelling bee at school and Piper is determined to be crowned Spelling Bee Queen!

She has lost to the same girl three years in a row and wants to get the trophy this year. Piper comes up with a plan to win the spelling bee and become the very best speller in all of the 3rd grade! Will it work or will Piper once again lose the title of Spelling Bee Queen?

Come along with Piper as she learns about winning, hard work and friendship.


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“The Clerk” by Matt Cowper

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The Clerk cover

“The Clerk

Genre: Literary Fiction/Humor & Satire

Release Date: December 5, 2016

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Thomas Copeland has just turned forty years old, but unlike some men his age, he’s not going to have a midlife crisis. Sure, he works at a small grocery store on the North Carolina coast, he doesn’t have many friends, and he’s unmarried and childless, but he’s content with his simple life.

Others, however, are not so content, and they want to make sure Thomas knows it. Between a family curse, wanderlust-filled (and lust-filled) co-workers, a dangerously unhappy sister, and a vindictive ex-friend-with-benefits, Thomas finds himself in an exhausting battle to maintain his idyllic lifestyle.

Will Thomas be able to resolve – or at least survive – these dramas? Will he find love or just tepid one-night stands? Will his boss ever notice he’s cleaned the bathroom? What will he get his Secret Santa giftee? And what will be the ultimate fate of the grocery store where he works?

“The Clerk” is both satirical and poignant, a riveting exploration of the choices people make in the pursuit of freedom and success. You’ll never look at a grocery store the same way again.

Matt Cowper lives on the North Carolina coast, where he gazes rapturously at beach sunsets, bikes on residential roads without spandex or a helmet, and spends too much time looking for something to watch on Netflix.

Prior to this self-publishing adventure (misadventure?), he washed dishes, delivered pizzas, worked as a VISTA, and explored New Zealand in a 1990 Toyota Corona.

He also has a degree in English, but MLA formatting and “genre theory” have not been helpful in any areas of his life.

Visit his author website at, and be sure to sign up to his mailing list for info on new releases, sales, giveaways, and other awesome stuff!

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“My Life with Earth, Wind & Fire” by Maurice White

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My Life with EWF cover

“My Life with Earth, Wind & Fire

Genre: Biographies/Memoirs

Release Date: September 13, 2016

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Foreword by Steve Harvey and afterword by David Foster

The Grammy-winning founder of the legendary pop/R&B/soul/funk/disco group tells his story and charts the rise of his legendary band in this sincere memoir that captures the heart and soul of an artist whose groundbreaking sound continues to influence music today.

With its dynamic horns, contrasting vocals, and vivid stage shows, Earth, Wind & Fire was one of the most popular acts of the late twentieth century—the band “that changed the sound of black pop” (Rolling Stone)—and its music continues to inspire modern artists including Usher, Jay-Z, Cee-Lo Green, and Outkast. At last, the band’s founder, Maurice White, shares the story of his success.

Now in his seventies, White reflects on the great blessings music has brought to his life and the struggles he’s endured: his mother leaving him behind in Memphis when he was four; learning to play the drums with Booker T. Jones; moving to Chicago at eighteen and later Los Angeles after leaving the Ramsey Lewis Trio; forming EWF, only to have the original group fall apart; working with Barbra Streisand and Neil Diamond; his diagnosis of Parkinson’s; and his final public performance with the group at the 2006 Grammy Awards. Through it all, White credits his faith for his amazing success and guidance in overcoming his many challenges.

Keep Your Head to the Sky is an intimate, moving, and beautiful memoir from a man whose creativity and determination carried him to great success, and whose faith enabled him to savor every moment.


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“Wren” by Alice Longaker

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Wren cover


Genre: YA/Social & Family Issues/Death

Release Date: April 13, 2017

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Wren’s gleeful mood at becoming the lead in the summer musical crashes with the news of her mother’s diagnosis of advanced-stage Breast Cancer. While her mother focuses on healing, Wren is sent to spend the summer with her grandparents in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas.

Grandma and Grandpa live on an acreage of rural land. The not-so-typical grandparents are aging hippies with goats, chickens, and alpacas as companions. Wren finds that happiness comes with new friends, increased independence, and acres of woods to explore. She tries to discover what she wants to do when she is grown—an archaeologist, or ranger, perhaps a writer or a singer?

Without cell phone reception and internet access, Wren feels detached from those back home. Chiggers bite. Spiders lurk. An owl calls outside of Wren’s window. Sometimes Wren gets scared. Yet, even bleak sorrow and loss are no match for family, friendship, and laughter.

Alice Longaker considers herself a late bloomer. She worked in libraries for many years then obtained a graduate degree in English, so she could teach composition, research, and literature to college students. Alice, a Colorado native, lives in northeastern Colorado where she heeds “the call of stories.” Her other writings include plays, poems, and short stories.

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“Awakening The Dragon (Exiled Dragons Book 9)” by Sarah J. Stone

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Awakening the Dragon cover

“Awakening The Dragon (Exiled Dragons Book 9)

Genre: Science Fiction/Paranormal/Fairytales

Release Date: August 6, 2017

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In a world where witches are both feared and revered, dragon shifters are a dying breed. The odds of what may be the last two dragon shifters in Scotland meeting increase dramatically when young Penelope goes on the run and is saved by reclusive shifter Kergot. Trying times will only bring them closer as they search for a cure to the witch’s curse upon Penelope.

Want a free book? Sarah J. Stone is giving away a free copy of “Unbearable Love” which is the prequel to “Saved by Alpha Bear” (no strings attached). This book is exclusive to her free VIP readers group. Copy and paste this link into your browser:

Coffee addict. Nature lover. Voracious reader. That is Sarah J. Stone in a nutshell!

Born and raised in the mountain town of Aspen, Colorado – Sarah spent her childhood exploring the great outdoors. She often got into trouble by wandering too far but always had a large family around to keep a watchful eye.

The majority of her career was spent at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, where Sarah traveled the world helping address rural health issues. During this time books became the one constant in her life, so much so, she started to create her own worlds. What was once a pastime evolved into a full-time job and these days Sarah can be found sitting by the fireplace writing her next paranormal adventure.

She adds sugar to her coffee and shifters to her literature.

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Why You Should Market to Grow Your Author Platform–Not to Sell Books…

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

By Matt Aird  on The Book Designer Site:

Today, marketing specialist Matt Aird discusses a question that bedevils lots of authors when they begin their publishing journey. Are they marketing to sell their books, or to build their brand and platform? Here’s his report.

As authors, we’re responsible for spending our advertising dollars and marketing time in the most efficient ways possible. We don’t have five- or six-figure advertising budgets, or a team of people working around the clock. We need to get maximum impact from every single dollar and minute we invest.

What most authors might not consider however, is that there are two ways we can advertise.

We can advertise to sell books now. Or, we can market to build an Author Platform.

We’ll look at the differences between these two approaches in a moment, but first let me clarify what I mean by “Author Platform.”

Every author…

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Throwback Thursday: 7 Rookie Writing Mistakes (and 7 Ways to Improve)

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