Neil Gaiman’s 5 Must-see Tips on Perfecting Your Writing

Neil Gaiman

There are many celebrated writers in this world, but few ever reach the rockstar-level status of dark fantasy author Neil Gaiman.

Fans stand in line for hours at his book signings, only to faint when they finally meet him (or ask him to sign their body so they can get his signature tattooed).

His beloved novels and comics—Coraline, Stardust, American Gods, Good Omens, and The Sandman (to name a few)—have gained cult followings and been adapted for the big screen and television.

His 2012 “Make Good Art” commencement address inspired all of us to break the rules and make mistakes, making it clear that after decades of aspiring writers asking him for advice, Gaiman has a quite a bit of inspiration and wisdom to share.

So whether you’re hunting for magic or just practical tips, we’ve gathered together some of Gaiman’s best advice on writing. Enjoy!

Neil Gaiman’s 5 Must-see Tips on Perfecting Your Writing by Joanna Cutrara


Image from The Nerdist

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    Thanks for sharing these helpful tips, Felicia. Hope your weekend is going well. 😊

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