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It’s a new challenge! Who’s in? 😉

Hollie Hausenfluck

Many of you may be seeing my tweets about #52weeks52stories and wonder what the heck I’m talking about. Here’s some more information on how it works and what it is.

⏺What is #52weeks52stories?

#52weeks52stories is a challenge for writers of all genres to write 52 short stories in 52 weeks.

⏺Why should I participate?

The goal of #52weeks52stories is to help writers improve their skills, make new connections, and most important, have fun.

⏺How does it work?

The format is pretty flexible. I don’t want to impose a lot of rules or restrictions, because this is supposed to be for fun. The basic idea is to start a short story on Monday. Revise on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. And on Saturday, swap final stories with your partner.

⏺How long do my stories need to be?

Again, this is for fun and I don’t want to impose a lot of…

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A 10 Topic Meme…

New Year’s giggles! 😉😄

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Marriage is like a Football Team (Part 5)

Part 5 (and final installment) of a great series! 😊

Jerry Brotherton

A Man’s Guide to Relationships

My Five Rules of

Football and Marriage – Rule 5

Let’s start off by saying that I am not a licensed therapist or a professional counselor. My observations of my mother and father, who were married for over fifty years before my mother’s death and my own very happy marriage to the same woman for forty five plus years is my only source of expertise. I believe that I have learned some very valuable lesson in that time and feel it is my duty as a fellow man to pass these things on to whoever might benefit from it.

You’ve spent years preparing yourself for the day. You’ve trained, tried out for the team and have been selected. Now what? It turns out that when you were in school and your coach was teaching you the fundamentals of football, he wasn’t just teaching you football…

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year

Wishing you the best life has to offer in this brand new year!

May you realize your dreams and exceed your goals!

Happy New Year from my home to yours!

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