Top 10 (Tech) Tips for Writers in 2017

Great collection of resources! 😉


top 10Every week (well, most weeks), I share a tip with writers, a trick that makes a big difference in the rhythm and feel of a novel. Some, you can make use of immediately. Others, file away for that cranky day when your writing limps along and you don’t know why.

Here are the 2017 Top Ten Writer’s Tips, according to readers:

  1. 6 Tips for Western Fiction Writers
  2. 15 Tips for Writing Poetry
  3. 13 Tips for Cozy Mystery Writers
  4. Writer’s Tips
  5. Writers Tip #5: Beware the gerund
  6. 10 Tips Guaranteed to Rescue Your Story
  7. 19 Self-editing Tips
  8. Writer’s Tip #103: 20 Tips from Bill Bryson
  9. Writers Tips #102: 17 Tips from The Careful Writer
  10. 10 Tips from Janet Burroway

Here are the 2017 Top Ten Tech Tips for Writers, according to my readers:

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