by STAFF JANUARY 11, 2018
Well, this might sound as if coming from a conspiracy theorist or a paranoid patient, but you have to bear with me! Look at your smartphone right now, at this very moment, is your android phone spying on you, listening to the sound coming from your TV, and to the conversation you’re having with your friend!

We’ve all heard about how websites and advertising networks try to gather as much information as possible about people so they may launch successful marketing campaigns. From gathering cookies, spying on personal information and browsing habits of online users, to actual entities specialized in providing such data to interested third parties. Many stories have been unraveled to the public throughout the past decade, and multiple lawsuits were issued to mend the situation and update the Terms of Use in order to protect the privacy of users.

With all that being said, advertisers still seem to haunt us all! Not until recently, some people began to suspect that their smartphones are in fact listening to them, according to some really weird… coincidences. Let’s call them that for now!

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Why and How Is It Possible?