#Review “Bolt, Volume 1, Book 1” by Angel Payne

Bolt, Volume 1, Book 1

Born into wealth and privilege, Reece Richards has never gone without. The golden boy of the tabloids has very little purpose or direction in life other than finding and bedding his next conquest.

Allowing his libido to lead him one time too many, Reece is honey-trapped, ends up strapped to a gurney and told, “This will be easier if you don’t resist.” Fade to black.

A year later, the night shift of a high-end hotel brings the new girl—Emmalina—up to speed on the superhero-like escapades of a mysterious figure they watch via a live cell-cam feed.

Emmalina is mesmerized.

Enter reclusive hotel owner (and boss)–Reece Richards!

Again, Emmalina is mesmerized.

Within the hour, Emmalina is in Reece’s penthouse apartment and despite both their better judgments, there’s sex. Lots of graphic, explicit sex. (And all the fans of erotica leaped to their feet cheering!)

When Reece leaves the room to speak with another employee, Emmalina has a moment of clarity of OMG-I-cannot-believe-I-screwed-my-boss… and bolts. (Pun intended.)

It’s a battle of wills and hormones as Reece and Emmalina struggle to learn if their connection is… more.

Their story unfolds as the southland goes nuts over the mysterious, masked superhero who’s dubbed “Bolt.” But who is he? Where did he come from? How does he do all those super cool things?

It’s obvious Reece Richards is Bolt and whatever was done to him when he was kidnapped created ‘Bolt.’

His superpowers aren’t explained, but he appears to have the power of electricity/energy—or IS electricity/energy. He zips around like The Flash and he can levitate. He has extremities which glow, and a transference of body fluids sends Emmalina to Orgasm-Utopia.

Why? *Shrugs*

Reece is the ne’er-do-well son cast off by his wealthy family to the west coast. Why? *Shrugs*

Emmalina is the vanilla-town girl whose normal life blasted into entitlement orbit after her father’s promotion. She had to get away from the Orange County affluence and work a real job on her own. *Blink*

As erotica, Bolt, book 1 is spot on. As science fiction? It’s science fiction-lite because nothing has been explained. It’s also romance-lite for me because I’ve felt no chemistry between Reece and Emmalina… yet.

But it’s only book 1 and this is a trilogy. Tomorrow… book 2.


Bolt (Volume 1)

by  Angel Payne

Genre: Contemporary Romance 

Bolt Saga One

A powerful man… A shocking secret…

Working the night-shift at a five-star hotel in downtown Los Angeles, Emmalina Crist has had her fair share of strange encounters. But none of them have prepared her for the experience of meeting the enigmatic Reece Richards.

Emma’s connection with Reece is hot as hell and impossible to ignore, resulting in a night of passion that’s unlike anything she’s ever experienced―but even the man’s magical lips and hands aren’t worth repeating the indiscretion. Sleeping with the boss―especially when he’s one of the world’s most notorious players―is a dire mistake under normal circumstances, but even more so with business booming because of Bolt, the mysterious “superhero” turning downtown LA into a truly supercharged tourist destination.

What if Reece could tell Emma their electric attraction is more than just passionate chemistry? That the superhero she celebrates and the lover she resists are the same man? Reece knows that sharing his secret with Emma means exposing her to the same lunatics who are out to destroy him. Can he take that chance?

Bolt Saga Two

The man behind the mask… The love she can’t give up…

Sometimes, fighting the flames only fans them―as Emma Crist and Reece Richards have quickly learned. But Reece’s secret identity threatens their electric attraction when a face from his past reappears, leading to a confrontation that changes everything.

Emma now knows the truth about what Reece does in his “spare time.” But what can she do about it? The man behind Bolt’s mask is the love she refuses to give up―but she’s not alone. A band of rogue scientists still want their prize lab rat back, and they’ve enlisted Reece’s gorgeous and dangerous ex-girlfriend to help.

Emma’s always known she’s wanted more than your typical average relationship―but what happens when destiny comes with danger? Is the power of love strong enough to survive supercharged evil?

Bolt Saga Three

Bolted…and bonded…

Happily ever after is a much different experience when the whole world is along for the ride―especially when life is racing at Mach speed and the prince is a real-life superhero. But Emmalina Crist is doing her best to keep pace ever since being swept off her feet by the charismatic Reece Richards, bad boy billionaire turned world’s most electrifying superhero.

She’s the most envied woman on the planet, but also its most confused. How does life ever return to “normal”? She’s captured the globe’s most renowned bachelor and she’s the media’s new darling because of it―but thanks to the Consortium’s relentless pursuit, the idea of losing Reece at any second is her new reality. There’s no instruction manual for dating a superhero. But when a girl is bolted by true love, she must find the courage to reach beyond reality, expectations, and even herself, in a fight for the ultimate power. Everlasting love.

Buy Volume 1 (includes 1-3)

Volume One Paperback, Amazon: https://amzn.to/2JcE3Jo

Volume One Paperback, Barnes & Noble: https://bit.ly/2LgGqM0

Buy ebooks 1 – 3

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2szHsvN
Amazon Universal: mybook.to/BoltPartOne
iBooks: https://apple.co/2pKzf6q
Kobo: https://bit.ly/2GfzD7f
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GooglePlay: https://bit.ly/2szHB1j

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