“Jurassic Heart” by Jacqueline Druga


Jurassic Heart

by Jacqueline Druga

Genre: Romantic Comedy/Time Travel

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The world belongs to Paige. The child of famous paleontologists, she dreams of working side by side with her father, who is days away from acquiring his proof of a new dinosaur species. But those dreams come to a crashing halt when an expedition accident kills her father and leaves her mother unable to walk or talk again.

Her paleontology talents are put aside and she works a menial job, giving every penny she earns to make sure her mother receives the best care. The payments are too much to keep making. Paige is failing.

Then she is presented with a life-changing opportunity. Billionaire Doctor Dash Winters is leading a secret and groundbreaking expedition and wants Paige to join them. She is given a chance to earn enough money to get her mother all the care she needs, and also, the chance to finish her father’s work by finally uncovering the proof of the new dinosaur species her father long sought.

What makes the expedition unique? It isn’t just a trip to an excavation site, it is the opportunity to see the world as it was, sixty-five million years earlier.

However, Paige is in for more than she bargained for. Not only does Dash fulfill those long-lost dreams by knocking down the walls of the past, he also challenges Paige by knocking down the walls of a heart she had shut off decades earlier.

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