“All the Little Things” by B. Hollidae

All the Little Things cover

All the Little Things

B. Hollidae

Genre: African-American/Romance

99¢ at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

Rafael’s and Akilah’s Story: An African American New Adult Urban Romance

After fleeing Miami for a new start, Akilah was the last thing I needed.

She was everything I avoided in the past with girls. Opinionated. Assertive. Shrewd. Too curious for her own good. Bold. Daring. The type you didn’t want involved when you were running and had something to hide.

I fell for her anyway.

There are a lot of big reasons that I shouldn’t be with Akilah. There are a lot of big reasons why I can’t be with her.

But shouldn’t and can’t aren’t in her vocabulary. And there are a lot of other reasons, little things really, that I should be with her that outweigh the big things.

But when my past, my abuser, the reason I lived on the streets for three years, the reason I can never go back home, the biggest reason I shouldn’t get involved with Akilah, comes knocking on the door, I have a choice to make.

Confront it. Or lose Akilah forever.

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