“The Color of Lies: (Pandora’s Box series) Episode I” by Perri Forrest


The Color of Lies: (Pandora’s Box series) Episode I

by Perri Forrest

Genre: African-American/Short Stories/Erotica

99¢ at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

Laura Warren loves her husband Erik unconditionally. She has made many sacrifices in the name of that love. Those sacrifices include the decision to put her professional career on hold so that she could focus solely, on being a devoted wife. But after six years of marriage, Laura has begun to feel that Erik is detaching. She fears that he may be stepping out on her, and involving himself in extramarital activities. Initially, Laura dismisses the lingering thoughts of deception. However, the pull of intuition is far greater than her desire to turn the other cheek. Ready or not, she decides that she can no longer run from the nagging feeling that something is wrong. She has to know . . .

Enter Brooklyn Kellogg, the beautiful owner of the Pandora’s Box agency. While Brooklyn’s motto is, “Innocent until proven filthy,” she knows that the ‘filthy’ is usually the end result. Brooklyn, who knows a thing or two about being the woman scorned, founded Pandora’s Box so that she could help the unsuspecting get to the bottom of the lies. With her trusted security team and beautiful decoys, Brooklyn’s business is the business of bringing a cheater’s lying ways out into the open.

Going into Pandora’s Box, Laura hopes for the best . . . but prepares for the worst. What will the end result be? Will it be a case of intuition gone wrong, or will Laura’s suspicions be positively confirmed?


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