Nesie who?


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Update – 11/1/16

The days of NaNoWriMo are upon us once again! I probably won’t have many new posts this month besides cover reveals and blog tours, but I am a part of two large promotions during November, the Indie Multi-Author InstaFreebie Giveaway, and the Color of Love Blog Hop. Look for details to be posted soon, and don’t miss out on dozens of free books, and some great prizes!

Also, check out my book reviews here, and my free read, aptly named “Free, A Novella” on New installments will be posted on Sunday.

Update – 9/2/16

This is hard work! How much can one person say about themselves? Does anyone truly care? Nope! Is anyone actually reading this? Only if they’re ‘lost’! How about if you just stop by my brand, spanking new author page – Felicia Denise? Sound like a plan? Great!

Update – 6/8/16

Things are taking shape on this old blog, and my debut novel. I had hoped to have published it by now, but LIFE is trying not to be my friend! Just as I came through the worst of a personal illness, my hubby of 32 years went into Stage 4 renal failure. It has been a long and bumpy ride, but his health seems to be stable now. We know all the tricks of the trade when it comes to Tucson’s dialysis community, and he’s on the national transplant list. Hopefully, our two boys (ages 26 and 31) can be typed-matched soon to see if either is a viable donor. If not, we do the waiting game and just be happy he’s healthy and doing okay.

I’m publishing weekly updates for “In The Best Interest of the Child”, so be sure to follow the blog. There will be excerpts, but I’m also introducing some of the characters you will meet during Olivia’s journey.

As I get the hang of this…and TIME MANAGEMENT…look for more updates here too!



No mystery here. You’ve probably seen me around social networking as Felicia Reevers (Felicia Welch-Reevers on Facebook).

In another life, this was my PTA Region E page, but since my children are now almost as old as I am (LOL!), it’s become MY page!

Making my second attempt at NaNoWriMo this year, and I plan to finish! I have an amazing team of friends and authors supporting me, so good things are going to happen!

I’m a wife, mom, daughter, sister, coffee-holic, snarkologist, and diehard lover of books! More on THAT later! LOL!

Keep your eyes on this spot!


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