“A-C-T Like a Kid and T-H-I-N-K Like a Parent” by Katherine Shears and C.S. WhiteHurst

Act Like a Kid banner

Act Like a Kid coverTitle: A-C-T Like a Kid and T-H-I-N-K Like a Parent

Author: Katherine Shears and C.S. Whitehurst

Genre: Nonfiction self-help

Just for kicks, have you ever wondered what your parents really want from you in life? Is it you, or do your parents want you to have no real fun? On any given day, do you want to make your parents proud of you and still do what makes you feel really happy within yourself? Of course, you do! But the real question has always been, and still is…how? How can we actually get this done?

Well, with A-C-T like a Kid and T-H-I-N-K like a Parent, a.k.a “the child-part consoler”, you will get past common misunderstandings by learning how to truly talk, hear, and listen to your parents, guardians or caregivers instead of feeling like you have to run to friends to find some sense of acceptance, understanding, and real connection.

In this book, chock-full of questions and answers got directly from the source, you’ll learn what your parents, guardians or caregivers really expect of you—and maybe you’ll even find out how to explain to them what you really expect from them! Not that this book could ever replace a parent, because it can not. But when it comes to openly communicating certain key ideas, this book comes really close.

This tell-all guide contains lots of enlightening explanations and helpful answers to many common kid questions like:

  • What do my parents really want from me?
  • Why do my parents do what they do and say what they say?
  • What do I really need to know about my parents’ parenting skills?
  • How can I keep my parents happy with me?
  • How can I help my parents to help me?
  • How can I get what I want from my parents every time?

A-C-T like a Kid and T-H-I-N-K like a Parent is an intro to the secret knowledge of adults which is a set of information that is mainly covered in the book entitled Surrogate Re-Parenting: A.K.A. Get Your Mind Right, and even more thoroughly covered in the book The Secret Knowledge Of Adults. While this book, A-C-T like a Kid and T-H-I-N-K like a Parent is intended for kids 10 and up, the info in this book is beneficial and useful to the intelligent kid parts in all of us. Yes, this means you too.

The information in this book will help you and yours to start to see your parents, not as the enemy, but as the caring human beings they really are, and take the first step toward family unity, understanding, growth, success, and happiness! Both you and your parents really deserve this, and with this book, A-C-T like a Kid and T-H-I-N-K like a Parent, you and your parents can actually achieve this.

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~ Author Bios ~

Katherine ShearsKatherine Shears is a mom, graduate of Strayer University, and an executive consultant, who is dedicated to bettering the social function and overall visibility of all she encounters. She is a deep thinker with an open mind who stays on the cutting edge of learning, having read over one hundred self-help titles and counting.

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C.S. WhitehurstC.S. Whitehurst is a psychology-based UX/UI designer/tester, computer programmer, IT Project Manager, and self-help enthusiast, who is a student of science, philosophy, life, and NYU. As a native of New York, having been exposed to social diversity, he has been coached by life to respond to the issues plaguing inner-city youth.

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#Review “Once Upon a Princess Duet” by Deborah A. Bailey

Once Upon a Princess banner

Fairytales were my first favorite childhood genre, and in my later years, I haven’t strayed too far from them. The list continues to grow of fairytale mash-ups, retellings, dark, and inspired versions. A few missed the mark, but most get it right. Once Upon a Princess Duet nails it!

In Heart of Stone, we have Leesa, princess leader of a kingdom in ruins. Those who killed her family and destroyed the land are gone too. Leesa ekes out a living for her grandmother and the people of her village the best way she can.

This leads Leesa to search for treasures at Silver Palace, also in ruins and once home to her betrothed who never returned from the war.

Leesa is caught by Willem, the gargoyle, self-proclaimed guardian of the castle ruins. He makes Leesa an offer—stay in the castle for three weeks and he will give her all she needs to care for her village.

This grownup version of Beauty & the Beast doesn’t deliver a wide-eyed, naïve ingenue and a loathsome beast, but a thirty-year-old woman who’s left her days of royalty and privilege behind and a snarky, supernatural creature who may or may not be just a bit pervy. *HA! *

The bargain is not an easy one even as a guarded trust grows between the mismatched couple.

Trouble arrives in the forms of Lester and Sir Kyle, who’s determined to take the castle’s hidden riches… and Leesa as his wife.

With problems temporarily abated, Willem releases Leesa from their agreement, insisting she leaves before the nefarious Kyle returns with backup. Leesa is reluctant to leave—she has come to care for the gargoyle—and wants to fulfill her part of the agreement… and perhaps even help free Willem from the enchantment which binds him to the castle.

Trouble returns, and it is chaotic. Leesa’s resolve weakens as she believes she’s lost someone else important to her. It builds to an excellent ending, which for me, could have gone on and on.

While she only appears in a few pages near story’s end, Polly, a no-nonsense barmaid from town, leaps to the top of my favorite characters list. Polly wasn’t up for any foolishness and did not suffer fools lightly.


In Beauty and the Faun, Kayla and her mother are taken in by her uncle after Kayla’s father dies.

Although they are equals, Kayla and Julia, her mother, are treated as servants…like Cinderella. The good-natured women don’t mind… much, as they both miss their life living in the woods with Christopher, Kayla’s late father.

When Julia fell in love with Christopher, a woodsman, her family didn’t consider him good enough for Julia and she had to choose—her wealthy family and easy life or poverty with Christopher. Of course, Julia chose love with no regrets. But illness took Christopher all too soon.

Now Kayla learns Sir Frederick, her uncle, and a habitual gambler is ready to marry her off to help settle his gambling debts.

The plan is to marry Kayla off to the son of a king. Usually a coveted betrothal, King Reynard has been unable to find a bride for his son because Reynard is a wolf-shapeshifter and his son… changes into things. The young prince is also said to be wild and disappears for weeks at a time.

Despite Kayla and Julia’s objections, the wedding plans proceed, so Kayla decides to solve her own problem.

Striking a deal with fellow servant, Jackon, Kayla plans to go into the village and find a job so she can take care of her mother and be away from Frederick’s control. Jackon tricks Kayla and leads her into an attempted kidnapping. Kayla escapes and eventually ends up with Del, a woodland faun.

Loved the twists and turns of this quick read which included a wedding ball, a fairy godmother and… pomegranate.

Leesa and Kayla are two great characters—women just trying to figure it all out. They’re not sitting around waiting to be rescued, but Prince Charming does arrive… in his own way! You’ll enjoy rooting for their happily-ever-afters.

I highly recommend these two engaging fairytale sendups. But, don’t buy them for your twelve-year-old. Yes, there’s sex, (but it’s not over-the-top). We grow up, why can’t our fairytales?


Once Upon a Princess coverTitle: Once Upon A Princess Duet

Author: Deborah A. Bailey

Genre: Paranormal Romance

The Once Upon A Princess Duet

In these two sexy paranormal romance “fairy tales,” two princesses find that love with a shifter hero is not without complications – but there is always a happily-ever-after. Includes two complete short novellas.

“Heart of Stone”

In the ruins of a country destroyed by a curse. Princess Leesa goes looking for a way to help her people. Desperate to find an item of value to trade for supplies, she trespasses into an abandoned palace.

There, she finds more than she bargained for when she encounters a lonely Gargoyle who offers to provide her with everything she needs, for a price.

If she’s willing to pay it, she may find the love she’s been looking for. Or she may lose it, forever.

“Beauty & the Faun”

Kayla, a poor young woman runs away when her rich uncle and aunt arrange her marriage to a shifter prince from another land. Her uncle needs gold to settle his debts and the king is offering a great reward if he can obtain a willing bride for his son.

But Kayla’s plans to hide in the Great Forest hit a snag when two mischievous fauns find her and deliver her to a very sexy faun shifter who is ready to teach Kayla a thing or two about life and love.

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“Secrets in the Woods: An Emilia Long Mystery” by J.E. Smythe #Excerpts

Secrets in the Woods banner

Excerpt 3:

Odessa stood up and looked Emilia in the eye. “You got the stench of city on you.”

“That’s lovely Odessa,” Emilia replied sarcastically.

“What the hell you want?” Odessa asked.

“Henry died last night,” Emilia announced watching the unchanged expression on Odessa’s face.

“What do you want me to do about it?” Odessa asked

“He was your father Odessa; I just thought you would like to know,” Emilia replied.

“Well, now I know. Now leave,” Odessa said.

“Why are you always in such a hurry to get rid of me? Is it because you’re scared I’ll find out the truth?” Emilia asked.

“Ain’t no truth to find little girl,” Odessa responded.

“Yes there is, and I think I’ve figured parts of it out,” Emilia said.

“Oh have you now?” Odessa said.

“Yes, I have,” Emilia leaned in closer to Odessa, “Lizzie was in the woods that night maybe to hang out with her friends, it was the hangout spot. Randel somehow ended up in the woods. I’m pretty sure someone called him and sent him there. Somehow Randel ended up dead, and Lizzie saw it happen. Maybe she took off scared and was hiding or maybe someone was protecting her from what she saw or from whoever did it. But all I know is Lizzie’s alive, at least long enough to give birth to me. My only question for you Odessa is, where’s Lizzie?”

Odessa began to laugh and started walking away from Emilia.

“Laugh all you want Odessa but you know I’m right,” Emilia said walking behind her.

Odessa stopped walking and turned to look at Emilia, “You don’t know nothing little girl. All you got is gossip.”

“I got me Odessa. The fact that I’m standing here proves that Lizzie didn’t die that night,” Emilia said.

“Don’t nothing prove nothing,” Odessa replied in anger.

“What are you so afraid of? Your mother died, Henry’s dead, all that’s left is us Odessa. So what do you think I’m going to do when I find Lizzie? What trouble do you think I’m going to cause? Why are you so afraid of me Odessa?” Emilia fired off questions at Odessa hoping that she would at least answer one of them.

“I ain’t afraid of you little girl. I just want you off my property.” Odessa was clearly un-phased by Emilia’s questions.

Odessa turned around again and walked into the house slamming the door behind her. Emilia looked around and noticed that from the backyard of Odessa’s house was a clear entrance into the woods. It was getting dark, and Emilia thought it best to head back to the bed and breakfast since she had walked to Odessa’s house. But something kept pulling at her to go

Excerpt 4:

“I sort of snuck into the Sheriff’s archived records and there was a box about a boy who died the same date Lizzie went missing,” Emilia explained.

“That can’t be a coincidence,” Chanel said. “What’s his name?”

“Randel Jamison,” Emilia said.

Emilia could hear Chanel typing away again on her keyboard. She waited anxiously to see what Chanel would find out.

“The only article on him is that he was murdered in the woods there in Arbor. There’s not much else,” Chanel said.

“Oh,” Emilia replied sounding disappointed.

“Wait, let me check something else,” Chanel said.

“What?” Emilia asked.

“The FBI database,” Chanel replied.

“Are you crazy?” Emilia asked in a panic. “You know you could get in serious trouble for that, right? And what would a small town’s murder be doing in the FBI database anyway?”

“So, which question do you want me to answer first?” Chanel asked sarcastically. “How about you already know I’m a bit crazy, yes I know I could get in trouble which is why I keep bill money, and it’s in there because apparently it was classified as a hate crime.”

“Wait, what? Seriously?” Emilia asked.

“Yeah. According to this, he appeared to have been beaten and his skull smashed in,” Chanel said.

“Oh my God. Anything about Lizzie?”

“Yeah. According to witnesses, she was in the woods that night too. She could not be found. She was declared dead after weeks of searching for her.”

“So why did they think it was a hate crime?”

“The then Sheriff believed that a group of white boys who were known to be racist were the ones who did it. Guess they couldn’t prove it.”

Excerpt 5:

Emilia turned around quickly only to be blinded by the headlights of what looked like a motorcycle. The engine roared louder and then the motorcycle started to come right towards Emilia at a high speed. Emilia took off running as fast as she could weaving through the trees and bushes, but the motorcycle kept coming. Emilia found a large rock and tried to hide behind it, but the motorcycle jumped right over, turned and started coming again. Emilia grabbed a large branch and waited for the motorcycle to get closer then she took a swing which caused the driver of the motorcycle to swerve on its side. Emilia didn’t wait around to see what happened to the driver she took off running again.

She found herself by the cliff overlooking the river. She slowed down from running to see where she was going. But she had dropped her flashlight and couldn’t see much. Before she could make a move, the motorcycle was back. This time coming much fast and Emilia was trapped between the cliff and the motorcycle. The motorcycle had her cornered, and without thinking, Emilia leaped over the cliff rolling down the cliff and landing on some bushes and rocks a few feet below. She turned her head in pain and looked up to see a hazy figure standing at the top of the cliff. Then the figure was gone and so was the sound of the motorcycle.

Emilia’s whole body was in severe pain, and she could feel something wet dripping from her head. Emilia knew she couldn’t stay where she was. She mustered up enough strength to pull herself back up to the top of the cliff, but she couldn’t go any further. She was just about to lose consciousness when she heard someone yelling her name. She recognized Sheriff Caleb’s voice, but she couldn’t yell back. All she could do was moan, “Help. Help me.”

Secrets in the Woods coverTitle: Secrets in the Woods: An Emilia Long Mystery

Author: J.E. Smythe

Genre: Cozy Mystery

Secrets in the Woods is a gripping tale about Emilia Long- an Investigative Reporter and her quest to find out the circumstances surrounding her mother’s death. Long’s quest begins after reading documents left for her by her adopted mother revealing that she was abandoned as an infant at a Brooklyn hospital. The revelation led Emilia on a suspenseful journey to find her birth mother.

But finding her is not so easy. Her investigations reveal that her birth mother disappeared months before her birth and that the disappearance was linked to a murder. With the key suspect in her mother’s disappearance locked away in jail on unrelated charges and the townspeople, including the Sheriff, unwilling to help her, Emilia finds herself at a dead end. In an unimaginable twist of fate, Emilia discovers more than she bargained for. Some Secrets are really better left untold.

In addition to her 9 to 5 attorney job, Smythe is also the co-founder of publishing company, Lady Esquire Group, LLC. The Attorney Author describes herself as a half analytic and half creative who was blessed to figure out how to join those halves together.   Her other books include: Through Grandma’s Eyes, Zora’s First Day and a Few Good Friends. When asked about the motivation for writing her latest work, she explained: “I’m a lover of the Cozy Mystery genre but I found that there were not a lot of those books written by African American Authors with African American characters. I just wanted to put a whole new face on such a fun and exciting genre.”

Smythe’s adept writing style in Secrets in the Woods is enticing and captivates readers from the first page. The novel feature a cast of believable characters and numerous twists and turns that will have readers begging for more.

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About the Author

J.E. Smythe is an award-winning author born in Liberia, West Africa, and raised in Providence, Rhode Island, and Gaithersburg, Maryland. J.E. is also an attorney who attended Allen University and received her Law Degree from Massachusetts School of Law. While working as an attorney, J.E. just could not let her passion to write die. She decided to take her legal writing skills and write her debut fiction novel “A Few Good Friends.” J.E. currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina where she has Co-founded Lady Esquire Group, LLC management, and publishing firm. She is a proud member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.

Twitter: @jesmythe1
Instagram: @jesmythe1

“Her Beast, His Beauty” by Jenika Snow #ReleaseBlitz



From the moment I saw her, I knew I couldn’t let her go.

For a decade I’d stayed secluded, my appearance and attitude frightening people, keeping them away. But I’d come to like that, grow stronger from it. And then she came into my life, a spitfire of a woman who challenged me and showed no fear.

I should have sent her away for her own good, but I was too selfish to let her go.

I wanted her as mine even though I didn’t deserve her.


I should have been afraid when he said I was his.

His heart had grown hard and cold, his isolation making him hate the world. He thought people should fear him because of the scars he bore, but I found beauty in them. I was just the housekeeper, but I couldn’t help how I felt for him.

Maybe he was a beast, a vicious animal hidden under a hard, powerful body. Maybe I should have run, but I knew he’d come for me, find me. Deep down, where I couldn’t lie, I wanted him to be mine.

And that frightened me most of all.

Warning: This is a sweet, fast retelling of Beauty and the Beast. But this isn’t the fairy tale you heard long ago. It’s packed full of hot, dirty bits that’ll make you squirm while you’re reading it. Don’t worry; it’s got that sticky-sweet Happily Ever After we all crave.
I didn’t care if I was crossing lines. I didn’t give a fuck if I should have stayed away, reminding myself she was my employee. I wanted Britta like a fucking fiend needing his next fix, and I wasn’t going to deny myself. I wasn’t going to practice self-control, not when I had her right here in front of me, her desire for me clear.
Truth was I wanted her to know that she was mine, that I would destroy anything or anyone who tried to tell me differently. Being locked away these last ten years, even though it was my own doing, had made me hardened. It had changed me, made me the beast everyone already thought I was.
Instinct controlled me and I found myself moving closer to her. She moved a step back, maybe slightly afraid, maybe because she didn’t know what I had planned. But this primal need was dictating what I did, propelling me forward until I wasn’t myself. And then I was right in front of her. I pulled her close to me and she gasped. I loved that sound, and wanted to hear her make it again when I was balls deep in her.
Emotions slammed into me, and I knew this wasn’t about me wanting to control her, to own her. I wanted her as mine, no doubt about it, but I wanted her to know that I was hers too. This was fast, fucking crazy in all senses of the word. But it was real, and I hadn’t felt anything like this before.
I should have been gentle, taken my time, made this a slow burn, but I couldn’t. I was too selfish for her, too primed for a taste of Britta.
And I’d have her, every fucking part of her.

Jenika Snow is a USA Today Bestselling Author that lives in the northwest with her husband and their two daughters. Before she started writing full-time she worked as a nurse.

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#Review “Blood Awakening (The Immortal Sleepers)” by Miranda Nichols

Blood Awakening cover

4/5 Stars

Tyrian Blackwood is a member of the Hunter Administration, a thirteen-member council charged with keeping the realm of humans safe from the inhabitants of the other twelve realms of vampires, necromancers, sirens, shifters etc. Tyrian is a Vampire Hunter.

On the way to a council meeting, Tyrian meets bookstore employee, Kaelyn Hamblin. Their conversation is brief but meaningful and they will meet again.

Because they are fated mates.

Of course, nothing is ever easy, and before Tyrian can explain his life, their connection, and the fact he’s seven-hundred and twenty-two years old to Kaelyn, Tyrian’s eighteen-year-old charge (or Page), Caleb, is kidnapped and taken into the vampire realm.

Entering their own realm is a death sentence for a Hunter… unless they have the blood bond of their Medium (mate).

Here is where Kaelyn’s ‘awakening’ begins. It’s already known she lost her mother in a fire, never knew her father and grew up in foster care… now she’ll learn the rest of the story as Tyrian hurries to rescue Caleb.

I liked Kaelyn Hamblin. She’s pragmatic, not teary or wimpy. She’s taken the hand life dealt her and not done too badly for herself.

Tyrian Blackwood is also likable. His own backstory is as heartbreaking as Kaelyn’s and Caleb’s and helps you to understand him and his choices. Even the bad ones.

Orphan Caleb is the perfect sullen, snarky teenager, desperate for his guardian’s approval.

Ember (Kaelyn’s best friend), Lilith—a Witch Hunter (the only female Hunter), and Starla—a Druid (the HEAD of the council and its most powerful member) are strong female characters whose scenes of vulnerability enhance their characters, not portray them as weak. Big kudos to the author for these admirable characters.

Villain Cynric… is just nuts. But while he does some despicable things, I saw him more as an out of control loony pawn than evil. Think this could change though. The foreshadowing is epic.

The world building is effective. Realms, their inhabitants, Hunters, and the rules are revealed as the story progresses in good detail without any info dumping.

Where I stumble with this read is Tyrian and Kaelyn… together. They’re good together—say the right things, do the right things—but, personally, I never felt a chemistry. That smoldering, forever-and-a day type of love wasn’t there for me.

Also, the story is paced very well… except when Tyrian and Kaelyn are together.

Granted, when your H/h are together, it’s usually the part of the story you want to savor and relish. However, for me, the descriptive prose was exhausting.

Readers want to be in the scene; we want to be shown and not told, but how many descriptions for eyes are needed in the same scene? In the same book? Great scenes were ruined for me because of the endless prose describing the scene.

I love the details. They almost always enhance any story. But, I had to take breaks from this read because I was yanked from the scene too often by too many details.

It IS a good story. Traveling to other realms, battling in other realms… was all spot on. The unlikely bonds forged have meaning and show a depth of character. But, for me, the romance feels forced and just isn’t compelling.

There aren’t many resolutions before story’s end, but I wouldn’t call it a true cliffhanger. Lines are drawn in the sand, warnings are given… the battle is coming, and YES, I do plan to read book two, Awakened in Flame. A teaser in included at the end and it’s just enough to make you wonder!

I’m sure Fantasy, Dark Magic, and Paranormal Romance fans will enjoy Blood Awakening.

Special Note: Blood Awakening: The Immortal Sleepers is currently only available from the publisher linked below, and is not on Goodreads.


Blood Awakening cover

Title: Blood Awakening (The Immortal Sleepers)

Author: Miranda Nichols

Genre: Paranormal / Fantasy Romance

A war has been brewing in the shadows.

Kaelyn Hamblin never felt particularly extraordinary, growing up in a strong Irish household in the heart of Boston for most of her young life. Her humdrum routine remained markedly unchanged for longer than she cared to remember; until that day. The day when a beautiful stranger drifted into her hole-in-the-wall bookshop and changed her life forever.

Tyrian knew from the moment he locked eyes on her that she was the one. His one. The singular being within all of time and space that was made for him and him alone. His world was not one of niceties and pretty things; bringing her into it would be dangerous. But he would protect her. He had to. After all, it was foretold.

Worlds collide, marking the beginning of the end to an age long battle warring between the forces of darkness and light in the universe. The fate of all rests on the shoulders of a lone druid and her band of human hunters to quell the rising tide of evil threatening to overtake everything and plunge the connected realms into eternal darkness.


Author Bio

Miranda NicholsMiranda Nichols is an up and coming author of the paranormal romance genre. She’s a full-time student working towards her degree in creative writing. When she isn’t studying or helping the alternative fuel industry, you can find her on https://www.fictionpress.com/ or curled up with a steamy romance novel. She’s a loyal friend who’s not afraid to tell it like it is. Like the smell of fresh popcorn, her fantasy romances tempt you and keep you coming back for more.





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