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“The Photographer (Seductive Sands Book 4)” by Sammi Franks


The Photographer (Seductive Sands Book 4)

by Sammi Franks

Genre: Women’s Fiction/Romance/Action Adventure

FREE at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

One determined photographer. One reluctant vintner. Sometimes age is just a number.


I’d been making it as a photographer just fine on my own. My family situation made it difficult to get close to anyone, which worked out perfectly well until I met Charlie. She smiled at me and I turned into a damn awkward teen all over again. I thought we might be onto something, then my life managed to get in the way.


A bad marriage can be a really great learning experience. What did I learn? Never to trust a man again. Never to depend on anyone. Never let my guard down. Then Alex shows up, with his boyish charm, his talent, acting all honest and open. Too bad he’s eight years younger than me. Too bad he bolted too soon.

He wanted a future. She wanted to live in the present. Can two wounded people heal together?


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“Black and White: Black Star Security” by Cynthia Rayne


Black and White: Black Star Security

by Cynthia Rayne

Genre: Suspense/Romance/Action Adventure

99¢ at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

Singing the Blues
Former Navy SEAL, Thomas King, lost his wife in the most painful way imaginable. Now, he’s a member of the Black Star Security team, and when King’s favorite singer, Savannah Summers, is nearly killed, he steps up to be her bodyguard. It’s a dream come true for King. He’s been her biggest fan for years, and her music helped him through the darkest time in his life. There’s only one problem. She’s even prettier in person and King doubts he’ll be able to keep this professional.

A Brush with Death

Savannah Summers is afraid for her life. Someone is trying to kill her, and they got pretty damn close to taking her out. Savvy doesn’t have a clue who wants her dead or why. And she doesn’t know what to make of her large and in charge bodyguard whose hellbent on protecting her.

Will this be her swan song? Or can King neutralize the threat? And will they be able to keep their hands off one another?

The Black Star Security boys are here to please in this fast-paced, action-packed suspenseful military romance. Black and White is the second book in this rapid-release series. This full-length standalone novel is intended for mature audiences only due to explicit language and violence.

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“The Enchanted Hat” by John Ulutunu


The Enchanted Hat

by John Ulutunu

Genre: Children’s/Fantasy/Action Adventure/Pirates

FREE at time of posting!

What if you could travel through space and time…

David is an ordinary boy, with an an EXTRA-ordinary hat! A hat that can take him to places, well beyond his wildest dreams!

Sail on a pirate ship, dance with wild animals, go on adventurous, heart throbbing expeditions… it’s all possible with the magic hat!

Hold on tight, because you are about to go on an EPIC adventure!

Are you ready… let’s begin!

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“Yellowstone Investigations” by Clara Kendrick


Yellowstone Investigations (The Complete 5-Book Series)

by Clara Kendrick

Genre: Mystery & Suspense/Action Adventure/Romance

99¢ at time of posting!

In the wilds of Yellowstone National Park there are five rugged men who will risk everything to do the right thing even when the people who hire them aren’t always exactly what they seem.

Book One
Spring thaw often brings out those looking for something that might have been lost during the winter. I’m not worried. My dogs can find anything I ask them to. Then Mary shows up with a twenty year old diary and a story about her missing mother and I realize I might be about to bite off more than I can chew.

Book Two
Wild animals behaving badly, children running wild all over the park, lately Yellowstone has turned into a circus. But my team and I aren’t going to leave those kids out there any longer than we have to. So when the mother is lying and the father is clueless, the only one left to listen to is the teacher. It doesn’t take me long to realize that Shannon knows exactly what happened to those kids. The only real question left is why.

Book Three
Trying to change an official cause of death from accidental to homicide doesn’t happen very often. This crazy reporter thinks she’s going to get me to help her do it anyway. At first I only go along with Frankie to keep her from getting herself into trouble. The longer I listen to her insanity, the more sense she starts to make. By the time I realize that Frankie isn’t crazy at all, we’re in this thing so deep I’m not sure I can get us out.

Book Four
I can’t put my finger on exactly what’s going on with this family. They’re rich and maybe that’s why they’re so weird. But there’s something happening here and Ariana is convinced that her brother is about to commit murder. Maybe my job is to make sure she doesn’t get herself killed trying to do what’s right.

Book Five
When I first came to Yellowstone and started my business I was licking my wounds. My wife had been murdered. The man who did it was still roaming free and flashing his FBI badge all over town. I was disgraced and pretty sure that it was all over. And that included the strange and confusing relationship I had with a fellow psychological researcher named Laura Selway. Now Laura’s here in Wildcat because that murderer is on the move again and she’s determined that we’re going to chase him down.

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“Space Rogues” by John Wilker


Space Rogues – A Science Fiction Adventure: The Epic Adventures of Wil Calder, Space Smuggler 

by John Wilker

Genre: Science Fiction/Action Adventure/Space Opera

Kindle Unlimited

What happens when your experimental spacecraft breaks down near Neptune? Dying alone in space is the likely answer, right?


That’s not how Wil Calder’s story ends though; it’s how it begins. Alien space outlaws rescue him and sell his pod for scrap.


He’s given a choice: join the crew or step out the airlock without his spacesuit. Not great choices, right?


Now, years later, Wil is a lonely intergalactic outlaw and smuggler, looking for a crew.


Because space is lonely and boring, Wil could use some friends or at least people to work with, maybe boss around a little.


Before Wil can even enjoy having a crew to call his own, they find themselves in the center of a plot to start an intergalactic war.


A plot they aren’t remotely qualified to stop, but who looks at qualifications these days?


Between epic space battles, a quest for redemption and a daring heist, the crew uncovers a dangerous secret.


A secret that they can’t let stay hidden; too many worlds hang in the balance.

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“The Hidden Past of Pippa McGovern” by Holly Kerr


The Hidden Past of Pippa McGovern – A Chick Lit Adventure Series (Charlotte Dodd Book 3)

by Holly Kerr

Genre: Women’s Fiction/Romantic Comedy/Action Adventure

PREORDER! Releases June 19th!

Pippa is a good thief, a better spy and currently the It Girl of the European intelligence circles. She’s risen to the top by following three rules: Keep it simple. Nothing matters but the mission. Spies don’t fall in love.
She’s in the spy game for the sky-high paychecks and the cool toys. Her latest mission in Toronto won’t put the world in too much danger and she’ll get the hard-fought respect of Lysander Mochrie, the man who helped her become the best agent in Ireland. But Pippa knows this is the mission that will turn her into one of the bad guys, that is if she can keep Charlotte Dodd, the Canadian super spy, from getting the better of her.”

Lysander won’t stand for mistakes and Pippa’s got to finish what she started, whatever it takes. She’s got a plan and it’s a good one, at least until a pair of blue eyes and a fast car get in her way and make her think twice about everything she’s ever believed in.

Declan’s cute, funny and sweet but Pippa can’t forget Declan’s sister is the only one standing in Pippa’s way of completing her mission.

There’s a reason spies don’t fall in love, especially with the good guys.

Book Three in the Charlotte Dodd action packed chick lit series!


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“Hero” by Jennifer Li Shotz



by Jennifer Li Shotz

Genre: Kindle Children’s Books/Action Adventure/Animals/Dogs

1.99 at time of posting!

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Max: Best Friend. Hero. Marine., Jennifer Li Shotz

Hero, a retired search-and-rescue dog, is not prepared for a stray puppy to come into his life. But when he and twelve-year-old Ben find Scout injured and afraid, the new addition leads them down an unexpected and dangerous path.

When Scout goes missing, it’s up to Hero to use his search-and-rescue skills to find Scout and bring him home.

Get ready for a canine adventure full of danger, loyalty, and the unbreakable bond between a boy and his best friend.

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