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#BookTour “Sweet Dreams (Dreams Come True)” by Stacey Keith


coverTitle: Sweet Dreams

Author: Stacey Keith

Genre: Romance

In a little town in the heart of Texas, the same old story can turn into happily ever after . . .

On any given day, Maggie Roby has cake batter on her sleeve, flour where the blush supposedly goes, and sore feet from standing since dawn. For her sister’s wedding day, she’s added a side of heartache. Maggie’s failed marriage taught her that love is a lie and commitment a mistake, and it was an expensive lesson. But with her bakery thriving and her life simplified to work, family, and knitting for her pug, Maggie thinks she’s bought some peace. Until Jake Sutton walks in and she realizes she isn’t safe from desire at all . . .

Jake has model-perfect looks and about a billion dollars to throw around, but Maggie also sees the same never-say-die grit she prizes in herself. The attraction between them is hotter than her oven in July. But when Jake decides to restore the old Art Deco movie theater right around the corner from her bakery, she worries that temptation is a little too close for comfort. And the added ingredient of a man from her past only complicates the mix. This time nothing less than true love will do. If she can learn to listen to her heart, she just may be able to have her cake and eat it too.



Author Bio Stacey Keith

Award-winning author Stacey Keith doesn’t own a television, but reads compulsively—and would, in fact, go stark raving bonkers without books, most of which are crammed into every corner of the house. She lives with her jazz musician boyfriend in Civita Castellana, a medieval village in Italy that sits atop a cliff, and she spends her days writing in a nearby abandoned 12th century church. But the two things she is most proud of are her ability to cook pasta alla matriciana without burning down the kitchen and swearing volubly in Italian with all the appropriate hand gestures.








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Meet Author Lynda Filler!

Lynda FillerLynda Filler makes her home in sexy, sultry Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and writes the JET Kindle World novellas, fiction in the Contemporary Romantic and Suspense genres, Urban Poetry, and non-fiction. She’s been accused of writing autobiographical stories, but so far no can get her to admit it! She’s been writing her whole life but only started publishing fiction in 2015 with the encouragement of NYT/USA Bestselling author Russell Blake of the popular JET series. When she’s not in Mexico, she travels to the Pacific Northwest or Paris, France to visit her children. She loves to hear from her fans on Facebook where you can find book news, crazy fun quotes, and photographs of both Mexico and Lynda’s travels.

The Buzz!

Lie to Me: an exposé on sex for money is a new Contemporary Fiction book released Nov. 24, 2017.
5 STARS: “a spellbinding story that explores the psychology of sex in a way that defies Coelho’s Eleven Minutes. Lie to Me is insanely captivating, entertaining and exciting. It’s the kind of book that entertains readers while forcing them to review their sense of reality. A must-read!” R. Dzemo. Readers’ Favorite 5 STARS

LOVE The Beat Goes On is her first Biography/Inspirational/motivational non-fiction novel chosen Book of the Month October 2017:
When your cardiologist tells you to “Get your affairs in order, your heart condition is incurable,” what do you do?
“Lynda Filler’s story is one of intuition and spirit. I was so inspired by Lynda’s story and found myself furiously highlighting and rereading.”

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JET: Reborn (Kindle Worlds Novella) (JET World Book 5)cover

by Lynda Filler

Genre: Thriller & Suspense/Action & Adventure/Crime

In JET-REBORN, the lethal Mossad Assassin of Russell Blake’s NYT and USA Bestselling series JET hides out in South Africa for a change of face. She makes a decision to finally retreat from the violence of her world and put her four-year-old daughter Hannah first in her life. Restless after six months of retirement in Paris, France, Raven easily enlists her help in a personal matter for the British Royal family. What appears to be an uncomplicated assignment quickly turns into a violent game of revenge.

From the shark-infested ocean off the coast of Cape Town to the dangerous waters of the Persian Gulf in Doha, Qatar, Lynda Filler gives us JET at her most lethal.

Amazon KU~~~~~

CoverLie To Me: an exposé on sex for money

by Lynda Filler

Genre: Women’s Fiction/Contemporary Fiction/Thriller & Suspense/Romance

How many lives have been ruined for the pleasure of an orgasm?

Forty-something Layla Duncan, a women’s magazine writer, has a dangerous obsession with men who sell steamy sexual encounters to vacationing women in Puerto Vallarta. She infiltrates the underworld of male prostitution, interviews several men and begins to write a mesmerizing exposé of their lives.

Before long the lines between Layla’s personal life and professional assignment become blurred, and she finds herself questioning her value system in a titillating yet disturbing way.

Sparks fly one night when she takes a break from her writing and meets the sensual twenty-something Mateo at a local nightclub. The charismatic yet quiet young Mexican man seems oblivious to his powerful sexual aura but is immediately turned on by Layla. The one-night-stand turns into sporadic hook-ups, while two emotionally damaged lovers long for something neither can put into words.

Lynda Filler has once again delivered a fast-paced, sexy and sometimes gut-wrenching page-turner that will unnerve you and leave you breathless.

Amazon KU

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Big Book Sale from author Ruthanne Reid!

All my books are 99¢!


Hi, all! I’ve decided to mix things up and go Amazon-only for a while. It’ll be at LEAST three months before I’ll sell on other platforms again, so I decided to throw a big price-drop party for you!

P. S. If you want to know WHY I’m doing this, check out this post. 🙂

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Women Writers… writing | Toni Kief

Toni KiefToni Kief, a child of the 60s, Midwestern by birth, Northwestern by choice, Toni challenges the boundaries for women of a certain age. After a long career as an insurance adjuster, she fell into writing through a challenge from a friend. She has released her first book, Old Baggage, and recently followed with Mildred in Disguise: With Diamonds. There are three more in the grinder. Toni never dated Mick Jagger, but marched for civil rights, shared bread with icons of politics and art. She is spending her retirement, gathering stories prime for embellishment. Writing has taught her inspiration without perspiration is just a good idea.

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Detours and Destinationscover

by Toni Kief

Genre: Literary/Contemporary Fiction/Short Stories

A collection of short stories most of them are fiction. All involving change and moving forward.





Amazon KU


CoverDetours and Transformations: A Short Story Collection

by Toni Kief

Genre: Literary/Contemporary Fiction/Short Stories

A collection of short stories addressing the changes and trials of life. All written from prompts at the Writers Kickstart.


Amazon KU

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Women Writers… writing | Patricia Dixon

Patricia DixonI am a wife, mother of two and grandma to one. I live in Manchester, UK.
Currently, I have four books available to download on Amazon.

I took the inspiration for my first novel from all the people, places and experiences which have graced my life over the past forty (something) years. In 2004 we were lucky enough to buy our own piece of France and have spent the years since renovating a ramshackle farmhouse in the Loire. During this time I have met some wonderful people and made lovely French and English friends, some of whom find themselves with a starring role in my stories.

As with all families, mine has had it’s fair share of incidents, traumas and achievements, including the odd nutty relative ( everybody has one) so I drew on life’s rich tapestry and some of these special moments I have shared with you.

However, none of this would have been at all possible without the unstinting support of my lovely family and friends.

When I first pitched my idea of writing a novel to my husband, Brian, I was given the thumbs up and I am buoyed by his total belief in me. He is followed closely by my mum whose faith has never ever wavered and believes I am capable of anything. Literally! Never forgetting our two children who encouraged and cajoled me from the start.
And to our grandson, Harry, who stands by my side and is always so impressed by my word count. I promise that one day I will write a special story, just for you.

And finally I must thank my son Owen who is responsible for all matters technical and without whose patience and enthusiasm I would never have been able to press the publish button.

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Over My ShoulderOver My Shoulder

by Patricia Dixon

Genre: Contemporary Women/Women’s Fiction/Religious & Inspirational Fiction

This is a dark and gripping romance which tells of a nice young girl who met a very bad man. Sounds simple? Not really. By the time the girl realised the depths of his wicked soul and a wiser, braver young woman was about to emerge, it was too late. His twisted roots had wrapped around her life, spreading rapidly, taking a firm hold of her confused head and fragile heart. There was to be no escape from the tangled mess unless it was on his terms and even then, once she was free and her life rolled precariously on, the seeds he had sown remained embedded deep within. When she least expected it he would return and make good his promise, exact revenge and ensure she paid any price he felt owed.

Set in Manchester in the early nineties, Over My Shoulder is an intricate tale of blinkered love and obsession. This gripping psycho-sexual thriller with criminal undertones tracks the life of a young woman, from her carefree mid-twenties right up to present day.
Freya falls under the spell of controlling and manipulative Kane and soon, her life changes beyond her wildest imagination. When the luxurious life she craves gradually becomes intolerable, escape is out of reach.

This is a disturbing story of an affluent life, cleverly camouflaging the sinister underworld which funds it. And just when you think it is all over, there is a twist.
When will it end, can it end?

Amazon KU


À Bientôt: See you soon (All for Love Book 1)A Bientot cover

by Patricia Dixon

Genre: Women’s Fiction/Family Life/Religious & Inspirational Fiction

A moving story of betrayal and loss and how against the odds, once the past is laid to rest you can learn to trust, love and live again. Set on the coast of Portsmouth and the beautiful Loire Valley, this is the story of Anna, married mother of three, the unremarkable rock of her family who is quite content with her life until by accident, she discovers that Matthew, her husband of 22 years is having an affair. Two months later he is dead. Consumed by hurt and tainted memories, Anna’s life is turned upside down by loss and betrayal, her confidence totally destroyed and the tormenting spectre of Matthew’s unknown lover is ever present; so whilst keeping the secret of his affair from her family, Anna must find her way alone. With one son on the other side of the world, another about to enter a war zone and her daughter off to university, her life gradually begins to crumble until she is saved by her feisty loyal childhood friend Jeannie. Step by step Anna embarks on an emotional and inspirational journey which takes her to rural France where she makes new friends, experiences country life and is unexpectedly given the chance to love again.

Amazon KU

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Women Writers… writing | Renee Ervanian

Renee spent countless hours over the last decade watching fairytales with her young daughter, Ava, who is now 12 and outgrowing the world of fairytales. Renee decided the timing was perfect to assemble and create her own fairytale. She noticed the amazing power and influence fairytales hold on millions of young viewers. They idolize the characters, reading and watching the books and movies over and over while purchasing a never ending array of merchandise from linens to toys, games and kitchenware.

Renee combined self empowering knowledge and suggestions on what to do when faced with an unfortunate and hopeless situation. By using kind and uplifting thoughts, the unfortunate situation can be overcome and a positive fairytale ending created.

The combination of a fairytale with self empowerment makes this a one of a kind book and must read for all girls and women!

Stella is not only a modern day fairytale but a book on self empowerment, designed for girls and women of all ages. The strikingly beautiful, global profile on the book cover resembles Priscilla, Stella’s daughter in real life.

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CoverStella: A Modern Fairytale Park in Neutral Let Auto Pilot Create Your Fairytale

by Renee Ervanian

Genre: Contemporary Fiction/Romance

Although make believe, the underlying issues of a fairytale are so common and real in daily life, making it easy to relate and understand the story content at a very young age. The content of Stella focuses on a somber story while at the same time, detailing the incredible power young girls possess locked away inside them to effortlessly create their own fairytale ending.

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Army of Authors Blog Tour | Brian Harrison

schematicThe Vault

Why would a multi-billionaire create a customized vault that is controlled by watch mechanics inside and have a self-destruct mechanism inside to destroy the billion dollars worth of artifacts inside?

Simple, because he can.

On paper, Sam Montgomery is your typical eccentric philanthropic pharmaceutical billionaire whom has literally mailed five dollars to everyone in the US so they can “pay it forward.” But what people didn’t know when made a rare public appearance was that he was announcing he had leukemia. And more shocking was that when he said, “I’d rather die than give my sister the opportunity to save my life,” no one even knew he had a sister.

Elena Diamante nailed the sit down interview – at his small home on the tiny island of Antikythera in Greece. She was only planning on getting the scoop about Sam and his apparently estranged sister but she was also going to be the first journalist to see inside Sam’s custom made vault. It was built using watch mechanics, so it was completely self-sustained, and only opened once a year. It was even rumored that if it were ever tampered with, everything inside would be destroyed in a custom acid.

Come to find out for Elena, there would be one item inside Sam’s vault that could save his life, or end itcover even quicker, it was just a matter of whether or not the vault would open in time.

The Vault explores Sam’s family dynamics and how they inspired him to become the successful man he is. The story is also told using Sam’s own family photos growing up, as well as text messages and Facebook/Twitter. There are even hyperlinks within the novel as “Easter Eggs” for those readers that want to explore even more of Sam’s personal life, further blurring the lines of fact/fiction.

PreOrder from Amazon. Releases March 6th!

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