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“Muscle: A Standalone Romance” by Michelle St. James


Muscle: A Standalone Romance

by Michelle St. James

Genre: Contemporary & Romantic Suspense

FREE at time of posting!

After the turf war that almost got Luca killed, a job in Miami working as a bodyguard sounds like just what the doctor ordered; sun, sand, and a completely straightforward job.

But as soon as he lays eyes on Isabel, he knows that being the hired muscle will be more a lot more complicated than he imagined.

Isabel Fuentes knows people think she’s spoiled and callous. Being the daughter of a notorious drug lord will do that to a girl, and things have only gotten worse since her father’s death. Now his drug empire is run by her brother, Diego, and while their father might have been a man without a conscious, Diego is a more dangerous animal entirely.

At first, Isabel thinks Luca is just another hired gun. Someone to keep her from pulling the wild stunts that remind her she’s still alive — that there’s still hope for something else. But it doesn’t take long to realize there’s more than meets the eye under Luca’s very hot facade.

And that is a complication she doesn’t need.

But when Diego reveals a nefarious reason for keeping Isabel close, she’s forced to rely on Luca instead of keeping her distance. Now he may be the only one who can save her — and the one man who can bring her alive with his touch.

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“Entropy: A Novel” by Joshua Edward Smith


Entropy: A Novel

by Joshua Edward Smith

Genre: Literary/Contemporary/Romance

Kindle Unlimited

Lisa is adrift—searching for connection on social media to compensate for the absence of love and attention in her marriage. But when a dominant married man entices her to become his online submissive, Lisa’s world starts to collapse around her. Could giving up all control be the secret to finding the serenity she longs to have? Cerebral and erotic, Entropy explores the murky depths of an online affair and how upheaval of the status quo reverberates through a woman’s life and sense of self.

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#BlogTour “Her Hollywood Boyfriend (The Awkward Duckling Series Book 2)” by K.R. Grace

Title: Her Hollywood Boyfriend
Author: K.R.Grace
Genre: New Adult/Romantic Comedy/Contemporary
Release Date: May 4, 2018
Hosted by: Buoni Amici Press, LLC.

Macey Greere was the girl who fell in love with her book boyfriend. Now she is the girl who was dumped on national television. Ever the perpetual list maker, she decides to create and follow a 10-step program inspired by her favorite romance movies on how to get over heartbreak.

Of course, nothing ever goes as she plans.

He is Mr. Hollywood with the paparazzi stalkers to prove it. His goal is to have a normal, drama-free summer as a counselor for his little brother’s summer camp. That is, until he meets her.

He’s not part of the plan…or so she thinks.


Available in Kindle Unlimited


As a child, K.R. Grace had an overactive imagination. When it was obvious she wasn’t going to change anytime soon, her mom shoved a pen and paper in her hand and said, “Write it down.” So, at the age of eight, her first story was born, and the writing hasn’t stopped since. When she’s not running with wolves, sleeping with bears, or flying with falcons, she can be found checking out local bands or watching movies about things that go “boo” in the night. She lives in East Tennessee with a dog that is afraid of his own shadow and a cat that was a mob leader in a former life.

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“Love on a Summer Night (Pine Harbour Book 4)” by Zoe York


Love on a Summer Night (Pine Harbour Book 4)

by Zoe York

Genre: Romance/Military/Contemporary

99¢ at time of posting! (LIMITED TIME ONLY)

Zander Minelli is exactly the wrong kind of man. He’s dark, dangerous, and knows far too much about sawed-off shotguns.

Faith Davidson finds him irresistible. The widowed single mother knows she should dip her toe back in the dating pool with someone solid and dependable. Definitely no tattoos. But every time she looks up, the brooding soldier is watching her, and she can’t help but wonder what it would be like to let herself have a taste…

Small town summer nights have never been hotter—and one transplanted city-girl’s heart has never been more fragile.

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“Destiny Awakened” by Nana Prah

Destiny Awakened cover

Destiny Awakened (Destiny African Romance Series Book 4)

by Nana Prah

Genre: Contemporary/Romance/Multicultural

99¢ at time of posting!

After enduring a traumatic event as a child, Gloria Anokye isn’t sure she’ll ever be enough for any man. With no other option, she entrusts her romantic future into the hands of Esi, midwife-turned-matchmaker. In the meantime, the one guy she’s ever desired has the power to destroy her newfound career as a wedding planner.

Kamal Lawrence has less than six weeks to plan his sister’s wedding. With the help of a wedding planner, they might be able to pull off the best wedding Ghana has ever seen. The trick is to fight off the attraction exploding between them. Once Kamal realizes there’s no way he can or will be able to stay away from Gloria, he plans his seduction.

Will she fall into his arms or keep it strictly professional?

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#Excerpts “Song for Jess: Prelude Series – Part Two” by Meg Buchanan




Excerpt 2

Luke crossed his boots and gave the first line of the lyrics a go.

You’ve got me thinking….” growled out across the room, against the rest of the sound. He looked up at me. “Thinking with what?” He grabbed his crotch.

“Ha ha.” It wasn’t a great comeback. Luke smirked and went back to growling out the rest of the first verse. It wasn’t the way I recorded the lyrics. I listened to what he was doing. It was better. It sounded rougher, more guttural, darker.

“That’s great, Luke,” I said.

“Yeah, should work.” Luke grinned. “This is going to make people listen.”

I looked over at Adam. The music coming from the keyboard sounded right.

Adam stopped playing and looked up. He looked excited. “Is that what you wanted?”


Noah leaned the guitar against the couch. “Shall we give it a go?”

I nodded. “I’ll do the harmonies. We’ll see how it sounds.” I looked over at Cole. “Drums.”

He fiddled with the laptop. The first few beats started up and he hit pause.

“Tell me when you’re ready.”

Luke flattened out the lyrics on his knees. Adam was ready at the keyboard. Noah picked up the guitar. We were about as ready as we were going to get.

“Go for it.” Cole hit play.

We went for it.

It sounded all right.

“Again?” asked Cole.

I nodded. We went for it again. Still sounded good. The lyrics came from Luke like deep dark smoke. Adam kept the keyboard down to just glowing coals. Noah on the guitar was all blues. I thought it sounded unbelievable.

“Time to record?” asked Cole. He held up his phone.

“Yep.” And we did it again. I flopped down on the couch beside Cole when we were finished. He hit play. The moment of truth.

I could hear the growl in Luke’s voice, the smoking coals of the keyboard, the laid-back guitar.

But overall it sounded like shit.

Cole hit pause around half way through the first verse and we sat there silently. Luke puffed out a breath, then rubbed his chin with his fist.

“And that’s why we have technology,” he said. He was right if we were going to see how this could sound we needed to record each track separately and layer them.

“You haven’t got anything on that thing with just the instrumental tracks?” Luke nodded at the laptop.

“Yeah, but it’s all me playing. You’ve already heard that,” I said.

There was nothing for it. We were going to have to do this properly. “I’ll go get the leads and the interface. We’ll do one track at a time.”


Excerpt 3

Last night when I sloped through the lounge, Mum was watching American Idol and there’s this guy on TV. All styled hair, heavy makeup, leather pants, and long coat. You need to visualize goth meets Matrix, to get the picture. I studied him. I wasn’t too keen on the bare feet. I thought he should’ve gone with boots, but it was a good look.

I went to my room and Googled the guy. I’d never heard of him. Probably why he was on American Idol. I printed off his publicity shot and took it to the hairdresser. She had her hair dyed red and piled on top of her head. She stared from the photo to me and back, looking doubtful.

“You want to be on American Idol?” she asked. But she went to college too and had heard the rumours. “You one of Collins’ crew this year?”

“Yeah,” I said.

She studied the photo again. Her eyes flicked, me, photo, me, photo.

“I guess you’re not bad looking,” she said after a while. “Nice eyes, grey, unusual, should work.” She studied me again, then the photo, then the top of my head, then the photo. She was acting superior under that fountain of red hair.

“You got a GHD?” she asked.

“A what??”

“Hair straightener.”

“No. How much?”

“Three hundred and fifty dollars,” she said, going to the glass shelf near the counter, picking up this black bag and pulling out what looked like an electric bread knife.

“Three fifty?”


I thought about that for a while. “Mum’s got a blow drier.”

“No good, you won’t get the look with a blow drier.”

I shrugged. There was no way I was spending three fifty on a hair straightener. That would take every bit of grandparent Christmas and birthday money I had saved up. “I’ll think about it.”

“Okay.” She got to work on the hair. After an hour and a half, my hair was straight and dyed black with a long fringe over my eyes.

She hovered over little tubes and pots like an artist then waved this wand thing around.

“I’ll use the smoky velvet. Should work with grey eyes.”

She got to work. When she was finished, it wasn’t me there behind the mirror with a long fringe like a curtain and eyes smoky velvet. It was Zac Coleman, singer, songwriter, future rock star.

I bought the GHD.


coverTitle: Song for Jess: Prelude Series – Part Two

Author: Meg Buchanan

Genre: Women’s Fiction / Romance / New Adult

Aspiring musician Isaac can make the violin weep, the guitar sob, and the piano talk of lives unfulfilled.

Jess dreams of becoming an artist and her paintings show real promise.

Once they get together Isaac and Jess are inseparable. They spend the summer holidays at her family’s beach house. They plan a life of travelling the world with Isaac making music and Jess painting. But when they return home, everything changes.

Will Isaac and Jess follow their dreams?

Can true love survive the choices they make?

Song for Jess is a bittersweet tale of love and loss, guaranteed to break your heart.


~ Kindle Unlimited ~


Amazon US   |   Amazon UK   |   Amazon CA   |   Amazon AU 


Paperback – Amazon


Author BioMeg B

Meg Buchanan lives in Paeroa, which is in the Coromandel in New Zealand. Her husband and a black Labrador live with her.

Meg has been writing for the last five years, most of her books are set in the Coromandel as it has a rich history and is spectacularly beautiful. It also has advantage beautiful beaches, amazing scenery and Paeroa has streets that already have names, couple of rivers and a mountain nearby, and neighbouring towns, so she saves time on world building.


Author Page on Junction Publishing

Author Page on Amazon



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#PreOrder “Path to Passion” by Nana Prah

Path to Passion_Preorder Banner


The man who broke her heart . . .

Is the man she now needs more than ever!

Heir to his family’s global empire, branding genius Miguel Astacio turns everything into marketing gold. Only his best friend’s sister seems immune to his magic touch. Until Tanya Carrington comes to him to save her floundering nightclub. Miguel is ready to rectify past mistakes. But will his supreme sacrifice win the heart of the woman he loves?

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Path to Passion Nana Prah


Miguel’s blood heated as she gave him a wavering smile. She was just too beautiful, with clear skin marked only by a dark mole at the corner of her nose, angled dark eyes and full lickable lips.

“I mean,” Tanya continued, “I won’t even be able to recognize the place when its completed. Everything sounds incredible, but I may have to draw the line at the cages for dancers.”

He thought she might. “Trust me, if we charge people to dance in them, they will pay. The one rule is that they have to keep their clothes on.”

“We’ll see.” She stared at the screen again with her eyes unblinking “Um…” She rubbed the back of her neck and a light sheen of sweat broke out on her forehead. “How much will this cost?”

Now for the heavy convincing. He got up and stood beside her to point at the CCTV screen showing the dance area, which had filled up a little more in the hour they’d been going over his ideas. “I can see this place packed, people waiting all the way up the street trying to get in. VIP area filled with actors, musicians and pro athletes flying in to experience it.”

Unable to resist, he leaned close so they were almost cheek to cheek. Her heat and honeysuckle perfume floated into him, and he turned his head so his starving lips could caress her one more time. He kissed along her jaw until he met the sensitive area of her neck, where he teased her with gentle nips until she moaned. She sprang as far away from him as the room would allow.

What had he been thinking? Why did she affect him this way? She took away his willpower like no other woman had ever done. Thinking became almost impossible when she was around. The desire to smooth his hands over her incredibly silky soft skin drove him to get closer, but he stayed rooted to the spot, watching her rub the goose pimples from her arms.

“Answer the question, Miguel.” He was pleased to hear her voice quiver. “How much will it cost?”

He’d rather discuss the turbulent heat swirling between them, but if she wanted to ignore it then he should, too. “You’ve heard the saying that you have to spend money to make money, right?”

Her slow nod brought her hair forward. He watched as she brushed back the strands he wanted to filter his fingers through, bringing her close so they could fall into the attraction drawing them together.

Happy couple at the bar enjoying the cocktail party


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