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“Murder at Le Bijou Bistro: Northwest Cozy Mystery Series (Northwest Cozy Mysteries Book 5)” by Dianne Harman

Murder at Le Bijou Bistro cover

Murder at Le Bijou Bistro: Northwest Cozy Mystery Series (Northwest Cozy Mysteries Book 5)

by Dianne Harmon

Genre: Cozy/Mystery/Culinary/Animals

99¢ at time of posting! Kindle Countdown!

Death by chocolate, but it’s the wrong person. Meant for the ex-Mafia man or his bride, a food critic?

Could it have been an act of jealousy by Al De Duco’s ex-girlfriend, Kitten Knight, or an act of revenge by Mario Carlucci, a long-time enemy of his from Al’s days with the Mafia in Chicago?

Or was the intended victim Al’s wife of two weeks, Cassie, the very popular food critic who writes the Food Spy column for The Seattle Times? But who would want to murder Cassie? Maybe it was Myles, the food critic she was filling in for at the Times and who was jealous of her success. Then there’s the Gourmand’s Guide to Good Eats food blogger, Jessica, who’d always hated Cassie. Or even the owner of Frogities Restaurant, Jules, who would love to see the bad publicity resulting from a murder at Le Bijou Bistro.

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“Baked to Death (Cookies & Chance Mysteries Book 2)” by Catherine Bruns

Baked to Death cover

Baked to Death (Cookies & Chance Mysteries Book 2)

by Catherine Bruns

Genre: Cozy/Mystery/Culinary/Amateur Sleuths

99¢ at time of posting!

Baker turned reluctant amateur sleuth, Sally Muccio’s, finally found the happiness that’s eluded her for years. She’s in love with a great guy, her bakery is thriving, and now she and her best friend Josie Sullivan are gearing up to appear on the popular reality baking show, Cookie Crusades. But a visit from Sal’s greedy ex-husband Colin, who’s looking to cash in on the bakery’s dough, changes everything. Within a few hours Sal’s world—like the shop’s original fortune cookies—is broken apart when Colin turns up dead, and her boyfriend’s arrested for the crime. Now Sal’s mixing it up with vengeful ex-inlaws, a suspicious new employee, slippery baking competitors, and a greasy mobster who’ll stop at nothing to collect on Colin’s unpaid debt. Can Sal prove her man is innocent in time? Or is she about to get baked herself?

**Recipes Included!**

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“Sweet Masterpiece: A Sweet’s Sweets Bakery Mystery (Samantha Sweet Mysteries Book 1)” by Connie Shelton

Sweet Masterpiece cover

Sweet Masterpiece: A Sweet’s Sweets Bakery Mystery

(Samantha Sweet Mysteries Book 1)

by Connie Shelton

Genre: Cozy/Mystery/Culinary/Paranormal

FREE at time of posting!

When she’s not baking her delectable pastries Samantha Sweet breaks into houses for a living, and that almost certainly leads to trouble. When she finds an unmarked grave on a property in a remote spot in Taos County, New Mexico, Sam calls in the authorities. A small mural painted inside a closet in the abandoned house provides clues and Sam is caught up in an investigation alongside the good-looking Deputy Beau Cardwell. A fortune in artwork, a bogus will, and a wooden box that seems to give Sam powers she never dreamed she possessed–it all adds up to a dynamic paranormal romantic mystery.

Then, there is all that chocolate! Sam’s real goal in life is to use her elegant baking skills to open her own pastry shop, Sweet’s Sweets. She’s gaining quite the reputation as a baker with a magical touch, but a few obstacles stand in her way. Her grown daughter shows up on her doorstep–jobless and homeless; her bank account is at an all-time low; and trying to work from the tiny cramped kitchen in her home is becoming impossible.

Somehow, Sam copes and she finds that her dreams might just have a chance of coming true.

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“Secrets and Sweet Rolls: A HoneyBun Shop Cozy Mystery (HoneyBun Shop Mysteries Book 5)” by M.E. Harmon

Secrets and Sweet Rolls cover

Secrets and Sweet Rolls: A HoneyBun Shop Cozy Mystery (HoneyBun Shop Mysteries Book 5)

by M.E. Harmon

Genre: Cozy/Mystery/Culinary/Short Read

99¢ at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited

Sugar and spice and an old secret that’s not-so-nice…

A sweet deal lands in NYC baker Ali Daniel’s lap. What could go wrong with a simple delivery of mini cinnamon rolls to a charity auction?

When one of the auction items goes missing, the finger of blame swings wildly until it suddenly spins in Ali’s direction.

Will Ali become a scapegoat or expose a culprit who’s been hiding in plain sight?

This book features an amateur, woman sleuth.

Secrets and Sweet Rolls is the first book of a three part series where clues for the murder mystery in the upcoming Villains and Vanilla Cream appear throughout all three standalone books. Can you spot the clues? The second book is Chaos and Chocolate Mousse.

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“Honeymoon Cottage (A Pajaro Bay Mystery Book 1)” by Barbara Cool Lee

Honeymoon Cottage cover

Honeymoon Cottage (A Pajaro Bay Mystery Book 1)

by Barbara Cool Lee

Genre: Mystery/Cozy/Culinary/Crafts & Hobbies/Clean

FREE at time of posting!

Camilla Stewart’s ex-fiancé ripped her off and disappeared, leaving her to care for his eight-year-old son alone. But when she arrives in Pajaro Bay, she finds a village full of cute cottages, quirky characters… and a killer on the loose who is somehow linked to her, the young boy, and the darling little house known as the Honeymoon Cottage.

The Pajaro Bay novels are heartwarming romantic mysteries guaranteed to leave you with a happy ending. Each is a standalone story, so they can be read in any order, or you can follow along from the beginning and see how the world of Pajaro Bay develops. Collect them all:

1. Honeymoon Cottage
2. Boardwalk Cottage
3. Lighthouse Cottage
4. Little Fox Cottage
5. Rum Cake Cottage
6. Songbird Cottage
7. Sunshine Cottage (coming soon!)

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“Cozy Mysteries Collection: (Fall & Family Edition)” by Hope Callaghan

Cozy Mystery Collection cover

Cozy Mystery Collection: (Fall & Family Edition)

by Hope Callaghan

Genre: Cozy/Mystery/Crafts & Hobbies/Animals/Culinary

99¢ at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

~~Read This Cozy Mystery Boxed Set FREE with Kindle Unlimited ~~

Grab this 6 Book Cozy Mysteries Collection from Hope Callaghan’s most popular series, with each book featuring a fall or family theme.

Enjoy hours upon hours of good, clean reading entertainment that’ll keep you guessing until the end!


Hope Callaghan Cozy Mysteries Collection (6 Book Fall & Family Edition)


1-Family, Friends, and Foes (Cruise Ship Cozy Mysteries Series)
2-Fall Girl (Garden Girls Cozy Mysteries Series)
3-The Family Affair (Made in Savannah Cozy Mystery Series)
4-Waves of Deception (Samantha Rite Mystery Series)
5-Grandkids Gone Wild (Garden Girls Cozy Mysteries Series)
6-Deadly Delivery (Cruise Ship Cozy Mysteries Series)
*****Plus Bonus Short Story “Teepees & Trailer Parks”*****

Book 1- Family, Friends, and Foes

Mere hours before she’s set to marry the man of her dreams, Millie Sanders receives a hand delivered note from a family member that could threaten her wedding plans as well as her future as Assistant Cruise Director onboard “Siren of the Seas.”

To make matters worse, Captain Armati tells her that their upcoming dream honeymoon on the island of Saint-Martin is in jeopardy because of two mysterious deaths at the all-inclusive resort, owned by his close friend, Regan Leclerc. Millie quickly realizes something more sinister is afoot and a serial killer may be on the loose.

When Regan’s wife, Nadia, begs Millie for her help in solving the string of deaths that are plaguing the resort, the duo decides they must move quickly to track down the killer or face the possibility of becoming the killer’s next victims.

Book 2-Fall Girl

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, the townsfolk of Belhaven are busy preparing for the upcoming feast with friends and family.

When a body is discovered in the vacant farmhouse across the street from Gloria Rutherford’s place, Gloria is horrified to think that someone…a killer, is on the loose.

Things go from bad to worse when she discovers that the body found in the house is none other than her best friend, Lucy Carlson’s ex-boyfriend.

The police uncover evidence that points to Lucy as the murderer and possibly Gloria as an accomplice. Police are hot on Lucy’s trail and the lead investigator is gunning for her arrest.

Can Gloria track down the real killer before it’s too late? Or will Lucy take the fall and spend Thanksgiving in the slammer?


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“Key Lime Crime – A Cozy Mystery: Sunny Shores Mysteries Book 1” by Cassie Rivers

Key Lime Crime cover

Key Lime Crime – A Cozy Mystery: Sunny Shores Mysteries Book 1

by Cassie Rivers

Genre: Cozy/Mystery/Inspirational/Culinary/Crafts & Hobbies

FREE at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

Revenge is sweet…and best served cold.

Kara Summers returned to her hometown of Sunny Shores, Florida to start her own food truck business. Little did she know, her summer would start off with a bang…literally.

A propane explosion caused the Mama Mia Food truck to flame up, with the owner inside. The police ruled it an accident, but Kara discovers evidence to the contrary. Her inquisitive nature, along with her love for mysteries, won’t let her rest until she uncovers the truth.

Unfortunately, the truth hits a little too close to home.

Key Lime Crime is book one in the Sunny Shores mystery series that is set in the fictional town of Sunny Shores, Florida. Each book in the series is a light-hearted cozy stand-alone story with no cliffhangers. All ages can enjoy the stories because they have no swearing, naughty content, or graphic violence.

So, what are you waiting for?

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