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“The Sweet Taste of Murder: An Angel Lake Mystery (Walking Calamity Cozy Mystery Book 1)” by CeeCee James

Sweet taste of Murder cover

The Sweet Taste of Murder: An Angel Lake Mystery (Walking Calamity Cozy Mystery Book 1)

by CeeCee James

Genre: Cozy/Mystery/Culinary

99¢ at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

After a scandalous divorce, Elise returns from the big city to her southern home town. As she tries to get back on her feet, she discovers she has a new friend– a stray cat who’s decided to adopt her.

Life seems to be shaping up when she trips over the body of the town playboy. He leaves behind a heap of trouble that includes missing money, missing pets, and mourning lovers, and the suspects just keep piling up.

Caught in her own drama, Elise is quick to wash her hands of it, until her best friend, Lavina, winds up as the number one suspect.

Can Elise clear her friend’s name without ending up as the next one dead? Or are her friendship blinders keeping her from seeing the truth?

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“Cozy Mystery 7 Book Set: Cats, Cupcakes and Killers” by Sylvia Selfman, Leigh Selfman

Cats, Cupcakes and Killers cover

Cozy Mystery 7 Book Set: Cat, Cupcakes and Killers

by Sylvia Selfman, Leigh Selfman

Genre: Cozy/Mystery/Culinary/Anthology

99¢ at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

“When I was reading this book and laughing my husband asked me what I was reading. I told him this book is like Jessica Fletcher and Lucille Ball thrown together.”

“Twists and turns keep the reader guessing until the end. I loved it, you will, too.”



**** We’ve also added our very favorite recipes – Get all 7 of these fun, humorous cozy mystery books for Free on Kindle Unlimited.****

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“Marigolds and Murder (Port Danby Cozy Mystery Book 1)” by London Lovett

Marigolds and Murder cover

Marigolds and Murder (Port Danby Cozy Mystery Book 1)

by London Lovett

Genre: Cozy & Mystery/Culinary/Animals/Crafts & Hobbies

FREE at time of posting!

Lacey ‘Pink’ Pinkerton has left behind a six figure job and her reputation as the million dollar nose–a nickname her super sense of smell earned her within the perfume industry. With her pet crow Kingston and a tabby cat named Nevermore, she is settling right into her new life in the small coastal town of Port Danby. With a flower shop opening soon and a full cast of quirky neighbors and friends, her new digs are exactly what she’s been looking for. Away from the hectic hustle and bustle of the city Lacey has found peace and happiness. However, her heightened sense of smell proves to be of use once again when a Port Danby neighbor turns up dead. Lacey finds herself caught up in an unexpected murder investigation alongside the handsome local detective, James Briggs. She’s determined to find the killer and solve the murder mystery before any more bodies turn up.

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“Murder at Stake (Old School Diner Cozy Mysteries Book 1)” by Constance Barker

Murder at Stake cover

Murder at Stake (Old School Diner Cozy Mysteries Book 1)

by Constance Barker

Genre: Cozy/Mystery/Culinary/Dark Comedy

FREE at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

A Stake Through the Heart

When a tornado hits the town of Paint Creek, more than rubble is discovered. One of the regulars at the Old School Diner is found with a stake to the heart. Is the stake from his collapsed barn, or as a couple of conspiracy theorists from the diner speculate…that the dear departed was indeed a vampire and there is a vampire hunter among them. Find out what happens in this new hilarious mystery series where the owner, Mercy, has her hands full with a colorful cast of characters.

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“Lexie Starr Cozy Mysteries Boxed Set (A Lexie Starr Mystery)” by Jeanne Glidewell

Lexie Starr cover

Lexie Starr Cozy Mysteries Boxed Set (A Lexie Starr Mystery)

by Jeanne Glidewell

Genre: Mystery & Suspense/Cozy/Culinary/Animals

99¢ at time of posting!

Join widowed library assistant and amateur sleuth Lexie Starr on her first three encounters with mayhem, murder, and a potential suitor.

Book 1: Lexie Starr accidentally discovers that her new son-in-law may be guilty of murdering his first wife. Then Lexie’s daughter, Wendy, disappears.

Book 2: At the Grand Opening of a local B&B, the Historical Society’s president is found murdered in the inn’s grandest suite, and Lexie, much to the owner’s chagrin, horns her way in on the investigation.

Book 3: Lexie Starr has converted her boyfriend’s B&B into a haunted house for Halloween. But when a young college student is found truly dead in the makeshift coffin in the parlor, Lexie fears for her boyfriend’s business and sets out to solve the murder.


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“Cat Got Your Corpse (A Hazel Hart Cozy Mystery Six)” by Louise Lynn


Cat Got Your Corpse (A Hazel Hart Cozy Mystery Six)

by Louise Lynn

Genre: Cozy/Mystery/Culinary/Hobbies & Crafts

99¢ at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

Hazel Hart can’t stay out of trouble.

With Hazel’s dad back in Cedar Valley for the summer, they resume their camping trip tradition. Hazel wants nothing but a relaxing vacation with plenty of opportunities to photograph the local wildlife, but she stumbles across a dead big game hunter instead!

It looks like the work of a mountain lion, but Hazel isn’t so sure. Foul play is written all over it, and her vacation turns into a race against time to find the killer—especially since her father is a prime suspect for the crime.

Can Hazel clear her father’s name and find the murderer before it’s too late?

A feel-good, cozy mystery about a quirky photographer and her black cat solving mysteries in Cedar Valley, a small town in the Sierra Nevada mountains. This book does not contain any cliffhangers, gore, graphic scenes, or foul language. It can be read as a standalone or as part of a series.

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“Barbecue, Bourbon and Bullets: A HoneyBun Shop Mystery (HoneyBun Shop Mysteries Book 2)” by M.E. Harmon


Barbecue, Bourbon and Bullets: A HoneyBun Shop Mystery (HoneyBun Shop Mysteries Book 2)

by M.E. Harmon

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, & Suspense/Cozy/Culinary/Short Story

FREE at time of posting!

Revenge is a dish best served…smoking hot with a side of spicy fries.

HoneyBun shop owner, Ali Daniels, is in the middle of a date with a deliciously handsome police detective at the hottest NYC barbecue restaurant — when the owner is shot in the middle of a busy kitchen.

There’s no gun. There are no witnesses.

Ali can’t resist a good mystery to solve and decides to help the investigation along. But as she attempts to smoke out the culprit, it’s Ali who risks being scorched by a red, hot killer.

This cozy-mystery is a fun short book for readers who love an amateur, woman, sleuth.


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