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“I Love to Keep My Room Clean” by Shelley Admont


I Love to keep My Room Clean (I Love to… Bedtime Stories Children’s Books Collection Book 5

by Shelley Admont, Sonal Goyal (Illustrator), Sumit Sakhuja (Illustrator)

Genre: Children/Early Learning/Beginning Reader

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Kids are masters of mess-making, especially in their rooms! How can you teach them to take care of their playthings and to keep things tidy?

This children’s book will motivate the kids to take responsibility and keep their room organized.

Follow along as little bunny Jimmy and his brothers learn their lesson in this picture book. They learn to work together, clean up their room, and organize their toys. Once they finish, they finally have room for more fun and understand how important it is to keep their room clean.

This book is the part of the collection of short bedtime stories for children.

It is suitable as a read-aloud book for preschoolers at bedtime or a self-read book for older children.

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“Harry the Whale Loses His Red Bag” by Tasha Hale

Harry the Whale cover

Harry the Whale Lose His Red bag

by Tasha Hale

Genre: Children/Early Learning/Beginning Readers

99¢ at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!


     This is one of the cute, lovely and sweet stories and contains a valuable moral lesson about effort, solidarity and friendship.

     I hope you and your child will like it too.


One morning, just as Harry the little whale did every day,

He woke up and went on his way.

He quickly swam to the nearby coral reef,

Harry looked at its beauty and never wanted to leave.

He brought his small red bag, it was his favorite thing,

Harry tied it up on one of his fins with a string.

The whale used the little baggie to collect,

He picked rocks and shiny pearls; anything he’d select.

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“The Snail Who Forgot the Mail” by Sigal Adler

Snail Who Forgot the Mail cover

The Snail Who Forgot the Mail (Bedtime & Dreaming Fiction Children’s Books Book 1)

by Sigal Adler

Genre: Children’s eBooks/Early Learning/Basic Concepts/Sense & Sensation

99¢ at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

Teach your child patience !!!
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“You forgot the mail?!?!”
The king yelled at the snail.
But the snail stayed as calm as could be.
He was not afraid of the king, you see.
He knew where the gift was; he knew what to do.
The monsters learned that patience pays off too.

We are all familiar with the phenomenon of children wanting everything “here and now”. This story describes just such a situation. I hope you and your children will enjoy it and learn from it.


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“Books for kids 2-4: Penny’s First Day At School (Children’s, Kids, Preschool Books Book 1)” by Leela Hope

#FREE August 30th Only!

“Books for kids 2-4: Penny’s First Day At School (Children’s, Kids, Preschool Books Book 1)

Genre: Children’s Books/Early Learning/Beginning Reader

Release Date: August 24, 2017

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Teach your children to be proud of who they are.
Penny is excited to be starting her first day of school, but all the other

children think that she’s too tall and tease her for it. Will the children accept her for being a little bit different?
Perfect for early readers, this children’s storybook teaches your children:

• To be nice
• To be proud of who they are
• That appearances shouldn’t matter
• Everyone is different

Penny’s First Day At School is a wonderful bedtime story for all ages and is told through

rhyming verses and colorful illustrations.

This storybook helps your child develop their reading skills in a fun and exciting adventure.

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