“Burn Bright” by Bec McMaster

Brn Bright cover

Burn Bright

by Bec McMaster

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy/Mythology & Folk Tales/Fairy Tales

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A handsome prince. A dangerous wolf shifter. And a quest to hunt a mythical Firebird…

Neva Bane knows better than to enter the Gravenwold Woods. Monsters and witches lurk there, and those who enter don’t come out.

But when a handsome young prince arrives in her village, on a quest to hunt the Firebird within the woods, Neva has no choice but to guide him—or see her ailing father forced to do so instead.

The king is dying. The only thing that can save him is the heart of the Firebird. But the deeper into the forest they go, the more Neva learns about the Firebird’s secrets… Neva must sabotage the hunt if she’s to prevent a magical war, but her only potential allies are a wolf shifter who drives her crazy, and a witch with an agenda of her own.

Can Neva save her world from the darkness they’ve unleashed—or is it too late?

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“Unhappily Ever After: A Fairy Tale for Grown-ups” by Lucinda E. Clarke

Unhappily Ever After cover

Unhappily Ever After: A Fairy Tale for Grown-ups

by Lucinda E. Clarke

Genre: Fantasy/Fairy Tales/Fairy Tale Mashups/Satire

99¢ at time of posting!

Fairyland is in chaos. It is nearly time for the Grand Royal Annual Ball and Cinderella, has had enough of Prince Charming and desperate to get a divorce – as long as she can continue to enjoy her current standard of living. Harold and Snow White quarrel over his philandering and her refusal to go where every woman has gone before. Augustus also has a problem, his wife Sleeping Beauty is making up for lost time, producing 28 children, and he can’t meet the household bills. There is a dearth of suitable princes for the available spinster princesses and the annual festivities are held for that very reason. There is friction between Ermintrude the Fairy godmother by Royal Appointment and Featherduster who favours the proletariat. Into all this turmoil, the Green Giant arrives, sent by the ‘Party’ to ferment an uprising among the downtrodden peasants who appear quite happy as they are and not interested in anything he has to say – unless he can provide them with TV sets. A non-politically correct tale much closer to the truth than anything you have ever seen on the movies.

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“Will of the Hill” by Marshall Cobb

Will of the Hill cover

Will of the Hill

by Marshall Cobb

Genre: Children/Growing Up/Fairy Tales & Folk Tales/Science Fiction/Dysfunctional Relationships

FREE at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

Secrets, dysfunctional friendships, a girl who wants destroy him-or is in love with him–what’s a boy to do?

Will wants nothing more than quiet time to read his comic books. Unfortunately, between the mountain he must conquer every day to get to school, the teacher who is out to get him, and the girl who wants to ruin his life, his time is anything but quiet.

Humorous, fun, adventure!


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“How to be a good friend: Right things to do if someone is sad (“Emotion of sadness” Bedtimes Story Children’s Picture Book Book 1)” by Betty Neal

Good Friend cover

How to be a good friend: Right things to do if someone is sad (“Emotion of sadness” Bedtimes Story Children’s Picture Book Bk1)

by Betty Neal

Genre: Children/Emotions & Feelings/Fairy Tales, Folk Tales & Myths/Dragons

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Purpose of the book
Often children from 0 to 5 years do not think that other people also have feelings. Because of this, they may not notice that someone is sad. And even if they do notice, they often do not know how to react to it.

I wrote this book in order to arouse sympathy in a child. Reading the book, the child empathizes with the protagonist. The book causes specific emotions in a child. And when a child experiences these emotions, it gets easier to teach him something important.

The main results of the book.
When you read this book with your children, they will learn to:
– distinguish the basic emotions of sadness and joy
– support a friend in a difficult situation
– use the right words and phrases to support a friend in real life
– do not leave a friend in need, and pay attention to the fact that someone is sad
– be a true friend

This story will help the child to build relationships with parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents, and other relatives and friends.

Features of the book:
– The main characters of the book: Dragon Debbie – the favorite character of all children, and the boy Elvis – the guy who supported Dragon Debbie at a difficult moment
– stunning illustration on every page that immerse the child in the story
– illustrations perfectly convey the emotions of the characters, and this helps the child to feel what the heroes of the book feel.
– at the end of the book, there is a moral – what the child will endure after reading the book
– the book is written by a professional psychologist with 10 years of experience working with children

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“The Miraculous Toy: This fairy tale is for children and adults. An English language version” by Dmitri Dancheyev

Miraculous Toy cover

The Miraculous Toy: This fairy tale is for children and adults. An English language version

by Dmitri Dancheyev, Joseph Lowe (Illustrator), Bella Pliskina (Translator

Genre: Children/Fairy Tales

99¢ at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

An ordinary boy has the fortune of hearing a story about a magical fairy and her miracles. Is it a dream or is it reality?

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“Once Upon A Rebel Fairytale”

Rebel Fairtale cover

Once Upon A Rebel Fairytale

Genre: Fairy Tales/Folk Tales/Mythology/Fantasy

99¢ at time of posting! (Verify price before purchasing!)

Cinderella has a dark secret. The Little Mermaid loses more than her voice. And Little Red Riding Hood isn’t so little anymore.

Join our heroes and heroines as they travel through the underworld to Mars, rescue damsels in distress, and battle deadly foes in ONCE UPON A REBEL FAIRYTALE, a limited edition collection of beloved stories from today’s bestselling authors.

Inside these pages, you’ll find 25 action-packed fairytale retellings that rebel against tradition, from dark and gritty paranormal romances to sexy and thrilling supernatural fantasies.

The princesses, queens, kings, and villains of your childhood return in these adrenaline-spiking spins on your favorite bedtime tales.

But reader beware: these fairytales are not for the faint of heart.

Featuring stories from:

New York Times bestselling author, Jamie Campbell
Tate James writing with C.M. Stunich
G. Bailey
USA Today bestselling author Ivy Quinn writing with Megan Hussey
USA Today bestselling Carysa Locke writing with Lucy Smoke-Author
USA Today bestselling author, Isra Sravenheart
RITA Award Winner Sharon Ashwood
Liz Gavin
Mary E. Twomey
Russell Nohelty
Adrienne Woods
Erin West writing with Nicole Kelley
Helen Scott
Stephanie Morris
Madeline Freeman
Sadie Carter
India Kells
Cailin Briste
Elle Middaugh
Tigris Eden writing with Misha Elliott
Caroline A. Gill
Siera London
Grace White
Rebekah R. Ganiere
Chrishaun Keller-Hanna

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“Closed at Dark: A Novella (The Soren Chase Series)” by Rob Blackwell


Closed at Dark: A Novella (The Soren Chase Series)

by Rob Blackwell

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy/Paranormal & Urban/Mythology & Folklore/Fairy Tales

FREE at time of posting!

When a mysterious creature targets a young boy, only paranormal investigator Soren Chase can stop it. But can Soren save the boy in time?

For Soren, the case is personal. The boy’s father was John Townes, Soren’s best friend who died in a supernatural attack several years earlier. Soren will do anything to save John’s son, but he must act fast. Because the kidnapper has a mission of his own, and he’s willing to destroy anyone who gets in his way…

A prequel to the full-length novel The Forest of Forever, Closed at Dark is a self-contained novella that can be enjoyed by anyone who loves urban fantasy, mystery and suspense.

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