“Rapture (The Immortal Chronicles Book 4)” by Sloane Murphy #PreOrder




Rapture (The Immortal Chronicles Book 4) by Sloane Murphy is releasing on Sept 29th!

#Paranormal #Fantasy #Vampires #Fae #Wolves #YoungAdult

I never wanted to lie to her, but I knew I couldn’t keep her safe if she knew. I hurt her, more than I ever wanted to and I have to live with that each day that I’m away from her. But one day she’ll know, that every day spent away from her was hell.

Watching her move on.

Watching her change.

But it will all be worth it once she’s safe.

Even if she doesn’t know it, she is my Rapture.


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“The Toren: Cruel Mercy (The Toren Series, Book 2)” by Lola St Vil

New Release!

The Toren cover

“The Toren: Cruel Mercy (The Toren Series, Book 2)

Genre: Paranormal & Fantasy/Romance/YA

Release Date: September 16, 2017

#1 New Release in Teen & Young Adult Paranormal & Urban Fantasy Romance eBooks

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The Toren team is still reeling from their last assignment when they learned that they will need to set out on yet another dangerous mission. This time the team is forced to enter the place that even death fears. And in the midst of their perilous adventure, the team discovers a shocking secret about one of its members. In addition, things between Summit and Lucas take an unexpected, heartbreaking turn. Summit has longed for a family her whole life, but now that she has it, it may once again get taken away. In the end, the team may lose their tight bond and worst—their lives…



“Magdalena Gottschalk: The Crooked Trail” by M. Gail Grant #ExcerptReveal


As she held the lantern up over her head, she could see old carvings on the cave walls. She raised her hand to touch one of the walls and noticed a strong dampness in the stone. It was cold and damp to the touch. She wondered if there was a good bit of water behind the rock causing all the dampness. But, then again, as dark and hidden as the cave was in the coolest section of the woods they had so far discovered, it didn’t really surprise her.

Magdalena happened to notice a second lantern a few feet from where she was standing and asked Gabriel to grab the lantern and light it. Maybe with two lanterns, there would be enough light to get a better view of the cave drawings. Curiosity was in overdrive now. It was the same kind of curiosity that would leave her teachers scrambling crazy by the end of the school day. She continued to study the cave walls waiting on Gabriel. The carvings felt as though they had been etched very deeply into the rock.

Meanwhile, Hubert stood in the cave entrance chanting something over and over that sounded like, “Lord, help me, please. Get me out of here. I won’t eat everything ever again. I promise!”

Gabriel had just finished lighting the second lantern and walked over to stand right behind Magdalena. He stood looking over her shoulder as she was crunched down trying to get a better view of the drawings. She squinted her eyes as her brain was trying to process what she was looking at, and then it came to her. The drawings seemed to resemble some sort of sacrifice, which seemed so odd to her in this day and time. Did those things really exist back in the day? Especially in or near a small, quaint town like Lily Brooke. She had always assumed that sacrificial rituals were something that really only happened in scary mystery books or horror movies. Of course, these things didn’t happen in real life. Was this her mind trying to calm her nerves or the shock of what was in front of her own eyes causing denial?

Gabriel and Hubert must have realized what the drawings were resembling about the same time as Magdalena because as she turned around to speak, she was face to face with four very frightened eyeballs. Hubert had decided to move in closer to get a good look. Boy, he was really regretting it, at the moment. Scary woods, crooked paths, cold temperatures and breezes, shrill ringing noises, cave drawings resembling rituals, and mumbling ghostly voices. Hubert was now praying out loud.

“God, please, please take us home. Please let me never remember this place again. God, please make Magdalena decide to leave this place before we get eaten alive, or worse!”



About the Book

Title: Magdalena Gottschalk: The Crooked Trail

Author: M. Gail Grant

Genre: YA Fantasy

The enchanted secret of Lily Brooke was safe and sound until Magdalena and her thirteen-year-old friends accidentally unleashed the revengeful demons of the past. How were they supposed to know that a friendly expedition in the woods on a stress-free Saturday morning would lead to the most intense and scary moments of their lives? So many mysterious happenings have occurred ever since they found that crooked trail leading to the sacrificial cave, and hidden monstrosity of a treehouse. With the chanting voices and shrill noises that only Magdalena could hear, the friends decide there is something sinister living amongst them. Time is of the essence to save Lily Brooke and their childhood club, the Mystical Alliance of Lily Brooke, knows it is up to them to capture the demons hiding in their community and set the town free. Witches, wizards, and some black magic may just be what it takes for Magdalena and her best friends to save the day.


Author Bio

Melinda Gail resides in Canton, Georgia with her three daughters, husband of over twenty years, and two adorable fur babies. Surrounded by the north Georgia mountains, the scenery provides for inspirational settings for her novels. Being raised in the south, she brings a little southern flair and tradition to her characters, all the while remembering the adventurous nature of middle grades to young adult age children. With a passion for the extraordinary and imagination, Melinda hopes you enter a world of fantasy as you see life through the eyes of the characters.

Writing has always been her underlying passion in life. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, and a minor in Sociology, she felt understanding and studying human behavior on the individual and collective level, would apply to anything and everything chosen to do in life. Identified as being a strong writer for her age at the time, she attended a summer literary writer’s camp around age twelve. She flourished and loved every moment of the experience and it has stayed with her throughout adulthood.

The desire to write has always been an integral part of who Melinda is, and about eight months ago she decided it was time. Having always been an avid reader of topics from intense young adult fantasy and thrillers, to light hearted summer romances, she chose juvenile to young adult ages for her book. In middle school summers, she would stay up to the wee hours of the morning reading because she just couldn’t put the book down. This basic idea, not being able to put a book down, is the principal she built on while writing Magdalena Gottschalk: The Crooked Trail. It has moments of ease, moments of intensity, moments of humor, striving to offer some of her own personality in her writings. There is a time for sweetness, a time for seriousness, and always a time for kindness and life lessons. Her style isn’t made up. It is simply who she is, on paper.


For author signed paperback and hardcover editions: http://www.MelindaGailBooks.com





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“Hunted (A Jonathan Harker Novel)” by Christopher Draven

Hunted banner

Hunted front cover

Title: Hunted: A Jonathan Harker Novel

Author: Christopher Draven

Genre: Paranormal Thriller / Urban Fantasy

Slinging Spells with Broken Ribs Isn’t Easy

Jonathan Harker, mage and life-long demon hunter, wakes to find himself tied to a chair and severely wounded. His captor, a demon in service to a summoner who wants Harker alive.

Armed with impossibly powerful magic and a gang of demon toughs, the summoner has snared Harker in a deadly trap. Nothing is ever easy, and being new in town has left Harker with few allies. However, with help from a Fortune-Teller named Clover and a self-described “Kitchen Witch” named Momma Dee, Harker fights back.

To prevail, Harker must walk unprepared into a pit of demons and black magic – and come out alive on the other side.

Author Bio

Christopher DravenChristopher Draven has worked as an instructional designer, newspaper journalist, and ghostwriter.

One soggy Monday morning, he committed to leaving behind the soul-stealing work of corporate puppetry and escaped to a meadow where he could concentrate on his passion. Since that fateful day, Christopher has focused on learning the craft of fiction.


Print – https://www.amazon.com/dp/1547126868/

eBook – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071NZC3Z9/


twitter: @writerdraven

email: info@christopherdraven.com



“The Peacock Door” by Wanda Kay Knight #ExcerptReveal

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TPD cover


Book Excerpts

Grizzles and Lola:

He hobbled and wobbled when he walked as though sharp tacks protruded from the floor; his shoulders were hunched, and his head bent forward; he was ancient, no doubt about it—he was an ancient, old man. Giant folds and wrinkles covered his face; his white hair fell in large loopy whorls about his head, and they might have redeemed the face if it were not for the huge bulbous nose and the tiny squinty eyes. But the part they noticed the most was the fingers; gnarled, wrinkled fingers with long, yellowed talons for fingernails.

He twisted around and snarled at them; his raspy voice interrupted by his own heavy, noisy breathing, “Can’t you see that I am busy? I don’t like people, and I especially don’t like children. I ate the last child that came here.” He picked his tooth with a dirty fingernail. “What do you want?”


 Icy Stone Steps:

A full moon had risen in the cobalt sky casting a bluish glow over the icy, snow-swept mountainside, illuminating the entire hamlet. Icicles dangled from the steep, high pitched roofs of cottages nestling here and there, jumbled together at odd angles wherever the mountainside allowed. Jagged, ice covered stone steps, cut into the mountainside, curved up and around the icicle laden cottages until finally reaching a summit—a high, flat plateau. And it was on that plateau—high overhead and overshadowing the village—that a Citadel, a snow-covered stone fortress—overwhelming with its massive and imposing presence—rose up out of the mountain as though etched and carved from the rock itself.

They stood exhaling puffs of frosty mist; entranced by the ethereal beauty of their snow laden destination and shocked by the terrible price they must pay to get there. Finally realizing the price for warmth and comfort for the night so they would have an audience with the Oracle tomorrow was a midnight climb up jagged icy stone steps tonight. It was foreboding and frigid; it was ethereal and sublime.

“We can do this,” Eleanor whispered. She slipped over and laid one arm on Ivan’s shoulder and the other on Tilly’s. Addison silently reached down grabbing Brody’s hand—and he let her do it. Claire moved over to stand beside Levi who had taken Esmé back into his own arms. He smiled a grim smile, and then he turned, planting his foot on the first jagged, icy stone step as each of the cousins formed a silent line behind him, breathing in the cold, frosty air, and preparing to follow.

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Title: The Peacock Door

Author: Wanda Kay Knight

Genre: Middle-Grade Fantasy

In a magical tale of adventure, eight cousins sneak through forbidden treehouse doors, only to find themselves separated from each other and lost in strange worlds. In their quests to return home, they must unravel mysteries, escape snares and villains, find one another, and search for the elusive Oracle. The Peacock Door is a rich story of camaraderie, loyalty, love, and determination with a bit whimsy sprinkled throughout.

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Author Bio

Wanda Kay Knight lives in the Pacific Northwest, teaches literature, strives really hard to keep up with her adventurous/competitive family, makes things out of yarn (mainly unique hats), enjoys collecting pretty rocks, and writes a lot.


Website: www.thepeacockdoor.com

Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VAx9k2_2eU

Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVRFqy5_hko&t=30s

Email address: wandakayknight@thepeacockdoor.com

My personal email: wkayknight@gmail.com


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“12 Magical Nights of Christmas Anthology” #CoverReveal


Savor the sexy, explore the mystical, and experience the whimsical enchantment in these never before published stories!

Christmas is a time for wonder and giving! Experience the magic of Christmas with these 12 tales of fantasy, passion, and romance, and discover what gifts true love can bring!

Brought to you by New York Times, USA Today, And Award-Winning Bestselling Authors!

Julia Mills, Tami Lund, Heather Marie Adkins, C.D. Gorri, P.T. Macias, P. Mattern, Yolanda Olson, Ariel Marie, Savannah Morgan, Amanda Kimberley, Heather Kirchhoff, Aimee Shaye.

Featuring Shifters, Dragons, Werewolves, Bears, Vampires, and more!

*All Proceeds go to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital

Dragon Got Run Over By A Reindeer by Julia Mills

The holidays only come once a year, but this crazy couple plans to make it last forever.

Take one dragon racing around the North Pole…

Add a reindeer who refuses to be tamed…

Mix in the outrageous antics of an elf who hates the snow …

And you’ve got a holiday tale of thrills, chills and more than a little snow-melting fun.

Put on your feety pajamas, grab a cup of hot cocoa and gather around the fire while our dashing hero and trusty cohorts race to save the holidays and in the process, find a happily ever after they didn’t know they were looking for, all neatly wrapped in shiny paper with a bright red bow.

The holidays only come once a year, but this crazy couple plans to make it last forever. After all, not even Fate stays home for the holidays.

Stalker Links: Twitter: https://twitter.com/JuliaMills623

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JLakeMills/

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7200721.Julia_Mills

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Julia-Mills/e/B00GRJ1F7U

Website: http://www.juliamillsauthor.com/

Blog: http://www.juliamillsauthor.com/blog

Gift of the Gods by Tami Lund

Some gifts are worth waiting for.

He’s a pauper. She’s a princess.

Ten years ago, he spent three months in a dungeon, punishment for kissing her. He’s never forgotten the experience—or her.

Now, they’re stuck together in a cottage in the woods, during a snowstorm, days before Christmas, when she’s to become betrothed to another. They can’t have forever, but what’s the harm in taking advantage of tonight?

Stalker Links: Twitter: https://twitter.com/TamiLundAuthor

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorTamiLund/

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Tami-Lund/e/B00AXJH5MY

Newsletter: http://www.subscribepage.com/Tami_Lund

Blog: http://tamilund.com/tamis-thoughts/

Solstice Magick by Heather Marie Adkins

She doesn’t want anything to do with a soulmate, but he’s determined to convince her otherwise.

Tradition dictates the young soulmates of Calasia will meet at the Yule Ball in their 18th year, and spend the next year-and-a-day alone together, preparing for the rest of their lives. If they choose to part on the next solstice, they will never know another true love.

Lorelei Coine doesn’t want anything to do with a magicked marriage. She’s in line to take the throne, and she would be content to do it by herself. But the man magick has destined for her is determined to convince her otherwise…

Stalker Links: Twitter: http://twitter.com/hmarieadkins

Facebook: http://facebook.com/heathermarieadkinsauthor

Goodreads: http://goodreads.com/heathermarieadkins

Website, Blog, Newsletter: http://heathermarieadkinsauthor.com

The Dragon’s Christmas Gift by C.D. Gorri

His heart is frozen, can she change his mind about love?

Alexsander Falk is content to let his heart grow as cold as the ice he breathes in Dragon form. When his newlywed brother calls him home to Castle-sit during the holiday season, he reluctantly agrees. Unaware that he’s to host a Christmas party for the local teen outreach program.

Noelle Gifford is the new owner-operator of Tasty Events. She’s been contracted to cater the party at the newly remodeled home on Beach Drive, aptly named Castle Falk.

She is determined to be her bright and best for her client! But what’s a girl to do with a Sexy Scrooge who refuses to listen to any of her ideas?

Stalker Links: Twitter: https://twitter.com/cgor22

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Cdgorribooks/

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7899700.C_D_Gorri

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/C.D.-Gorri/e/B00IS7820W

Website, Blog, & Newsletter: http://www.cdgorri.com

The Dragon’s Magical Gift by P.T. Macias

The Dragon’s Magical Gift by P.T. Macias

Blurb: TBA

Stalker Links: Twitter: https://twitter.com/pt_macias

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/P.T.MaciasAuthorPage/

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6035548.P_T_Macias

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B008B0EYWQ

Website: http://www.ptmaciasbooks.com/

12 Magical Nights of Bedevilment : My Demon Lover by P.Mattern

“It was her father’s debt……but Princess Calista has the Devil to pay!”

“The last thing newly jilted Princess Calista is in the mood for is a holiday romance. But when her King father loses her in a high stakes game of cards she must confront both a dangerous stranger and her own unawakened dark desires.”

Stalker Links: Twitter: https://twitter.com/MatternPatricia

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FullMoonSeries/

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/P.-Mattern/e/B00O5VCQ16

Underneath a Fallen Sky by Yolanda Olson

Blurb & Tagline: TBA

Stalker Links: Twitter: https://twitter.com/SymphonyYolanda

Facebook: facebook.com/yolandasendlesswords

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6941335.Yolanda_Olson

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Yolanda-Olson/e/B009OEABAC/

A Beary Christmas by Ariel Marie

Will her secret destroy their chance for love everlasting?

Librarian Kendra Sexton wants to make a good impression. New to town and hopeful she’ll be accepted by the local bear clan, she has her work cut out for her. But it’s not the work that worries her the most. It’s her long-held secret that could destroy her chances of having any semblance of a relationship with anyone… ever.

Future alpha Rocco Brink needs a mate. The Prime Grizzlies clan dictates that he finds his mate and produces heirs, but he’s not inclined to settle for just anyone. With an exhaustible list of must-have traits, no one believes he’ll ever find the one. That is until the night of his family’s annual Christmas party. One sweet scent and he’s sure he’s met his future.

All the pieces in place for the perfect union, Rocco is ready to claim his mate. But when Kendra’s past catches up with her, their plan for a happily ever after is left hanging in the balance.

Will her secret destroy their chance for love everlasting?

*A Beary Christmas is a sweet holiday paranormal novella by Author Ariel Marie that will tug at heartstrings and make readers root for love, romance, and a lifetime of undeniable passion to keep them warm all winter long.

Stalker Links: Twitter: https://twitter.com/the_ArielMarie

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorarielmarie/

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/13904978.Ariel_Marie

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Ariel-Marie/e/B00WB1SBFC

Newsletter: http://www.thearielmarie.com/contact

Wrapped in Magick by Savannah Morgan

A love sanctioned by the Gods or a dynasty mired in a new threat, Alpha female Lexie Wolfe has 12 days wrapped in Majick to decide which is her true path.

Lexie planned to train her new S&R team over Christmas. When Aidan, her brother and Alpha, requests she take his place as host at the Alpha Summit she cannot refuse. Being the only female born to any pack in the last 200 years, Lexie knows this summit is too important to cancel.

As pack beta, Evan Keegan knows the importance of this summit and offers to head Lexie’s protection detail. He’s waited nearly a century for the headstrong, young, Alpha female and isn’t about to send her into the wolf’s den full of unmated wolves alone.

Mateo Gurrero is on the hunt for a mate and is at the summit to see if the legendary last female of his kind, Alexandra Wolfe, is the one. He desires a mated alliance with Aidan Wolfe and his Pacific Northwest Pack, and has vowed to see it through. The fate of his pack is too important to leave to the whims of the Gods.

During the summit, a true mating is revealed as a new threat rises that could destroy the packs once and for all. Lexie has twelve days wrapped in majick to decide which path is her true destiny.

Stalker Links: Twitter: https://twitter.com/AuthorSavvyM

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Author-Savannah-Morgan-227175397443904/

Goodreads: http://bit.ly/2fYXsUj

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Savannah-Morgan/e/B00GU0J4WE

Newsletter: http://author-savannahmorgan.us11.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=919a6a5748fafb37a0a9dd1bd&id=e1ab10f8a1

Blog: http://savannahsthoughtgarden.blogspot.com/

The Cure by Amanda Kimberley

Cures sometimes have a bite.

When Annabel needs a cure for her terminal illness it comes from the most unlikely place, she finds it in Chance.

Stalker Links: Twitter: https://twitter.com/KimberleyLB

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authoramandakimberley/

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/…/5823632.Amanda_Kimberley_LB_

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Amanda-Kimberley/e/B00K95ML5S

A Magical Christmas by Heather Kirchhoff

Christmas is supposed to be a magical time.

Christmas is supposed to be a magical time. With joy and holiday cheer spreading, and families gathering around their tree. And let’s not forget the snow glistening on the ground.

Yet Renee can’t get in the Christmas mood. Not with her family doing different things this year. Her older brother won’t come home from college, and her father ran off with his mistress after her mother died.

After seeing her despair, one of her friends decides to give her the surprise of a lifetime.

Stalker Links: Twitter: https://twitter.com/HeatherKirc

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorHeatherKirchhoff/

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/…/show/6579604.Heather_Kirchhoff

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Heather-Kirchhoff/e/B00ED77LEY

Newsletter: http://weebly.us11.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=3fc558069baa1a4f84df498f6&id=9d5c2f25c4

Kiss of Winter by Aimee Shaye

Being enchanted never felt so wicked.

Morrigan Black is not a prize to be won, not by anyone but Cadegan Wolfe anyway. Cadegan had his eyes on Morrigan since the day she ventured through his wolves’ den for shelter during one of the worst snowstorms The Black Forest has ever seen. In a ploy to win the heartless—and probably soulless—Morrigan over, Cadegan decides to gift her three enchanted gifts that are sure to make her fall in love with him. But will they work on another wolf?

Find out in The Kiss of Winter.

Stalker Links: Twitter: www.twitter.com/aimeeshaye

Facebook: www.facebook.com/aimeeshaye08

Amazon: www.amazon.com/author/aimeeshaye

Blog: aimeeshaye.wordpress.com

Website: aimeeshaye.wix.com/aimeeshaye

Preorder Links:

→ Amazon: http://amzn.to/2xC4Ix5

→ Barnes & Noble: http://bit.ly/2jrxPwZ

→ Google Play: http://bit.ly/2wdX1Nm

→ Kobo: http://bit.ly/2x5SziG

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“Ariella’s Escape (Book One of the Stars at Zenith Trilogy)” by Carolee Croft #ExcerptReveal3

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Ariella's Escape banner

Ariella's Escape cover


Ariella was supposed to enter onto the stage to begin the scene. Her hands were trembling, but she took a deep breath and commenced walking towards the low stage. One small step brought her up to Demetrius’ level, and he pretended he had just sighted her.

“What do I see?” he exclaimed, his smooth voice carrying well to the back rows, but not so loud as to be overwhelming. “Are you a spirit? A ghost sent to torment me for my misdeeds? Why do you take on the shape of one so dearly loved, who has too soon departed from this sad earthly abode?”

He had spoken his lines with great conviction, but then, just for a split second, he dropped his act and winked at her with his right eye, unseen by the audience.

Ariella took another couple of steps towards him.

“I am no spirit,” she replied.

“But I received word that you were dead…”

“That is what I wanted everyone to believe. But I did not drown. When I fell in the river, I breathed through a reed and swam away, and then I waited for you to regain your kingdom.”

The audience laughed at this facile explanation for Aurilia still being alive.

“I did so,” Demetrius continued, unfazed, “and I avenged my father’s death. Now we can be together, my beloved.”

He embraced her, and suddenly his mouth was claiming hers, and she nearly forgot where she was. After this, the dialogue ended, and it was all up to them. Ariella was breathless, from the kiss and her nerves. But she buried her face in Demetrius’ long dark hair, determined to carry on.

“We can do this,” he whispered to her.

She squeezed his hand in thanks.

Still hiding her face from the audience, she trailed kisses down his neck. The scent of his skin, which still held whatever perfume it was he had used in the palace, now mingled with sweat and the pine smell of the forest. It enticed her to lick his skin, to lose herself in his kisses and his caresses.

The thought of being watched melted away as passion coursed through her body. She was much more aware of being slowly undressed, the laces of her tunic unwound, of Demetrius removing his silken robe and pressing her against his broad chest.

Title: Ariella’s Escape (Book One of the Stars at Zenith Trilogy)

Author: Carolee Croft

Genre: Epic Fantasy Romance

Ariella had always believed that the life of a warrior should include indulging in wine and men whenever they were on offer… And in Chaldea, the capital of the old empire, they certainly were.

Especially the man she finds in her bedchamber, a slave provided by her hosts to entertain her in any way she wishes.

But when betrayed and surrounded by enemies in a strange land, there is only one man she can trust—the slave who was meant only for her pleasure but is much more than he seems.

Demetrius had been captured in a battle at the age of fifteen, and slavery was all he had known in his adult life. When his chance for freedom comes along, his fate is bound to the noble warrior maiden whose voice and body he cannot resist. Duty calls him to return to his kingdom, but the journey will take him places that will change him forever.

Together, they make their way through a den of thieves and an enchanted elf forest, but the biggest danger of all may be their fiery attraction to each other and the secret that will draw a dividing line between them.

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~Author Bio ~

Enchanted by romance on page and screen, I have always tried to write my own versions of the perfect fairytale. As for real life, I believe I may have already found the man of my dreams, but I still haven’t found the dog of my dreams. Currently, I’m obsessed with Italian greyhounds. I can usually be found enjoying the outdoors or relaxing with a good book on the west coast of Canada.

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