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“The Scale (Martha’s Way Book 1)” by Mika Jolie


The Scale (Martha’s Way Book 1)

by Mika Jolie

Genre: Contemporary Romance

99¢ at time of posting! Limited Time Only! Kindle Unlimited!

There is no scale to measure love. . .

Minka Greene’s life is falling apart, and she doesn’t know where to start with putting it back together.

On top of that, she has to watch her twin sister marry the man she’s been secretly pining over.

What new torment can fate possibly has in store for her?

To her utter mortification, she wakes up naked in Jason Montgomery’s arms.

She’s never going to see him again, right?

Not only is the tall, tattooed-covered, brooding stranger the owner of the inn where the wedding will take place, he’s also the best man.

Everything about him screams out of her league. And yet, he’s made it clear that he wants her in his bed while she’s on the island.

Is this a recipe for disaster or a chance to meet the man of her dreams and find herself along the way?


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“Starlight” (Nightmare Dragons Book 3)” by Terry Bolryder

Starlight cover

Starlight (Nightmare Dragons Book 3)

by Terry Bolryder

Genre: Paranormal Romance/Psychics/Ghosts/Demons & Devils

99¢ at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

Theo Lancaster isn’t just the world’s best surgeon. He’s also a night-stalking monster, a creature of darkness. At least, some of the time. Thanks to his best nurse, Theo has had an ace in the hole for several years now. That is, until she threatens to leave. Only then does he realize she’s much more than just another coworker, and the only human his heart could want.

Ada has had the hots for Dr. Lancaster for a very long time. And who wouldn’t, with his perfect body, striking features and incredible talents? Maybe some people, given his arrogant, aloof personality that pushes everyone away. Which is why she’s leaving before heartache gets the best of her. But to her surprise, Theo seems to have other plans in store.

What starts as a desperate bid to keep his best nurse at his side quickly becomes much more for Theo and Ada as repressed feelings held back for years come rushing out between them, igniting sparks inside the bedroom and out. But foul forces hidden away from humanity are about to break free, offering answers to the Lancasters’ questions about their existence, and endangering everything Theo has ever held dear.

Starlight is the third book in the Nightmare Dragons series. These books contain intense themes, mystery and sexy, tortured shifter heroes who do more than go bump in the night.

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“Dominate Me: Bound to the Billionaire” by Maxi Kane

Dominate Me cover

Dominate me: Bound to the Billionaire

by Maxi Kane

Genre: Women’s Fiction/Contemporary Fiction/Romance

FREE at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

Alex Stone is a self-made billionaire with a secret life. Lora Taylor is a 40-something, divorced mom with an ex-husband who left her for a younger woman. She’s given up on second chances, that is until Alex Stone enters her life. Confident, attractive and successful, Alex is used to being obeyed. Drawn into a world beyond her wildest dreams, Lora must learn the rules of domination in order to be bound to the billionaire. But if she can’t learn to surrender and embrace her deepest desires, she may lose everything.

Loving Alex Stone will demand that she release all her inhibitions and fears. Can she learn to embrace a new life that will require her complete submission?

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“A Lot of Fuss About a Duck” by Elise Lowe

Fuss About a Duck cover

A Lot of Fuss About a Duck: A Heady Cocktail of Love, Friendship and Poolside Shenanigans

by Elise Lowe

Genre: Women’s Fiction/Holidays

99¢ at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

Lauren Liebman, Olivia Johnson and Julia Kettle have been friends since school, but by the time they hit their late-twenties, their lives have gone in different directions. Lauren is newly married but secretly miserable, Olivia is flying high and partying hard, while Julia is underpaid, eternally single and repulsed by her own body.

But everything is about to change.

A girls’ getaway to the South of France unleashes a chain of events that turn their lives upside down…

Lauren struggles to resist temptation, Julia gets swept up in a holiday fling of her own, and Olivia risks losing the only man who has ever mattered to her.

With new romances brewing, old friendships are put to the test.

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“Crouch End Confidential: A Cozy Mystery Collection” by Ellie Campbell

Crouch End cover

Crouch End Confidential: A Cozy Mystery Collection

by Ellie Campbell

Genre: Women’s Fiction/Mystery & Suspense/Women Sleuths

FREE at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

Your chance to buy the three hilarious Crouch End Confidential Cozy Mystery Series in one bargain box set. Follow the misadventures of bored chaotic housewife, Cathy, as she starts out investigating a lipstick-covered love postcard to husband Declan and discovers a talent for exposing murderers and running her own detective agency.

Looking for La La – Cathy, world’s least organized mother, finds her predictable marriage upturned as she investigates a lipstick-covered love postcard sent to husband, Declan. Could Declan really be having an affair? And why do all her friends seem to be hiding secrets? With a handsome artist admirer igniting long-forgotten sparks and the scheming antics of Declan’s new assistant, it’s obvious Cathy’s marriage is in jeopardy. But there is also a killer on the loose.

To Catch a Creeper – Cathy’s brand-new job at a top London advertising agency gets derailed when enemies sabotage her new career. With husband Declan apparently in the throes of a nervous breakdown, she hides her shameful secret with a double life of lies and deception. Meanwhile there’s a burglar, the notorious Crouch End Creeper, terrorising their neighbourhood and Cathy’s attempts to expose him will put more than her own life in danger.

Meddling with Murder – Cathy’s new investigative agency, Crouch End Confidential, is failing badly since she’s too soft to charge their little old lady clients. But just as Declan decides to transplant the whole family to Norfolk, a spate of unexpected cases involving drug-dealing teenagers, vandalism, guns and stolen bikes throw her into some hilarious predicaments, posing as a clueless mathematics tutor and investigating her best friend’s fiancé. Little does she know that her meddling will lead her to murder…


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“Moonstruck” by Heather Young-Nichols

Moonstruck cover


by Heather Young-Nichols

Genre: Paranormal Romance

FREE at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

A woman being forced into a marriage. A shifter searching out his mate. When their two worlds collide, will love be enough to save them?

When werewolf Orin finds his mate, and she’s human, that becomes the least of his worries. His pack wants her dead, and she’s about to marry another man.

Elizabeth has never considered defying her father’s plan. Fantasized about defying him, but never thought she could do it. Until she meets Orin, a dark, forbidden stranger who claims he’s her mate. She’s terrified by the way he makes her feel yet is taken with the way he treats her as a person. Not even her father’s most brutal punishments are enough to keep her away.

The fight with Orin’s family is put on hold when Elizabeth is taken hostage by a rival pack. Turns out defying her father was the easy part. Now Elizabeth is in for a real fight to get back to the life she’s created with Orin… If she can survive.

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“River Bones (Sara Mason Mysteries Book 1)” by Mary Deal

River Bones cover

River Bones (Sara Mason Mysteries Book 1)

by Mary Deal

Genre: Mystery & Suspense/Crime Fiction/Psychological Thriller

FREE at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

When Sara Mason returns to her hometown to start a new life, she learns that a serial killer is terrorizing its residents. Despite battling the memory of the deaths of her younger sister and alcoholic parents, Sara is determined to make peace with her past.

However, she soon learns that the elusive psychopath is now stalking her. Sara’s attempt to rebuild her life is hindered even more by the discovery of skeletal remains on her property. As the investigation focuses on several suspects, Sara discovers critical clues and bravely volunteers to be a decoy for the sheriff’s department.

Sara’s destiny has brought her back home, but will her decision lead her down a path lined with danger… and straight into the arms of a madman?

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