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“It’s My Turn (Love at Last Book 1) by Suzette Riddick

It's My Turn cover

It’s My Turn (Love at Last Book 1)

by Suzette Riddick

Genre: Literary Fiction/Multicultural/Romance

3.99 at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

Forced to exist in a loveless marriage, Beatrice Warrington was powerless to stand up to her husband. So instead, she takes her anger and frustration out on those closest to her. After years of treating her loved ones horribly, she finds herself alienated, desperate and alone. Terrified, she reaches out to the only man who’s capable of helping her out of the mess she’s created. And she will soon discover he will help her in ways she never imagined.

Charles Allen never expected the likes of Beatrice Warrington to land on his doorstep. For years he despised her because of her devious ways, so helping her was not an option. But a crazy thing happened. Against his better judgment, he agrees to come to her rescue. Little did he know, rescuing her would be the best thing to ever happen to him.

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“Ample Delights” by Nichelle Gregory

Ample Delights cover

Ample Delights

by Nichelle Gregory

Genre: Contemporary Romance/Multicultural

3.99 at time of posting!

Beauty, brains and voluptuous curves…Tera’s exactly the kind of woman Nick’s been looking for, but can he convince her that the smokin’ hot chemistry between them is more than skin deep?

Tera Bryant embraces her curves despite being immersed in the modelling world. Her job as a makeup artist requires confidence, creativity and the ability to stay focused in the presence of some of the world’s finest men. She has never had a problem until she works with Nick Tasso, a gorgeous Greek model who has a thing for voluptuous women.

Tera is swept away by the sizzling chemistry between them and emotionally unprepared when their electric connection blossoms into something more than hot sex. She struggles to deal with the media’s scrutiny over her body and their burgeoning relationship. Tera must decide to trust her heart and face her own insecurities before she can have the ‘happily ever after’ she truly desires.

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“The Letter (A Hidden Beauty Novel Book 11)” by Mary Crawford

The Leteer cover

The Letter (A Hidden Beauty Novel Book 11)

by Mary Crawford

Genre: Romance/Multicultural/Clean

99¢ at time of posting! KINDLE COUNTDOWN!

As a paramedic, Rocco Pierce is no stranger to making life-and-death decisions and delivering devastating news.

But he has never faced a situation quite like this.

What exactly do you do with a letter informing you that your wife is dying of breast cancer when you’ve never been married?

Is it a bureaucratic failure or divine intervention?

Crime reporter Mallory Yoshida is used to getting odd fan mail, so
why should she pay attention to this guy who wants to talk to her about a mysterious letter?

After all, it’s not like it’s a matter of life and death.

Or is it?

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“A Powerful Attraction (Quicksand Book 1)” by Delaney Diamond

A Powerful Attraction cover

A Powerful Attraction (Quicksand Book 1)

by Delaney Diamond

Genre: Women’s Fiction/Romance/Multicultural

1.99 at time of posting! (Price WILL increase!)

They were only supposed to have dinner…

On a Friday night, dressed to impress, Sherry Westbrook gets stood up. She could go home, but why waste a new outfit and well-done hair? She decides to dine alone, but then her boss shows up, and now she doesn’t have to.

Alex Barraza takes the place of Sherry’s date, and at the end of dinner, they spend the night together—bringing to life a fantasy that has played out in his mind over the past two years. One night together isn’t enough, and before long they embark on a secret affair that takes them both by surprise. But Alex hasn’t been completely honest with Sherry, and when she finds out the truth, he knows he’ll lose her. So instead of the truth, he stays silent. Because now he’s in too deep, and he can’t let her go.

(Quicksand, a series of stand alone stories based on love, sex, and romance.)

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“Sophie Washington: Secret Santa” by Tonya Duncan Ellis

Sophie Washington Secret Santa

Sophie Washington: Secret Santa

by Tonya Duncan Ellis

Genre: Children/Geography & Cultures/Religious Fiction/Multicultural/Celebrations & Holidays/African-American

99¢ at time of posting!


Santa Claus is Coming to Town
Christmas is three weeks away and a mysterious “Santa” has been mailing presents to sixth grader Sophie Washington in this adorable, illustrated chapter book for middle grade readers. There is no secret Santa gift exchange going on at her school, so she can’t imagine who it could be. Sophie’s best friends, Chloe, Valentina, and Mariama guess the gift giver is either Nathan Jones or Toby Johnson, two boys in Sophie’s class who have liked her in the past, but she’s not so sure.
The Big Reveal
Sophie uncovers clues to find her secret Santa and the final reveal is bigger than any package she’s opened on Christmas morning. It’s a holiday surprise she’ll never forget!

This is the seventh book in the Readers’ Favorite five star rated Sophie Washington book series that includes:
Sophie Washington: Queen of the Bee (Book 1)
Sophie Washington: The Snitch (Book 2)
Sophie Washington: Things You Didn’t Know About Sophie (Book 3)
Sophie Washington: The Gamer (Book 4)
Sophie Washington: Hurricane (Book 5)
Sophie Washington: Mission Costa Rica (Book 6)
Sophie Washington: Secret Santa (Book 7)

Kids Ages 7-12
Click above to get your copy today!

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#NEW “Fear Of Dating: Dating Just Got Serious – Book Seven” by Jacki Kelly

Fear of Dating cover

Fear of Dating: Dating Just Got Serious – Book Seven

by Jacki Kelly

Genre: Romance/Suspense/Multicultural

3.10 at time of posting!

Driss Brahim thought he could take on the world. But a few years of solitude proved him wrong. When he finds his missing brother is living in the United States, he knows its time to reclaim his past. But when he arrives his brother is missing, and the woman he loves has moved on.

Maxi Mckinney has hit her stride. After leaving London with a broken heart, she’s working. She’s dating. She’s getting her life back together. One rejection doesn’t mean her life has to stop. Then Driss Brahim showed up, and she realizes she’s still got work to do.

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“Daring to Risk” by Shyla Colt

Daring to Risk cover

Daring to Risk

by Shyla Colt

Genre: Contemporary/Romance/Multicultural

99¢ at time of posting!

Widower Coire Allaway has spent the past few years focused on his twelve-year-old daughter, Una. When her interest in art leads them to a local studio, Coire finds himself drawn to the owner, Billie Cantrell. Hypnotized by the sway of her hips and the joy in her voice, his desire is woken for the first time since his wife’s death.

After wasting years in a loveless relationship, the free-spirited, independent artist isn’t looking for a man. Yet even Billie can’t help but be enchanted by the husky brogue of the Scotsman, his whiskey brown eyes, and the dedication to his daughter.

As the passion between them rages to a fevered pitch, they’re forced to make a decision. She isn’t willing to settle for less than love. Coire isn’t sure he can risk falling in love again.

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