” Kissed by Shadows (Kissed by Shadows Series, Book 1)” by Lola St Vil

Kissed by Shadows cover

“Kissed by Shadows (Kissed by Shadows Series, Book 1)”

Author: Lola St Vil

Genre: Paranormal Romance/Fantasy

Release Date: July 5, 2017

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*This is a must read for fans of A Shade of Vampire, Twilight and The Mortal Instruments.*

Meet Atlas Morgan; the hero who just found the villain of her dreams…
A ruthless, demonic army stands ready to attack; to bathe in the blood of all mankind. The only thing that has protected us from them is a mystical river which will run dry by midnight of the winter solace.

The paranormal community— referred to as Shadows—has been given seven chances to complete a quest that will replenish the river. They have failed six times. So, for the seventh and final time, the Shadows look to an unlikely source–seventeen-year-old human girl–Atlas Morgan.

Atlas has just lost the only person in the world that ever truly loved her—her mother. Though she is drowning in grief and sorrow, when she learns she is the chosen one, she gathers up the courage to agree to the quest. However, Atlas encounters something far more frightening than Werewolves, Vampires and Witches—love. His name is Kane and she’s shocked to learn that, like her, Kane has been chosen too–not to save the world but to end it…

” Born of Water: An Elemental Origins Novel (The Elemental Origins Series Book 1)” by A.L. Knorr

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Born of Water cover

“Born of Water: An Elemental Origins Novel (The Elemental Origins, Book #1)”

Author: A.L. Knorr

Genre: YA/Paranormal/Fantasy

Release Date: November 30, 2016

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Everything you thought you knew about mermaids is wrong.

Life for a small-town high school kid in Saltford should be simple and straightforward – for 17-year-old Targa MacAuley, it’s anything but. Navigating life with a supernatural mother is tricky enough, but dealing with the feelings of guilt that she’s never been able to ‘change’, and confusion that she doesn’t seem to be attracted to boys (or girls for that matter), Targa feels like she’s got more demons than the average kid.

When the opportunity to salvage a mysterious wreck in the Baltic arises for her mom, a professional salvage diver by day, Targa jumps at the chance to go abroad for the summer. But it’s when she meets Antoni Baranek, and a boating accident puts them both in danger, that Targa’s world turns completely inside out in more ways than one.

Little Queen (The Úlfrinn Series, #2) ✯ Cover Reveal!

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A.C. Melody

Little Queen Cover Reveal Banner.png

Little Queen (The Úlfrinn Series, #2)
by A.C. Melody

Paranormal Erotic Romance ~ Wolf Shifter
Full length novel, HEA, No cheating!
✯✯✯ Coming July 1st! ✯✯✯


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Little Queen Blurb

The bliss Reyna and Corbyn found in their unique Úlfr engagement is quickly forgotten as their ongoing conflict grows just as passionately as their hearts and desires. Reyna needs her independence and reassurance that their feelings are real. Corbyn needs to keep her safe, and for Reyna to accept him as her mate once and for all. The only thing their enemies want is to tear the new Wolf King and his would-be Queen apart. With the clock ticking toward inevitable war, Corbyn’s worst fears are realized when someone ups the ante, striking at his mate from the one place he never saw coming.

Frightened and angry, Corbyn rushes Reyna to the Elders, only to…

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“Vampire Destiny: An Erotic Vampire Novella Series” By Ariel Marie #ReleaseBlitz


Vampire Destiny

An Erotic Vampire Novella Series

By Ariel Marie

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Four passion laced stories of strong vampires meeting their destiny head on. Be prepared to see what destiny has in store for them in this erotically charged paranormal romance box set.

Summer’s Destiny

The hunters came in the middle of the night. Killing every vampire in sight. Their screams still haunted her. Summer Rayne was one of the lucky vampires to escape the massacre. She did what every other vampire had been doing for the past decade— she ran. She ran as fast and far away as she could, not knowing that destiny would lead her to her future.

Emely’s Destiny

Two years had passed since her capture. Life as a lab rat, subjected to inhumane experiments was not how Emely Winter imagined she would spend the rest of her days. She prayed for the day that she would be free, but was beginning to lose all hope. Never in a million years, would she have believed that her rescuer would be the infamous Norrix Buchner, king’s guard and champion for vampires everywhere.

Ilena’s Destiny

After finally making it to the royal mansion, as a refugee, Ilena Otoño finally felt safe. She was amongst her people and given a purpose in life as a royal nurse. Destiny had more in store for the vampiress that included her most important assignment that came in the form of the injured royal guard, Remus Vorigan.

Nicia’s Destiny

Nicia Springson was a councilwoman who fought passionately for her people during the king’s absence. She did not take too kindly to the king re-appearing after a decade-long absence. Zeke Galanis was sent to bring the councilwoman to the king. Would he be able to convince her to hear the king out and work together for the future of all vampires?

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“Dead Over Heels” by Theresa Braun #BlogTour


Dead Over Heels PhotoGrid Banner

Dead Over Heels cover

“Dead Over Heels”

Author: Theresa Braun

Genre: Paranormal Romance/Ghosts

Release Date: November 16, 2016

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Veronica’s first date with Sebastian not only stirs up a powerful attraction, but also a series of supernatural events that will tear them apart.

After countless hours of dead end online dating, Veronica meets up with Sebastian at a reportedly haunted restaurant, since he knows she has a fascination with the paranormal. While enjoying their meals and each other’s company, they share a shocking supernatural experience. Their romantic connection is overshadowed by the ghosts of their own pasts that threaten to destroy their budding relationship. Veronica decides she must return to the restaurant to face her past and dig up more answers. Unfortunately, she realizes she must go back, this time with a reluctant Sebastian. In the end, they join forces against the evil that stands between them, but will they make it out alive?

~ Quotes from Dead Over Heels ~

“The problem is, I never knew that finding the one would be such a double-edged sword.”

“My brain started exercising like it had never done before. The Rubik’s Cube, the GRE, and my Master’s thesis on Jungian psychoanalysis all seemed like simple level capacity in comparison to the riddle at hand.”

“Bile rose in my throat, and I gripped Sebastian’s arm tightly. Had my dad really killed someone with his bare hands?”

“My breathing shallowed and I grew woozy. It was as if I was dying with her.”

“Now I knew the truth, but I couldn’t do a damn thing about it.”

“Suddenly I realized my feet hurt. Somehow I had managed to weather all of this while standing in my black patent leather heels. I kicked the up into my hands as if they had wronged me for the last time.”

“Last night had been spooky, and my breath had been taken away, but was it really magic? Maybe the vague intention of my candle ritual had come to fruition…after all, Sebastian had come into my life, and I knew now that my mom hadn’t abandoned me.”

“An echoing snarl became an animalistic roar, pinching e from my childhood memory. Once my eyes met the source of the sound, I saw my father barreling straight at us.”

“It was then that I screamed. The sound sliced through the night and my vocal cords felt as if they were shredding in my throat.”


~ About the Author ~

Theresa Braun

Theresa Braun was born in St. Paul, Minnesota and has carried some of that hardiness with her to South Florida where she currently resides with her two fur babies, who are her creative sidekicks. She enjoys delving into creative writing, painting, photography and even bouts of ghost hunting. Traveling is one of her passions—in fact, her latest adventure took her to Romania for a horror writers’ workshop where she followed in the steps of Vlad the Impaler. She writes horror fiction and the occasional romance. She blogs about writing, television shows, movies, and books, and all things dark. Her short stories are published in Under the Bed Magazine, in Hindered Souls, in The Horror Zine, in Schlock! Webzine, and by Frith Books. Upcoming stories to appear in Monsters Exist and Hardened Hearts.


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“Claimed by the Succubus” by Siren Allen #Spotlight

Planets Outer Space Backdrop

Not all main characters start out as heroes. Some become heroic over time. In my new release, Claimed By The Succubus, my main character is not actually a hero. I guess you can say he’s an anti-hero. He has his reasons for being the way he is. Reasons you may or may not agree with. However, it’s hard not to fall in love with the bad boy. And Shun’Uhl is definitely a bad boy, well, dragon. Today, I’m going to let Shun share with you, five reasons why he doesn’t believe in true love. Enjoy!


Five Reasons Why I Don’t Believe In True Love – From Shun’Uhl

1. On my world, True Love is only found between mates. My world has been at war for so long, most mates have either died in battle or were never born because their ancestors died in battle. You only get one True Mate. I believe mine died before I ever got a chance to meet her. Therefore, love is not in my future.

2. I’m okay with living a life without love. Love makes you weak. When in love, you not only have to worry about keeping yourself alive, you have to worry about keeping your mate alive. And if you lose that person, you’ll feel like your life is over. I despise weakness of any form.

3. Love is a distraction. I’m a soldier. I’m given orders. I follow them. I don’t have time for distractions. The safety of my people depends on me always having a clear head.

4. Love is contagious. Trust me, I’ve seen this for myself. When one of your friends find love, all of a sudden, they become cupid. They want you to find love too. They want you to be just as happy as they are. Some of us are content being alone. I’m content, just the way I am.

5. Last but not least, love makes you foolish. I’ve seen good soldiers make bad decisions because of love. Once you find love, you no longer put your people, or your brethren first. You put the one you love first. Your decisions are now based on what will make that person happy and to hell with anyone else. My first loyalty is to my king, then to my people. I have no room in my heart or mind for love. For those of you who do believe in love and who seek it, I pity you. To those of you who don’t, I salute you. Love is for fools. Don’t be foolish.


~The Half-Breed~
She is Izeria’Ahzul, the long-lost daughter of my king. She was raised away from our people and knows nothing of her heritage. Our kind are a myth to her. She doesn’t believe we exist and there’s no way she’ll believe she’s one of us.

~The Beast~
I am Shun’Uhl, the soldier ordered to return her to my king’s side so she can marry a royal and produce an heir to save our people. To get her to trust me, I shed my beastly form and take on the form of someone she knows. I choose unwisely. The form I’ve selected is a male she despises.

~The Forbidden~
The more time I spend with her, the more she comes to like me. And though I’ve tried to resist, I find myself falling for her also. Her feelings for me will change once she learns of my deception and sees how I really look. Part of me wants to complete my mission and return her to her father. Another part of me wants to remain in this form forever and spend my life with Izeria.

I have a choice to make: be honest with the female I love and risk losing her or lie to her for the rest of our lives. Unfortunately, the choice is made for me when we come under attack and I have to release my beast to protect her.

Now it is she who has to make a choice: Me and my beast or a kingdom?


My beast is trying to take over.

Even now, as I escort Izeria to the dining hall, he’s pushing against the barrier that separates drahken from dragon. He’s clawing at the barricade that keeps him inside. Moments ago, he came so close to breaking free.

I felt the fire behind my eyes, his light emerging. I heard his growl. Not only did I hear it, so did Izeria. She assumed it was my stomach growling in hunger.
Luckily, she’s too naïve to think the worst of me.

She senses something is wrong, yet, she doesn’t want to believe me capable of deceiving her, of hurting her. I should feel guilty for what I’m doing. I don’t. I can’t. Too much is riding on me getting her to my territory.

My beast snorts his displeasure, unhappy with our current mission. It’s funny how he can kill viciously, yet he frowns upon lying to our half-breed princess. I can feel him pacing the recesses of my mind.

In this form, he cannot speak to me. Right now, that’s a good thing. I don’t want to hear his thoughts on what’s happening. He’s no more innocent than I am.
He knew what we’d have to do when we found her.

He knew we’d have to lie or even kidnap her to achieve our goal. His feelings for her can’t change that. Nothing can change what has to be done. The lives of our people are more important than Izeria’s opinion of us.

When we arrive in the dining hall, I step to the side so she and her rodent can enter the room before me. I’m glad I did. The look on her face as she walks into the dining hall is priceless. It’s almost like she’s never been on a spacecraft before.

“This is the biggest dining hall I’ve ever been in. Not only on a ship, but on land also.”

She turns to me and smiles. For a moment, I forget how to breathe. I sense my beast’s pleasure, or is that my own. The line between what I want and what he wants is starting to blur. Not good. I have to get a grip.


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Hi, my name is Siren Allen. I’m a writer and lover of all things supernatural and romantic. I reside in southern Mississippi where I write steamy romances that are guaranteed to make you blush. When I’m not listening to the characters in my head and jotting down their adventures, I am busy working as a Clinical Laboratory Technician.
I love to travel, preferably with my husband, so he can do all of the driving. I enjoy time with my family, who are just as silly as I am. My hobbies are reading, writing and shopping, though I hate trying on clothing. If I wasn’t a writer or a Laboratory Professional, I would probably be a Secret Agent.
But that’s the beauty of being a writer. You can create your own world and be whoever you want to be. In my imaginary world, I am Queen and my siblings are my minions.

~Author Links~

AMAZON AUTHOR PAGE – http://www.amazon.com/Siren-Allen/e/B00ELF795O/
WEBSITE – http://sirenallen.com/
FACEBOOK – https://www.facebook.com/authorsirenallen
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“Hers, Untamed” by Anna Adler #NewRelease #FreeBook

Her Untamed cover

Title: “Hers, Untamed”

Author: Anna Adler

Genre: Erotic Science Fiction Romance

Release date: May 31, 2017

* * * * P E R M A N E N T L Y  F R E E * * * *

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Alyssa Cressfield always wanted a pet—a big, sexy man who would look impressive on a leash. Now, she is finally ready to realize her dream. She visits a pet training center, intending to buy a trained pet. Instead she finds Jax, a fierce human-alien hybrid freshly caught from space, still untamed and unbroken. Alyssa has never encountered an untamed pet before. She can’t resist temptation; she must have him.

On Silenia, it is customary for humans to keep other intelligent species as pets and sex toys. Alyssa is kind at heart, but she is a product of her society and therefore sees nothing wrong with keeping a man in a cage against his will. Jax, on the other hand, is a space pirate who now finds himself wearing a collar and being treated like property. He has no intention of turning tame and obedient, and a battle of wills ensues. Jax and Alyssa quickly discover their undeniable chemistry, but is it enough to reconcile them? What happens when the pet breaks out of his cage?

Note to reader: This is a standalone novel featuring a romance between a human and a human-alien hybrid. While not dark, the story is set in a Dystopian society and contains some raunchy sex scenes between the main characters. Recommended for mature readers.

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~ About the Author ~

My name is Anna, I’m an erotic romance author, and my goal in life is never to have another writer’s block. I’ve been in love with action and futuristic stuff from an early age, whether it’s in books, movies, or video games. More recently, I also developed a taste for steamy romances. The stories in my head contain these elements in different combinations, and I look forward to putting them all on (virtual) paper – for my own amusement, if nothing else. I live in Germany with my husband, my overactive imagination, and pipe dreams of fortune and glory.

~ Stalk Anna ~