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“Elmer, The Pet Horse: A Beyond the Blue Barn Book” by Peter Fowkes

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Elmer the Pet Horse cover

“Elmer, The Pet Horse: A Beyond the Blue Barn Book

Genre: Children’s Book/Animals/Humor

Release Date: June 23, 2017

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Vibrant funny pictures, simple lessons, simply fun.

After the farm is sold, the scattered animals of the Blue Barn go on to live the next stage of their lives, wonderfully unaware of their expected place in society, these farm animals go on ridiculous adventures around the world held back by nothing.

Another tale of silly misadventures beyond the Blue Barn. April’s family buys Elmer the horse from the Blue Barn, but Elmer cannot accept the fact that he is not being treated like the rest of the family. If the dog and the cat can even live in the house, why is he stuck in the barn? After a series of attempts to break into the family’s home, eventually, Elmer finds his way into their hearts. Families take on many shapes and forms, and this horse is going to prove it.

Peter Fowkes has worked in TV Comedy for over twenty years, producing and directing for the likes of The Onion, Impractical Jokers and Ellen DeGeneres. Peter also has produced a bit of animation for network and cable programs. In this series of books, the Beyond the Blue Barn series, Peter has merged his unique illustrating style with his wry sense of humor creating books for children that eagerly aim to please the parents who are reading them to their children. Funny pictures, simple lessons, simply fun.

Peter was raised in New York, is a graduate of Fordham University and these days resides with his wife and two children in Los Angeles, CA.


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