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“Liar: A Gripping Psychological Thriller with a Shocking Twist” by K.L. Slater

Liar cover

Liar: A Gripping Psychological Thriller with a Shocking Twist

by K.L. Slater

Genre: Mystery & Suspense/Psychological Thriller

99¢ at time of posting!

How far would you go to protect your family?

Single dad Ben is doing his best to raise his children, with the help of his devoted mother Judi. And then Ben meets Amber. Everyone thinks this is a perfect match for Ben but Judi isn’t so sure…

There’s just something about Amber that doesn’t add up. Ben can’t see why his mother dislikes his new girlfriend. And Amber doesn’t want Judi anywhere near her new family. Amber just wants Ben and the children.

The further Judi delves into Amber’s personal life, the closer she gets to shocking secrets that could change everything. And Judi must make a decision that could lead to the most disastrous consequences.

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“As Sick As Our Secrets (A Psychological Thriller)” by A.B. Whelan

As Sick As Our Secrets cover

As Sick As Our Secrets

by A.B. Whelan

Genre: Mystery & Suspense/Psychological Thriller

99¢ at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

What would you do if you found out your husband was a serial killer?

Olivia Campbell has the life most women want. A respected husband, beautiful home, and the freedom that only financial security can provide.

But not all is as it appears…

Olivia has secrets, and after discovering a hidden journal in her husband’s study, she realizes that she’s not the only one.

As her picture perfect world starts to fall apart around her, Olivia wonders just how deep the secrets run as she finds herself immersed in the investigation of a young missing girl.

Some coincidences are just too hard to ignore, but how far is she willing to go to discover the truth?

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“House of Pleasure: A Caddy Rowland Psychological Thriller & Drama (There Was a House Series Book 1)” by Caddy Rowland

House of Pleasure cover

House of Pleasure: A Caddy Rowland Psychological Thriller & Drama (There Was a House Series Book 1)

by Caddy Rowland

Genre: Mystery & Suspense/Psychological Thriller

FREE at time of posting!

There Was a House saga is a gripping story about a very real crime taking place all around us.

Set in the dark, depraved world of sex-trafficking, this epic continuing psychological thriller and drama spans four novel-length books, digging deep to tell the in-depth story of six victims and their hope for revenge and redemption.

Book One: House of Pleasure


    • Fueled by rage and disgust, Phoenix runs away from home. The situation there had become unbearable. In fact, things couldn’t get any worse.
    • But they do. Trusting a boy who she thought was a new friend, she finds herself taken prisoner by a low-class pimp. Then, when she thinks she’s on her way to her first seedy trick, Phoenix winds up locked in a limo with no way out. She wakes up in an illegal brothel in New Orleans.
    • Phoenix vows she will find a way to destroy Antoine, the owner of the brothel. Instead of being Antoine’s prostitute, she’ll become his lover, his confidante, and pretty soon, his manager. And then, when he least suspects it, she’ll bring the entire house down.
    • She better be damn good.
    • There will only be one chance.

Sometimes all you have is hate. Sometimes that’s enough.

Themes, places, etc in this book: abduction,sex trafficking, violence to women, abuse of gays,women’s issues,gay issues, victimization, cost to society

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“Mickey Take: When a debt goes bad…” by Steven Hayward

Mickey Take cover

Mickey Take: When a debt goes bad…

by Steven Hayward

Genre: Mystery & Suspense/Psychological Thriller

99¢ at time of posting! Kindle Countdown!

Michael Field may be an unlikely hero, conflicted and outwitted at every turn, but if you enjoy being teased by the dark threat of an evil force lurking in the shadows, this “gripping, edge of your seat, psychological thriller” will have you swiping the page to discover the identity of the cold-blooded killer. And if you like your heroines strong and manipulative, you’re going to love the girl who comes crashing into his life. She just loves taking the Mickey!

“A really clever thriller!” Pat McDonald, British Crime Author

Losing his City job and beautiful wife is starting to feel like the least of Mickey’s problems. A proposition from his one-time friend, and small-time London gangster Herbert Long, threatens to draw him back into the murky world he’s been desperate to forget. The deal is non-negotiable. It’s pay-back for that little cover-up years ago, from which young Mickey emerged unscathed to climb the corporate ladder. This time, there’ll be no easy way out…

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#BlogTour “Who: A Stalker Series Novel” by Megan Mitcham

Title: Who (A Stalker Series Novel)
Author: Megan Mitcham
Genre:Romance/ Thriller

Release Date: October 2, 2018
Cover Designer: Shayne Leighton
Hosted by: Buoni Amici Press, LLC.

A billionaire in high heels. A relentless stalker. A chance rooftop meeting. Her choices could send everything crashing down.
Billionaire Larkin Ashford is fiercely independent, but even she has to admit her fashion empire was built on the backs of brides. When her company has the opportunity to go public, her board of directors won’t pull the trigger unless she settles down. A series of threatening messages aren’t making her decision any easier. As she retreats to her rooftop hideaway to clear her head, she finds herself imprisoned in the strong arms of a mysterious man who thinks she was about to jump.
Despite her friends’ warnings that her wannabe savior could be her stalker, she can’t get his body off her mind. Determined to find the truth, she searches the city for her mystery man and discovers a dark secret that could bring everything she’s worked for crashing down. With her empire in danger, she’ll have to uncover the truth before her fortune and her life zero out.
Who is the first standalone novel in a pulse-pounding psychological thriller series. If you like headstrong women, steamy chemistry, and twists you won’t see coming, then you’ll love Megan Mitcham’s high-rise romantic thriller.
Buy Who to live the high life with a sleek, sexy billionaire psychological thriller soon!

Priced at $4.99 for a limited time only!


“Why were you on the roof the other night?” she tried.
He simply stood and watched her.
“How’d you get up there?”
“You said a lock wouldn’t stop me.”
“Fine. Fine. You won’t come in. You won’t let me dry your clothes. You won’t answer my questions.” Larkin yanked off her coat, glad for the working thermostat. At least he wouldn’t freeze for as long as she could keep him inside. She sidestepped him and hooked her coat on the rack. If she was going to get this out, she couldn’t look at him. The sight of him all big and fucking sexy as hell muddled her brain. Her feet carried her from one side of the foyer to the other.
“That night on the roof … I wasn’t trying to kill myself.”
When he didn’t protest, she looked at him. His gaze followed her, calculating her again and again like a high-functioning computer. Reading and reading and not asking a single question.
“I know it looked that way. I know, now, why you acted the way you did, but it scared me. No one is ever up on the roof. It’s my place to get away from … everything. I hadn’t been up there in a while. Too long. Things were pressing in on me. Work. My …” Why was she blabbing so much to him? He didn’t give a shit. He was probably worried about where his next meal would come from. What did he care about her problems? Which really weren’t problems at all in the grand scheme of the world. People lived not knowing where their next meal was coming from. People lived without proper clothing. Without proper shelter.
Beckett didn’t look homeless. He wasn’t malnourished in any way. His clothes were used but clean and well maintained. The scruff on his face wasn’t more than three days growth.
“Your … boyfriend?”
She stopped pacing and found his gaze. “I don’t have those. They’re … messy.”
Her face crinkled. “Even worse.”
“Finally, someone who understands.”
“So many people don’t.” She nodded and walked, studying the intricacies of the woodwork and the fibers of the entry’s rug.
“They’re needy.”
“And you don’t need much, do you?” She stole a quick glance at him. His head shook.
“So who was it that night?”
Her gaze dropped to the ring on her finger. “My family.”
His fingers came into view. They grazed the thick band and large stone.
“It was my mother’s.” She hated the words as soon as they were out.
“Why are you mad at a dead woman?”
Her gaze flashed to his. He stood over her, eyes warmer than before. She hadn’t said a word about the rage that boiled inside her bones for her mother, but he was smart. Smart enough to add her action that night and her words tonight and ask the one question she wouldn’t answer.
Larkin’s head shook, jarring loose the tear she’d been fighting back.
“Seems we both have our boundaries.” His thumb wiped the tear from her cheek, dragged it down her face, and smoothed it over her lips. They parted for him. He took his time tracing the high arch. The salt from his fingertip bled into her mouth as the pad dragged over her lower lip and pulled it wide. “Unlock the door and tell me to leave.”
“No.” Her tongue slid along the path with his finger. “You ran away from me Saturday. I’m not going to let you do that tonight.”
“It’s what I should do.” His thumb left her lip and joined the rest of his fingers at the side of her neck. He tilted her face up. “Tell me to stop.” His face, scarred and angry, neared hers, open and intent.
Not a sound passed through her lips. She grabbed his jacket, only inches from his hand, and tugged. His hold broke. The cold exterior chilled her fingertips. The weight of it forced her muscles into action but not for long. She dropped the thing on the ground behind her, toward the wall and away from the door. Her gaze never left his. His gave nothing away.
He was too tall for her to lift up onto her tiptoes and press her lips to his, and he didn’t move from his battle-ready posture. She could climb him like a tree, but if this was going to work, he would have to give … just a little.
Toe to toe, she studied him as blatantly as he did her. A healthy pulse swelled the veins of his thick neck. His gaze narrowed and cooled as though begging her to lose interest. Not a chance. Every inch of him intrigued her. Even the ugly scar that hid in the shadow of the foyer. She reached up slowly. His head shifted higher into the stratosphere of her entryway.
“Don’t tell me a big guy like you is scared.”
His jaw worked back and forth. “Cautious.”
“I won’t hurt you. Don’t think I could if I tried, but I won’t.”
His head lowered.
Larkin grabbed his chin. It barely fit in her hand. The short hairs pricked her fingers. She turned his face to the left and held her breath. Webbed and raised skin slightly darker than the rest of his face gleamed with a waxy smooth finish in the lamplight. Its dips and rises spread wide from a point just below his eye to encompass the hinge of his jaw and a two-inch swath of his cheek. It was fully healed but not an old scar. Her fingers slid up the side of his face. She mapped the ridges of scarred and unmarred skin alike.
He moved under her touch, not visibly, but energy hummed under her fingertips. She dragged her touch down over his scar, his neck, and gripped the collar of his shirt with both hands. Cool water seeped from the fabric, running through her fingers.
Hunger flashed in his eyes.
She pulled his face down. Her heart beat against her chest, urging her to take his mouth, but determination made her wait. He had to give. Saliva pooled. Her breasts ached. Oxygen, so skittish before, heaved in and out of her lungs as though she was chasing him down the street again. If he broke down her door and ran away, she’d chase him again. This wasn’t like her. She took what she wanted. Men gave it freely. But this man just looked at her.


Megan Mitcham is a USA Today bestselling author who has penned more than 15 sizzling suspense novels. Her work is said to whisk you across the globe, wedge your heart in your throat, make your hands sweat and your skin tingle. Check out Megan’s special forces heroes in the Base Branch Series. If you like the darker side of suspense, try her Bureau Series or her Stalker Series, coming soon. She is a Mississippi native, living and loving it in the natural state.





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“Before He Kills (A MacKenzie White Mystery Book 1)” by Blake Pierce

Before He Kills cover

Before He Kills (A MacKenzie White Mystery Book 1)

by Blake Pierce

Genre Mystery/Suspense/Psychological Thriller

FREE at time of posting!

There is no way out but to find him before he kills again…

Book #1 in the bestselling Blake Pierce mystery/thriller series, with over 400 five star reviews!

In the cornfields of Nebraska a woman is found murdered, strung up on a pole, the victim of a deranged killer. It doesn’t take long for the police to realize a serial killer is on the loose—and that his spree has just begun.

Detective Mackenzie White, young, tough, smarter than the aging, chauvinistic men on her local force, finds herself called in grudgingly to help solve it. As much as the other officers hate to admit it, they need her young, brilliant mind, which has already helped crack cold cases that had left them stumped. Yet even for Mackenzie this new case proves an impossible riddle, something the likes of which she—and the local force—have ever seen.

With the FBI called in, together, an intense manhunt ensues. Mackenzie, reeling from her own dark past, her failed relationships, and her undeniable attraction to the new FBI agent, finds herself battling her own demons as her hunt for the killer takes her to the darkest places of her mind. As she delves into the killer’s mind, obsessing over his twisted psychology, she finds that evil truly does exist. She only hopes it will not be too late to extricate herself from it, as her entire life collapses around her.

As more bodies turn up dead and a frantic race against time ensues, there is no way out but to find him before he kills again.

A dark psychological thriller with heart-pounding suspense, BEFORE HE KILLS marks the debut of a riveting new series—and a beloved new character—that will leave you turning pages late into the night.

Books #2–#8 in the Mackenzie White Mystery series is also now available!

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#Review “A Mother’s Lie” by Jo Crow

a Mother's Lie Audio cover

Audiobook Blast on October 2, 2018


3.5/5 Stars!

Desperation leads Clara McNair to return to the small town where her reputation is less than stellar and she’s believed to be a murderer.

Clara left Hickory Hills, North Carolina under suspicion ten years ago after the disappearance of her parents.

Now a college-educated single-mom, Clara is desperate to raise the money for her terminally ill son’s treatment and agrees to a documentary back in her hometown about her parents’ disappearance as the tenth anniversary approaches.

However, their “disappearance” becomes murder when Richard and Glenda McNair’s remains are found on the property of their estate—and show signs of having been buried so someone dug them up to place the remains on the property.

And daughter, Clara McNair is the number one suspect. Still.

Barring evidence at a crime scene that points in a different direction, law enforcement always looks at those closest to the victims first… family, so I have no issue with a then-eighteen-year-old Clara being investigated but I am concerned that she’s still a prime suspect.

Children can and do kill their parents, however, I had a hard time suspending belief that an eighteen-year-old, rebellious, wild child out-smarted an entire police investigation. The McNairs went missing in 2007 and forensics were used in every area of police investigations. Is Hickory Hills anywhere near Mayberry? Is Detective Tony Elkins actually Barney Fife?  If Clara McNair was the killer, would she dig up her parents’ remain and plant them in her former home to incriminate herself and pick at old wounds that have never healed?

Clara has no one except James, her two-year-old son, and a bizarre clause in her grandfather’s estate will not allow her to sell home or property. The documentary is her last chance to make the money for the experimental treatment which could save her baby from the fatal brain tumors.

An old friend from the past reaches out to help Clara and give her some respite. Of course, there’s no such thing as a free lunch or unconditional friendship. Clara’s already tumultuous life spirals out of control and she could lose her freedom, her son, and her life.

Excellent plot twists! I figured out the first one but didn’t see that second one coming! Forensics did flash through my mind again though because even the most out-of-date law enforcement agencies have access to crime scene support.

Some interesting characters pass through A Mother’s Lie, but it’s the town itself which is the most interesting. Their hatred of Clara runs as hot and deep as it did ten years ago. They don’t just believe her a murderer, but the disappearance of Richard McNair brought the downfall and closure the McNair Furniture Factory—the area’s largest employer—so Clara McNair is also blamed for the economic hardships visited on Hickory Hills.

Though she takes the town’s rejection and verbal abuse in stride, Clara is at wit’s end when events begin to escalate and it’s obvious she… and James are in danger. She spends too much time in her own head and makes the world’s worst decisions. Even though the Mayberry, er, I mean Hickory Hills police department couldn’t even consider a suspect other than Clara, she missed many opportunities to help herself.

To be fair to Clara though, everyone in this story is hiding something or lying and it does hinder Clara looking into her own past. But when a ten-year-old mystery turns into a twenty-year-old coverup, Clara’s sanity could be yet another casualty in Hickory Hills.

Help does come from an unlikely source when Clara needs it most, but crazy people can be counted on to make mistakes and get too cocky.

I reviewed the audiobook version of A Mother’s Lie. While the narrator did a wonderful job with inflections, emotions, and different characters, I personally feel her voice is too soft for Clara McNair and even when Clara was angry, she sounded weak. I must confess here I also purchased the book and highlighted and re-read certain scenes for clarity in my mind.

Fans of mysteries and psychological thrillers will find an enjoyable read in A Mother’s Lie.




A Mother's Lie by Jo Crow

When her child’s life is at stake, a mother will do anything to save him.

Clara McNair is running out of time to save her son, James. When the two-year-old is diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer, only an experimental treatment can save his life. She desperately needs money to pay for the surgery, but she’ll have to travel back to the site of her darkest memories to get it.

Clara has escaped the demons of her youth—or so she thinks. It’s been ten years since the mysterious disappearance of her parents. Widely suspected of murdering her mother and father, Clara fled west to start a new life. Now, a documentary film crew is offering cold, hard cash—enough to pay for James’s treatment—in exchange for the sordid secrets of her past.

With no other choice but to delve into a long-ago tragedy, Clara must unravel the lies surrounding that terrible night. Facing hostile gossip, Clara is fighting to clear her name and learn the truth about what really happened. But how far will she go into the dark to save her son—and herself?

Click Here to get your Audiobook copy of A Mother’s Lie, today!

Book Details:

Genre: Psychological Thriller
Published by: Relay Publishing
AudioBook Release Date: April 23, 2018
AudioBook Length: 9 hrs and 59 mins
ISBN: 978-1979295420
Purchase Links: Amazon | Audible | Goodreads


Read an excerpt:

Chapter One

Dense red clay was pushing between the teeth. Pond mist drifted across the manicured lawns, wisping through the dark eye sockets. Parts of the cranium were shaded a vile yellow-brown where decomposing leaves clung to its surface like bile expressed from a liver. The jawbone was separated from the skull, its curved row of teeth pointing skyward to greet the rising sun.

Two feet away, closer to the oak tree, other bones were piled haphazardly: a pelvis, high iliac crests and subpubic angle. A femur, caked with dirt, jammed into his empty skull. Sunlight decorated the brittle bones in long, lazy strips and darkened hairline fractures till they blended with the shed behind them.

It was peaceful here, mostly. The pond no longer bubbled, its aerator decayed by time; weed-clogged flowerbeds no longer bloomed—hands that once worked the land long ago dismissed. Fog blanketed the area, as if drawn by silence. Once, a startled shriek woke the morning doves and set them all into flight.

It was the first time in ten years the mammoth magnificence of the Blue Ridge Mountains had scrutinized these bones; the first song in a decade the morning doves chorused to them from their high perch.

A clatter split apart the dawn; the skull toppled over as it was struck with another bone.

In a clearing, tucked safely behind the McNair estate, someone was whistling as they worked at the earth. The notes were disjointed and haphazard, like they were an afterthought. They pierced the stillness and, overhead, one of the morning doves spooked and took flight, rustling leaves as it rose through the mist.

A shovel struck the wet ground, digging up clay and mulch, tossing it onto the growing mound to their left. The whistling stopped, mid note, and a contemplative hum took its place.

Light glinted on the silvery band in the exposed clay—the digger pocketed it—the shovel struck the ground again; this time, it clinked as it hit something solid.


A hand dusted off decayed vegetative matter and wrested the bone from its tomb. Launching it into the air, it flew in a smooth arc, and crashed into the skull like a bowling pin, scattering the remains across the grass. With a grunt of satisfaction, the digger rose and started to refill the hole from the clay mound.

When it was filled and smoothed, and the sod was replaced over the disrupted ground, the digger lifted the shovel and strolled into the woods, one hand tucked in a pocket as they whistled a cheery tune lost to the morning fog.


Excerpt from A Mother’s Lie by Jo Crow. Copyright © 2017 by Jo Crow. Reproduced with permission from Jo Crow. All rights reserved.

Author Bio:

Jo Crow

Jo Crow gave ten years of her life to the corporate world of finance, rising to be one of the youngest VPs around. She carved writing time into her commute to the city, but never shared her stories, assuming they were too dark for any publishing house. But when a nosy publishing exec read the initial pages of her latest story over her shoulder, his albeit unsolicited advice made her think twice.

A month later, she took the leap, quit her job, and sat down for weeks with pen to paper. The words for her first manuscript just flew from her. Now she spends her days reading and writing, dreaming up new ideas for domestic noir fans, and drawing from her own experiences in the cut-throat commercial sector.

Not one to look back, Jo is all in, and can’t wait for her next book to begin.

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