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“Unchained Hearts (Baxter Family Saga Book 1)” by Palessa D.

Unchained Hearts cover

Unchained Hearts (Baxter Family Saga Book 1)

by Palessa D.

Genre: Romance/Saga/Multicultural

99¢ at time of posting!

With updated & extended scenes, start your Baxter Family Saga series journey with this twist & turn soap opera in a book. It’s two interracial romance stories in one book that show just how the ties that bind the Baxters together are the very ones that have torn their lives apart.

Cass Baxter is about to officially introduce himself to his grown daughter. Their fateful reunion reopens her past with his son.

It was to be Cass & Lila’s first cruise together. As Lila waited by the bags for Cass to park the car, seconds stretched into minutes that asked the question:

“Where’s Cass?”

The disappearance of Cass Baxter changed the life of everyone he loved, especially Virgilia “Lila” Avery and their unborn child.

Now, more than thirty years after his return and two years after Lila’s death, Cass must find the strength to tell his daughter, Kyle Avery, about circumstances that kept her from knowing him as a father and being a true family.

A hidden forty-year love between Cass Baxter and her mother was one thing. Dealing with her own heartbreak in the form of Cass’ son, Brandon Hall, is another.

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#CoverReveal “The Sound of Home: Langley Park Series” by Krista Sandor


One steamy summer night. One unforgivable betrayal. Two lives forever changed.
Em MacCaslin was never an ordinary girl. A child music prodigy, she competed in elite competitions and performed with symphonies all over the world. At eighteen years old, her future couldn’t have been brighter. But all her dreams were shattered in one night.
A night she doesn’t remember.
After twelve years of running from the past, she’s back in Langley Park. And she wants answers.
Sparks fly and passions ignite when the man who betrayed her trust offers to help uncover the events of that fateful night.
But not everyone wants Em to learn the truth. A truth with the potential to kill.The Sound of Home is a sexy standalone romance in the Langley Park series.



If there’s one thing Krista Sandor knows for sure, it’s that romance saved her. After she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2015, her world turned upside down. During those difficult first days, her dear friend sent her a romance novel. That kind gesture provided the escape she needed and ignited her love of the genre. Inspired by the strong heroines and happily ever afters, Krista decided to write her own romance series. Today, she is an MS Warrior and living life to the fullest. When she’s not writing, you can find her running 5Ks and chasing after her growing boys in her adopted home of Denver, Colorado.



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“Pretty Broken Girl: An Unconventional Love Story” by Jeana E. Mann

Pretty Broken Girl cover

Pretty Broken Girl: An Unconventional Love Story

by Jeana E. Mann

Genre: Contemporary Fiction/Urban/Sagas

FREE at time of posting!

“You’ll never look at a closed office door the same again.” –Kirkus Reviewer

A divorced couple battles for control in the boardroom but things heat up when their competition reaches the bedroom.

Ten years ago, Dakota divorced the love of her life for all the wrong reasons. She has no idea he’ll walk through her office door ten years later as her new boss, more handsome than ever, determined to make her pay for her sins. Her knees go weak every time she looks at him. Too bad he hates her. He’s determined to make her life hell. The only thing she knows for sure? They can still heat up the sheets. He thinks he can break her, but she’s got other plans.

From the bedroom to the boardroom, Sam and Dakota are locked in a battle of wits and desire. One of them will break. One of them will pay. Both of them want to win. Neither of them expects to fall in love—again.

Divorce has never been so hot.

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“Cole” by Xyla Turner

Cole cover


by Xyla Turner

Genre: Genre Fiction/Romance/Multicultural/Saga

3.29 at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

When I first saw her in action, I knew. Knew there was something different about her.

I knew that I wanted her. She was sexy in her own right, smooth and no-nonsense. Grown and f*cking beautiful.

That’s what I wanted. What I needed.

A mature woman who knew what she wanted, lived her life and wasn’t looking for someone to help find herself.

I wanted stability.

And I found it.

Found her.

But all hell broke loose.

I was an ex-wife and according to my grown daughter, who still lived with me, the worst mother in the world.

My ex-husband still treated our daughter like she was ten and on most days, she did act the part. I, on the other hand, was looking forward to retirement after serving my twenty-five years in my field. Also, definitely not looking for a man.

A hot and sexy man who made me feel alive again.


I was over that.

I thought I was.

Cole and Bethany are an over 40’s romance novella with the hot and sexy because love and sex have no age limits. This novel is mature, funny and a real HEA.

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#BlogTour “Bolt Saga #4 & #5” by Angel Payne

Bolt (4 & 5) 

by USA Today bestselling romance author Angel Payne

Release date: 26th June 

In a continuation of the Bolt series books 4 & 5 are now live.

Each part of the series is approx 30k words. 

Genre: Contemporary Romance 

Bolt 4 – Synopsis 

Can love ignite a soul darkened by vengeance?

Life is beyond different as the girlfriend of a retired superhero, but to Emmalina Crist, the reward of loving Reece Richards is worth the cost. But when she comes across proof that Reece has been hiding a significant secret from her, their relationship is irrevocably rocked.

Reece might have hung up his crime-fighting leathers, but he’s continued dancing with danger by working covertly with ex-FBI hotshot Sawyer Foley to learn more about the Consortium—and how they can beat the sadistic scientists at their own game. While Reece denies revenge as his motivation for the hunt, he’s forced to reexamine his motivations when Sawyer brings a questionable ally into their inner circle—and a distraught Emma finds out.

Now, Reece has never been closer to unveiling the Consortium—but at what cost? His honor? His life? And what about the woman who has helped him redefine both? Is he willing to let Emma go in the name of vengeance? Or will their love be the light his soul truly needs?

Bolt 5 – Synopsis

Driven apart by fear… Reunited by danger…

Though it’s tearing him up, Reece Richards is determined to honor his woman’s wishes for some time alone in New York to work with the nonprofit organization she now leads—until a secret missive from the Consortium changes everything, forcing him to fly to the Big Apple in the name of protecting Emmalina Crist from those who wish to do her harm.

His plans on watching over her from afar are blown apart when her life is threatened—but even though he’s in exactly the right place at the right time, she’s not happy to see the man she left on the West Coast so she could get some clarity.

Now, her perspective is more jumbled than ever. She loves Reece, but doubts from her past and confusion about the present form a wall around her heart, making her wonder if she’s strong enough to be with a man—a superhero—like him on a long-term basis. Though their bodies burn for each other, is the bond of their souls just as formidable? Or is she the weak link in Reece’s armor that he can’t afford?

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Meet the Author

USA Today bestselling romance author Angel Payne has written for four publishing houses, and is also independently published. She loves to focus on high heat romance with emotional twists. She has numerous book series to her credit, including the Honor Bound series, the Suited for Sin series, the Cimarron Saga, the Temptation Court series, and the Secrets of Stone series (with Victoria Blue).

Angel is thrilled to be an author for the bestselling Misadventures series, and looks forward to the launch of the Bolt Saga, featuring her super hero Reece Richards, launching in Summer 2018. Angel lives in Southern California with her soul mate husband and beautiful cosplaying daughter. As an “anime family”, they enjoy attending pop culture cons together.

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#Review “Bolt, Volume 1, Book 2” by Angel Payne

Bolt, Volume 1, Book 2

Reece Richards’ past comes calling when the woman responsible for his kidnapping shows up in LA.

Angelique La Salle strolls into the Brocade Hotel, bad French accent and all, insinuating her possession of a pair of cufflinks she’s “returning” to Reece is proof of their special connection.

Emmalina fell for it and scurries off to a back office. And because that’s not far enough, because… you know, she thought Reece had feelings for her, she bolts for home. (The title of this story is beginning to make sense.)

Of course, Typical Romance Heroine Behavior leads to bad decisions made in haste. Emmalina ends up in a dangerous situation surrounded by men bragging about the woman they raped the night before. (Nothing that happens to these scumbags is enough hurt!)

Where is a superhero when you need one?

Closer than you think.

Emmalina can’t get her bearings when Bolt is the last thing she sees before she passes out but Reece is the first thing she sees when she wakes the next morning.

A standoff leads to The Talk where Reece explains his past and who he is. And romance fans everywhere swoon!

I wasn’t a fan of the sex scene which follows as Emmalina describes herself as a vanilla-town girl and Reece wants to be the better man she sees in him, it felt too random and street for my tastes.

Angelique is still around, unfortunately, and after Reece makes decisions to keep Emmalina safe, the wicked witch of skank (Emmalina’s name for her) lures him into a trap that almost ends badly for Bolt.

But the highlight of this installment, for me, is when Angelique shows up one time too many. Trying to find out where Bolt is, she attempts to intimidate Emmalina, and knowing how powerful Angelique is and what she did to Bolt, Emmalina not only stands her ground, she proved there may be a little swirl in her vanilla! Awesome scene!

I left Emmalina hanging out at a foo-foo tennis banquet in the O.C. but word is a superhero may put in an appearance. Stay tuned!



Bolt (Volume 1)

by  Angel Payne

Genre: Contemporary Romance 

Bolt Saga One

A powerful man… A shocking secret…

Working the night-shift at a five-star hotel in downtown Los Angeles, Emmalina Crist has had her fair share of strange encounters. But none of them have prepared her for the experience of meeting the enigmatic Reece Richards.

Emma’s connection with Reece is hot as hell and impossible to ignore, resulting in a night of passion that’s unlike anything she’s ever experienced―but even the man’s magical lips and hands aren’t worth repeating the indiscretion. Sleeping with the boss―especially when he’s one of the world’s most notorious players―is a dire mistake under normal circumstances, but even more so with business booming because of Bolt, the mysterious “superhero” turning downtown LA into a truly supercharged tourist destination.

What if Reece could tell Emma their electric attraction is more than just passionate chemistry? That the superhero she celebrates and the lover she resists are the same man? Reece knows that sharing his secret with Emma means exposing her to the same lunatics who are out to destroy him. Can he take that chance?

Bolt Saga Two

The man behind the mask… The love she can’t give up…

Sometimes, fighting the flames only fans them―as Emma Crist and Reece Richards have quickly learned. But Reece’s secret identity threatens their electric attraction when a face from his past reappears, leading to a confrontation that changes everything.

Emma now knows the truth about what Reece does in his “spare time.” But what can she do about it? The man behind Bolt’s mask is the love she refuses to give up―but she’s not alone. A band of rogue scientists still want their prize lab rat back, and they’ve enlisted Reece’s gorgeous and dangerous ex-girlfriend to help.

Emma’s always known she’s wanted more than your typical average relationship―but what happens when destiny comes with danger? Is the power of love strong enough to survive supercharged evil?

Bolt Saga Three

Bolted…and bonded…

Happily ever after is a much different experience when the whole world is along for the ride―especially when life is racing at Mach speed and the prince is a real-life superhero. But Emmalina Crist is doing her best to keep pace ever since being swept off her feet by the charismatic Reece Richards, bad boy billionaire turned world’s most electrifying superhero.

She’s the most envied woman on the planet, but also its most confused. How does life ever return to “normal”? She’s captured the globe’s most renowned bachelor and she’s the media’s new darling because of it―but thanks to the Consortium’s relentless pursuit, the idea of losing Reece at any second is her new reality. There’s no instruction manual for dating a superhero. But when a girl is bolted by true love, she must find the courage to reach beyond reality, expectations, and even herself, in a fight for the ultimate power. Everlasting love.

Buy Volume 1 (includes 1-3)

Volume One Paperback, Amazon:

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Buy ebooks 1 – 3

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“Inheritance” by Lan Samantha Chang



by Lan Samantha Chang

Genre: Historical Fiction/Psychological/Saga/Chinese

2.99 at time of posting! LIMITED TIME ONLY!

Spanning seven decades and set in China and America against a backdrop of political chaos and social upheaval, this arresting debut novel tells a timeless story of familial devotion undermined by deceit and passion and rebuilt by memory.

In 1931, abandoned after their mother’s suicide, the young Junan and her sister, Yinan, make a pact never to leave each other. The two girls are inseparable—until Junan enters into an arranged marriage and finds herself falling in love with her soldier husband. When the Japanese invade China, Junan and her husband are separated. Unable to follow him to the wartime capital, Junan makes the fateful decision to send her sister after him. Inheritance traces the echo of betrayal through generations and explores the elusive nature of trust.

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