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“Space Rogues” by John Wilker


Space Rogues – A Science Fiction Adventure: The Epic Adventures of Wil Calder, Space Smuggler 

by John Wilker

Genre: Science Fiction/Action Adventure/Space Opera

Kindle Unlimited

What happens when your experimental spacecraft breaks down near Neptune? Dying alone in space is the likely answer, right?


That’s not how Wil Calder’s story ends though; it’s how it begins. Alien space outlaws rescue him and sell his pod for scrap.


He’s given a choice: join the crew or step out the airlock without his spacesuit. Not great choices, right?


Now, years later, Wil is a lonely intergalactic outlaw and smuggler, looking for a crew.


Because space is lonely and boring, Wil could use some friends or at least people to work with, maybe boss around a little.


Before Wil can even enjoy having a crew to call his own, they find themselves in the center of a plot to start an intergalactic war.


A plot they aren’t remotely qualified to stop, but who looks at qualifications these days?


Between epic space battles, a quest for redemption and a daring heist, the crew uncovers a dangerous secret.


A secret that they can’t let stay hidden; too many worlds hang in the balance.

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“Fabled (Fabled Hunters Book 1)” by Kara Jaynes

Fabled (Fabled Hunters Book 1)

by Kara Jaynes

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy/Mythology & Folktales/Fairy Tales

FREE at time of posting!

Isabelle has one goal: win the tournament and become the next Fabled Hunter.

Isabelle’s just a girl who wants to go to Archeress Academy. But when her father loses his fortune at sea, Isabelle’s dream is shattered.
She sets out to seek her fortune, and in a strange twist of fate, soon finds herself in a quest to become a Fabled Hunter. They are the king’s police force in the Four Provinces, and if Isabelle can win, she’ll become one of the most powerful women in the realm.
Does Isabelle have what it takes to win? Who can she trust? Secrets, lies and magic lie thick in this fairy tale world and nothing is as it seems.


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“Calysta and the Beast (Sacred Scarred Book 1)” by Joanna Alonzo


Calysta and the Beast (Sacred Scarred Book 1)

by Joanna Alonzo

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy/Contemporary Christian Romance/Mythology & Folktales/Fairy Tales

FREE at time of posting!

A modern-day Christian retelling of Beauty and the Beast.

A beauty who cuts herself to cope.
A beast who steels himself to survive.
A beauty and a beast who need healing from their scars.

Life yanks Calysta Daniels out of her comfort zone when an odd request from a stranger becomes the only option to keep her father out of jail.

Brendan Keefe is perfection-turned-beast. The last thing he wants is to grovel at the feet of this imperfect young woman, who happens to be the only way out of the curse he got himself into.

Will Calysta’s history and brokenness help reach out to a beast who considers himself beyond redemption? Or will Brendan’s stubbornness deprive him of the love he so desperately longs for?

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“Life First (Dystopian Series Book 1)” by RJ Crayton


Life First (Dystopian Series Book 1)

by RJ Crayton

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy/Thriller & Suspense/Medical/Dystopian

FREE at time of posting!

Kelsey has only one choice now: escape!

Kelsey Reed just wants the happy, care-free life promised by the seeming utopia of the Life First society. Only, that life comes at a cost, one she’s not willing to give: her kidney.
The dystopian future Kelsey lives in was forged by survivors of pandemics that wiped out 80 percent of the world’s population.
Here, life is valued above all else. The mentally ill are sterilized, abortions are illegal and those who refuse to donate an organ when told are sentenced to death.
Unwilling to give up her kidney, and determined not to die, Kelsey enlists the help of her true love Luke and a dodgy doctor to escape.
The trio must disable the electronic tracking chip in Kelsey’s arm for her to flee undetected. If they fail, Kelsey could be stripped of Luke, her kidney and everything else she holds dear.


If the world of the Handmaiden’s Tale chilled you, step into the world of Life First. This page-turner is the first of  a three-part series that includes Second Life and Third Life: Taken.
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“The Last Librarian (The Justar Journal Book 1)” by Brandt Legg


The Last Librarian (The Justar Journal Book 1)

by Brandt Legg

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy/Metaphysical & Visionary/Suspense/Technothriller

FREE at time of posting!

Never let them catch you reading.
Eighty years from now there is no war, no hunger, no pollution.
The government decides to close the last remaining library still housing physical books.
The contents will be burned. Almost no one notices. Almost no one cares.

In the year 2098, the world is secure and Earth’s 2.9 billion people are healthy and happy. After overcoming a series of calamities in the first half of the century, human advancements birthed a utopian society. When the government announces it will shut down the last library and destroy the books, it hardly seems important. But in addition to the dusty volumes, the library holds many secrets. Unless an unlikely trio can save the books, humanity will lose more than just what is printed on those antique pages.

With a single government ruling the entire planet, using one currency and one language, the population is unified and enjoying the prosperity that comes with more than seven decades of peace. Free healthcare for all, and guaranteed employment, make the future a dream. But this future is only safe if the AOI can hide the past.

The impossible task of rescuing the books, discovering their secrets, and unraveling the paradox, is up to an angry author, a brazen revolutionary and the last librarian. When everything is perfect, the only thing left to fear is the truth. 

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#99cent #PreOrderBlitz “Still Life” by Isobel Hart

Title: Still Life
Author: Isobel Hart
Genre: Sci-Fi/ Dystopian

Release Date: May 28, 2018
Cover Designer: Patrick Knowles
Hosted by: Buoni Amici Press, LLC.

A woman must discover the meaning behind a new virus affecting men before there are too many infected for them to be stopped.

When Samantha Davis and her boyfriend are involved in an accident, on the same day a new virus is identified, his recovery appears to be a miracle. Until he turns on her.
Determined to understand the changes in him, Sam joins with others to uncover more about the virus. But the knowledge they gather poses a threat. The infected men want to stop them. And soon.
Resolving to meet the threat head-on, Sam prepares for the toughest fight of her life but finds herself caught between two worlds; still caring for the man she once loved, as her affections grow for another, while fearing for her life and the lives of all women. As the net closes in on her, she must decide whose life is more important.

Special Pre Order Price of 99¢


“Who the fuck are you? And what have you done with Edward?” Harry said. “Seriously, man, what’s the matter with you?” It was funny to hear someone say exactly what I’d been thinking, along with everyone else around the table. The rest of us were just too polite to say anything out loud.

“You’re not funny, Harry,” Edward said, an edge to his voice.

“Neither are you, man. I mean, I know you nearly died, but shit . . . really? Oh, Serena asked after you the other day. I passed on your number.” He necked what was left of his pint and stood to leave.

My cheeks heated with embarrassment as all eyes swivelled away from Harry towards me, a uniform look of horror on their faces. Only Edward appeared confused. “She’s the girl you shagged at Julian and Victoria’s wedding,” I supplied, before finishing my own drink, then standing and pulling on my jacket.

Born in London, Isobel Hart’s childhood was spent in the Middle East before being sent to boarding school. Suffice to say, she read a lot of books. Now based in the UK, she writes about what she knows – real English women, with flaws.
A romantic at heart, happily married for twenty years, her novels focus on relationships – good and bad – and the women at the heart of them. She is ever hopeful others will find their happy-ever-afters or Happy-For-Nows too.
To date Isobel has published four contemporary romance novels
What Goes Around Comes Around – Part 1 of Lily’s Story
Full Circle – Part 2 of Lily’s Story
Compromise Agreement
Cold Comfort – Part 1 of Cold Comfort
Still Life is Isobel’s first foray into sci-fi / dystopian – but still with a hefty helping of romance.

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“Daughter of Shadow (The Chronicles of Hawthorn Book 7)” by Rue


Daughter of Shadow (The Chronicles of Hawthorn Book 7)

by Rue

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy/YA/Historical/Self-Esteem

2.99 at time of posting

For a LIMITED TIME, book can also be downloaded for FREE through Book Funnel. (Book Doggy giveaway – newsletter sign-up required.)

Conceived in magic. Born into deception. Roselle Katipo is no ordinary child.

The daughter of the Shadow Witch is missing and she has a powerful amulet in her possession. She continues to mature at an unnatural pace, but becomes more animal than human as she hides among the massive Sky Shadows in their mountain roosts.

Several leagues to the north, Flynn Hawthorn fights to restore her reputation and reunite her family. If she hopes for any chance at redemption she must forsake everything beyond the Mist.

Flynn, the child of prophecy, struggles toward the Light and yearns to heal her land.

The Daughter of Shadow, Roselle, surges toward darkness as she obsesses over unlocking the secrets of her own twisted magic.

Will Roselle join her mother in the battle to destroy the Light, or will Flynn have to fight a war on two fronts?

Daughter of Shadow is the seventh book in the best-selling young adult fantasy series The Chronicles of Hawthorn. If you like historical fantasy, magical adventure, deadly enemies, and unbreakable friendships that readers have called, “truly a wonderful read for all ages,” then you’ll love Rue’s spell-casting spectacular.

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