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To schedule writing time or to wing it? #amwriting

Wonderful post! Write… and remember to live! 😉

Life in the Realm of Fantasy

I think that to be a writer, you must be obsessed with your own art, taking and making time to write. There is no other way to produce a finished book.

But to be a happy writer, you must have a balanced life. What is the point of life if you’re so busy writing about fictional lives that you aren’t present in your own?

That need to be present in my real life is why I schedule my writing time.

Some people manage to fit short bursts of writing into their daily schedule, writing at work while on break or at lunch. Others must schedule a dedicated block of time for writing, by either rising two hours before they must depart for work or by skipping TV in the evening.

I fall into both categories.

When I am gripped with a new idea, I find myself stopping off and on…

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13 Habits That Make Writers Extremely Unlikable

Great advice here! We’ve seen ALL of these – let’s make sure we’re NOT doing any of them! 😉👍

Novelty Revisions

1. They always talk about writing but never actually do it.

2. They constantly beg other writers to read their stuff [for free].

3. They shower their followers with endless complaints about how awful it is to be a writer.

4. They only talk about themselves, even in their work.

5. Every conversation has to be about their writing life.

6. All they ever do online is promote their accomplishments.

7. They get overly defensive when others comment on and/or criticize their work.

8. They refuse to collaborate and interact with other writers and readers.

9. They’re “never wrong.”

10. They only put down and pick apart others.

11. Their way is the only way.

12. They deliberately discourage others from trying to make a living as writers.

13. They insist on being “the next J.K. Rowling.” Even when they haven’t published anything yet.

Meg is the creator of Novelty Revisions…

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9 Tips to Improve Your Writing

Great writing tips! 👍😉

A Writer's Path

by Cátia Isabel Silva

Improvement. That’s an amazing word and fundamental for all of us who want to continuously get better at our jobs. As I already said in previous posts, there is plenty of competition in the writing field, so, if you want to write for life, you must be good at it.

You might read a whole lot and that certainly helps you in becoming a better writer, but even then, there are some points or specifics regarding your work that seem to lack that special something, right? There always is. I leave you here with some tips on how to improve your stories, your books, or, wherever you’d like to write.

1. Make them cry but also make them laugh

No matter how sad your story is, your readers will be delighted with some giggles somewhere in it. A safe way to do it is by…

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Top 10 (Tech) Tips for Writers in 2017

Great collection of resources! 😉


top 10Every week (well, most weeks), I share a tip with writers, a trick that makes a big difference in the rhythm and feel of a novel. Some, you can make use of immediately. Others, file away for that cranky day when your writing limps along and you don’t know why.

Here are the 2017 Top Ten Writer’s Tips, according to readers:

  1. 6 Tips for Western Fiction Writers
  2. 15 Tips for Writing Poetry
  3. 13 Tips for Cozy Mystery Writers
  4. Writer’s Tips
  5. Writers Tip #5: Beware the gerund
  6. 10 Tips Guaranteed to Rescue Your Story
  7. 19 Self-editing Tips
  8. Writer’s Tip #103: 20 Tips from Bill Bryson
  9. Writers Tips #102: 17 Tips from The Careful Writer
  10. 10 Tips from Janet Burroway

Here are the 2017 Top Ten Tech Tips for Writers, according to my readers:

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#Review “Polish Your Prose” by Harmony Kent

5/5 Stars!

Polish Your Prose coverThe literary world is filled with how-to books on every topic imaginable. Writers have millions of options for finding resources which are the right fit and aids them in their writing journey.

Polish Your Prose is a right fit resource for any writer, be it the new-kid-on-the-block or professional.

Divided into three sections, this short writing aide covers everything from passive prose to dealing with negative reviews in a positive way. There’s even a short chapter dedicated to U.S. English vs. U.K. English.

Chapters are clear and concise, with examples of each tip and a quick summary of each chapter. The author does not pad chapters with the time-honored rules of writing from the halls of academia but recommends other resources for further explanation and examples.

Whether you’re writing the first draft, revising, or editing, this is the book to keep close-at-hand.

Polish Your Prose is available in ebook format, but I recommend the print version as it’s easier and faster to access all those often used tips highlighted and bookmarked by Post-it notes.

Or maybe that’s just me.

If you’re building a library, you could add this book. But if you want to hone your writing skills and deliver quality books/blogs to your readers, you need this book. Scroll up and 1-click.

You’re welcome!

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5 Great Creative Writing Tips (Which I Never Follow)

Absolutely love – and AGREE with – everything in this post! Enjoy! 😉

A Writer's Path

by Daniella Levy

I am very much a self-taught writer. I had to be; my formal English language education more or less ended in fourth grade when I immigrated to Israel. I learned mostly from reading, writing, and getting feedback from my friends. The only writing book I read during my adolescence was Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style.

In recent years, however, I decided to see what I could learn from outside resources. So I took a few online creative writing classes through FutureLearn and Coursera, and read Anne Lammott’s Bird by Bird and Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. I started reading essays passed around on social media about writing, and watched TED talks about writing and creativity, etc. etc. etc.

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Completing My First Draft: Three Things I’ve Learned

A Writer's Path

by Jennifer Kelland Perry

Two weeks ago today, I had a fabulous evening.

Late on that Friday afternoon, I typed the last word of the last sentence of the last chapter of my Work In Progress. It felt wonderful! What a sense of satisfaction filled me as I raised my glass of Cabernet and toasted to my awesomeness. What an accomplishment! I spent the rest of the evening, and well into the night, celebrating, mentally patting myself on the back and grinning like an idiot.

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